Z-Enemy v1.12 (public) – New algorithm: PHI 2 and SONOA (Windows/Linux)

Most of you probably know that LuxCoin has upgraded its network to v5 Mercury. One of the major feature included in this upgrade is PHI2. A new hybrid PoW/PoS hashing algorithm developed by Luxcore team and it is superior compared to previous algorithm PHI1612. PHI 2 is efficiency in electricity consumption and heat generation and is currently both FPGA / ASIC resistance. During its launch only ccminer 2.3 had support for this algorithm. Now enemy miner has released a new version 1.12 which not only added PHI2 but also optimized previously supported algorithms.

Z Enemy v1.12 – zealot/enemy-1.12 miner

Enemy miner is a NVIDIA mining software which is popularly known for X16r (Ravencoin Mining). This is not a fork of ccminer, but do note that it is a closed source miner which comes with 1% dev fee. It is designed to get maximum performance and stability on X16R algo. Not just X16R, but also X16S (Pigeoncoin) and now PHI2. We’ve not tested z enemy v1.12 on PHI2 yet and we do not know whether if it performs better than ccminer 2.3, but enemy still remains the best NVIDIA miner for X16R.

Enemy 1.12 miner

If you are mining LuxCoin currently then give this miner a try. Phi 2 power consumption is much lower compared to x16r and other well known ASIC resistant algorithms. Also in order to get the best results make sure you have the latest NVIDIA drivers installed. Driver ver. 398+ is recommended for maximum performance.

What’s new in Enemy v1.12:

  • Minor performance improvements on following algorithms:
aeriumx (AeriumX: AEX)
bitcore (Bitcore: BTX)
x16r (X16R: Raven)
x16s (X16S: Pigeoncoin)
x17 (X17: Verge)
c11 (C11 coins)
phi (PHI1612)
tribus (Tribus: Denarius Mining)
poly (Poly: Polytimos)
skunk (Skunk: Skunk)
timetravel (Machinecoin: MAC)
xevan (Xevan: Transend)
  • Added two new algorithms: PHI2 (-a phi2) and SONOA (-a sonoa)

Download Enemy 1.12 Miner:

Note: Z Enemy miner doesn’t support solo mining. It’s a closed source miner with 1% dev fee.  There have been no complaints so far from the mining community. But still we do not recommend it and is highly advised to not use this on computers where you have wallets installed. Run it at your own risk!

Download latest NVIDIA driver:

For Windows : zealot/enemy-1.12 (z-enemy)

Linux : ( Ubuntu, HiveOS)

For more information regarding this miner you can visit the official page at Bitcoin Talk.

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