satoshi calculator

Satoshi calculator / converter

Convert Bitcoin Satoshi value to major world currencies such as USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, CNY, RUB, CAD etc…

hashpower calculator

Hashpower / Hashrate Calculator

Convert Hash to KiloHash to MegaHash to GigaHash to TeraHash to PetaHash to ExaHash to ZettaHash and vice versa.

ethereum unit converter

Ethereum (ETH) Unit Converter

Simple tool to convert Ethereum units such as: Finney (Pwei), Szabo (Twei), Gwei, Mwei, Kwei and Wei to ETH and vice versa.

average down calculator

Average Cost Calculator

A handy tool for traders and investors. Calculate the average price of the total contracts / shares quantity and the purchase price of each contract / share.

marketcap calculator

Crypto Marketcap Calculator

Evaluate / Calculate the market cap of any cryptocurrency coins and tokens. Enter the current supply and its price to know the marketcap.