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Xevan Algorithm – All Xevan Coin lists | Xevan PoW mineable coins

As a miner finding an Alt coin based on specific hashing algorithm can be a tedious thing. You’ll either have to search through several community or you’ll have to dig up each and every Bitcointalk announcement threads. That’s the main reason we started this section; to tag coins that falls under a certain algorithm. There are many reasons in which one shows interest in picking coins based on its algorithm. Mining friendly, ASIC resistant, more energy efficient etc.

So far in Coin lists we have listed Ethash coins and NeoScrypt coins. Here we’ll be listing Xevan coins; coins that are based on Xevan proof of work hashing algorithm.

Xevan Algorithm

Xevan hashing algorithm is a unique combination of dual X17 algorithm with a 128 bit headers. Xevan was first founded and used by BitSend (BSD) and later on many coins started implementing this as they are proven to be ASIC resistant, stable and energy efficient algorithm.

GPU miner for Xevan is available for both NVIDIA as well as AMD. For NVIDIA you can use ccminer fork by krnlx which can be found here. For AMD GPU you can use the Limxtec sgminer. While the compiled version of sgminer is available for both Linux and Windows, the Krnlx version of NVIDIA release is only available for Windows. Alright, here comes the list of coins that are based on Xevan PoW algorithm.

List of all Xevan coins

  • BitSend – BSD
  • Solaris – XLR
  • Nanucoin – NNC
  • Northern Coin – NORT
  • Amsterdam Coin – AMS
  • B-Hash – HASH
  • Bitcoin Incognito – XBI

1. BitSend – BSD

BitSend coin

BitSend is a digital cash that you can spend anywhere and it is the first cryptocurrency to introduce Xevan hashing algorithm. Using BitSend secure open source platform you can make payments online or in store. The main target of BitSend is to ensure fair distribution of its users , combined with a plethora of important features.

Announcement: BitSend Bitcointalk

Max Supply: 210 Million

Block Time: 200 Seconds

Coin Type: PoW, Masternode

Algorithm: Xevan

Block Halving: None

Core: Bitcoin 0.14.1 + Masternode

2. Solaris – XLR

Solaris cryptocurrency

Solaris XLR was released on 18th March. On 07 October the Solaris blockchain was relaunched . The former Nist5 algorithm was replaced by XEVAN.

Solaris has many unique features which distinguishes it from other crypto currencies, some of which includes: A decentralized governance system which employs masternodes. Instant Send feature allowing instant transactions. Also Zerocoin protocol, a privacy feature that lets users to transact anonymously.

Also read: Solaris Mining Guide

Announcement: Solaris Bitcointalk

Max Supply: Infinite

Block Time: 60 Seconds

Coin Type: PoW, PoS and Masternodes

Algorithm: Xevan

Difficult Adjustment: Each block using Dark Gravity Wave

Darksend: TX Obfuscation

3. Nanucoin – NNC


Nanucoin is a open source p2p digital currency focused on board games like Poker and Chess. More information about NNC can be found on their website and Bitcoin talk announcement thread.

Announcement: Nanucoin Bitcointalk

Max Supply: PoW Phase: 1166400 NNC

Block Time: 60 Seconds

Coin Type: PoW, PoS and Masternodes

Algorithm: Xevan

Difficult Adjustment: Re-targets every block

4. Northern Coin – NORT

Northern coin

Announcement: Northern coin Bitcointalk

Max Supply: 6,466,162 NORT

Block Time: 60 Seconds

Coin Type: PoW, PoS and Masternodes

Algorithm: Xevan

Difficult Adjustment: Re-targets every block (Dark gravity wave)

Darksend: TX Obfuscation

5. Amsterdam Coin – AMS

Amsterdam Coin

Amsterdam Coin will be the cryptocurrency for the city of Amsterdam. Its primary goal is to make Amsterdam Coin commonly accepted in the stores of Amsterdam.

Announcement: Amsterdam coin Bitcointalk

Max Supply: Not capped

Block Time: 60 Seconds

Coin Type: PoW ended, 100 % PoS and Masternodes

Algorithm: Xevan

Difficult Adjustment: Re-targets every block (Dark gravity wave)

Darksend: TX Obfuscation

InstantX: SwiftTX


XHM network – the mineable coin by masternode. The decentralized network provides and confirms with a cryptographic way each transaction in network. XHM will be a starting point around which it will create the difficult system of tools and services for electronic commerce, trade and auctions. It features Masternodes, InstaSend and Private send.

Announcement: XHIMERA Bitcointalk 

PoW block end: 4103999640 height

Coin Type: PoW / PoS

Pre-mine: 600k XHM

Masternode: 50,000 XHM

7. B-Hash – HASH


B-hash is a new digital currency that aims to bridge payment gateways and crypto currencies by building a quick, integrated and private solution. It is a private, instant, secure payment settlement network backed by masternode technology. b-hash blockchain is secured by Xevan proof-of-work mining algorithm.

Announcement: b-hash Bitcointalk 

Total Supply in 15 Years: 24,831,360 HASH

Coin Type: PoW / Masternodes

Block Time: 180 Seconds

Pre-mine: 300,000 HASH

Masternode Collateral: 2000 HASH

Difficulty Re-target: Dark Gravity Wave

8. Bitcoin Incognito – XBI

Bitcoin Incognito - XBI

Bitcoin Incognito is a fast and anonymous cryptocurrency with proof of stake technology. It sticks to original standards of Bitcoin. The purpose of this coin is to remain anonymous. To provide that it uses Zerocoin Protocol – A technology that focuses on privacy.

Announcement: XBI Bitcointalk 

Total Supply: 21,000,000 XBI

Algorithm: Xevan

Coin Type: Proof of Stake

Block Time: 1 minute

Pre-mine: 2,100,000 XBI (Locked)

Masternode Collateral: 1500 XBI

Transactions: 75 TPS

This list is not over yet. We’ll update this post whenever we find a new coin with Xevan hashing algorithm. If you found any coin with Xevan PoW algorithm which is not listed here then please do mention it in comments section.

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  1. Bitcoin Incognito also shares this algorithm

    XBI Coin Specs

    Algorithm: XEVAN
    Mining: Proof-of-Stake
    Block time: 1 Minute
    Transactions: 75tx/s
    Total Supply: 21,000,000 XBI
    Premine: 2,100,000 XBI (Locked)
    Master Node Collateral: 1500 XBI

  2. OJA Coin ($OJX) is one of the anticipated crypto project in 2022, utilizing Xevan algo. Put it on the list too! and check their telegram.

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