Enemy 1.04, Z-Enemy 1.05, Suprminer 1.5, 1.6, Nevermore V 0.2.2, Ravencoin Miner v2.4, Silent Miner, A1_min3r

Recently among the Ravencoin community we found out that more than price discussion people had more concern about mining software and pools. There is always one or the other asking what is the best miner for Ravencoin (x16r) and which one is the best pool. Community members help newbie’s to choose the right miner by sharing their opinion on the miner. On the other hand pool owners have a dedicated channel where they shill their pools. This is one of the most active and healthy community where the discussion keep going on 24 / 7.

Best Pool?

With so many pools available for Ravencoin mining we say all mining pools are good. Each pool has their own support channel on Raven Discord and you can get instant help whenever there is an issue on the pool side. Remember that on smaller pools you’ll get large shares with fewer blocks found and on large pools you’ll get smaller shares with more blocks found. However overtime the amount of coins earned will be evened out.

ravencoin pool list

Our suggestion would be not to join Supernova or Ravenminer as there are enough miners already. Spread your hash rate and join any small pool that at least has a 1% network hashrate and see how it goes. But note that you need patience when you are mining at small pools as it takes more time to hit a block. You can use this stats page to compare Ravencoin mining pools.

Best Miner for Ravencoin?

Well, this one is more interesting than pool. Finding the best miner for Ravencoin. While there are only few miners for AMD there are so many versions of miner available for NVIDIA at the moment.

The very first release is ccminer/2.2.5 for NVIDIA, then came enemy 1.03 – a closed source miner which was more stable and produced better results than ccminer 2.2.5. Then came Nevermore miner, an open source miner with x16r and x16s (Pigeoncoin) support with 1% dev fee to oppose closed source enemy. Then by removing 1% fees from Nevermore, suprminer spawned. After which Ravencoin Miner got released claiming 6% increase in overall hash rate. More recently enemy released its new miner versions 1.04 and zealot/enemy-1.05. At the same time Silent Miner got released – Another closed source miner with 1% dev fee and claiming 5% to 10% faster than enemy miner. Finally the most recent release is A1_min3r.

x16r miner versions list

With so many variants of miner available at the moment people really have hard time choosing the best miner. Even we’ve not tested all these new releases yet so we can’t tell which miner is fast or best. However we always recommend you to use open source miners.

We’ve found out a community member who shared their test result using 12 GPU 1080 TI rig on Windows. The test comparison was between Enemy 1.03 Vs. Suprminer 1.6 Vs. Enemy 1.05. You can find the test results here and it looks like hash rates and earnings are close enough. Really, in the long run you won’t find huge hashrate difference using these miners. Depending on your configuration one miner can be better than the other so test it yourself and see which works best for you.

Here we are not going to do any comparison, instead we’ll just list all the miners that are available for Ravencoin (x16r) along with the download links.

A Note on early miner versions: If you are using early release of Enemy Miner 1.03, Nevermore Miner or Suprminer make sure to update it to recent release. They all had a bug which caused the miner to not submit shares when the first algo is Hamsi.

List of Ravencoin Miners – Download links

tpruvot / ccminer – v2.2.5 Windows binaries

There was a new v2.2.5 ccminer release with release with x12, x16r and x16s algos. Also fix issues on NeoScrypt and Equihash for the Volta cards. Binaries built with CUDA 9 for SM 3.0 gpus and more recent.

Miner Type: Open Source

Dev Fee: No

Download ccminer v2.2.5:

Nevermore v0.2.2 – brian112358/nevermore-miner

The latest release fixed issue preventing miner from submitting shares when Hamsi (B) is the first hash function in the x16r/x16s chain. This issue affected Nevermore v0.2 and v0.2.1. If you’re running any of these versions, please update to this release or newer, as this negatively impacted the average hashrate by 6%.

Miner Type: Open Source

Dev Fee: 1%

Download Nevermore v0.2.2:

Suprminer – ocminer/suprminer V1.5 and V1.6

Both the versions released on same day and it fixes an issue where a windows build wouldn’t find a valid solution for Hamsi for a long time.

Miner Type: Open Source

Dev Fee: No

Download suprminer

Ravencoin Miner v2.4

The latest release version claims 6% increase in overall hash rate and also Hamsi issue fixed. This miner on every 5th share displays the estimated amount of RVN earned per day based on your shares and hashrate.

Can color RVN/day line with secondary release Ravencoin Miner v2.4 (COLOR).

Miner Type: Open Source

Dev Fee: No

Download Ravencoin Miner v2.4:


A new miner that only mines x16r algorithm. We’ve not tested this but it can be better than other open source versions so give it a try.

Miner Type: Open Source

Dev Fee: No

A1_min3r V 0.1.2 Download:

Enemy 1.03

We’ve already shared enough information on Raven Enemy Miner 1.03. You can find the download links for this miner on the same page. Since this miner has a minor issue try updating to enemy 1.04 or enemy 1.05.

zealot/enemy-1.05 and ccminer/enemy-1.04

Enemy 1.04 is 1.03 with the bug fixed and also a slight % optimization and 1.05 is a totally different miner.

Miner Type: Closed Source (Use it at your own risk)

Fee: 1%

Updated 1-04 Cuda 8.0 for funs ccminer/enemy-1.03( fix shavite, kernel imp) and Updated 1_05 Zealot Cuda 9.1(z-enemy) New release from dk & enemy.

Download enemy-1.04:!lPhU0TyD!OeZZqkcDkoHZR4FnFMN0cGwKRdVXTd1wmpHZ3d8IDjk

Download z-enemy-1.05:!5XBhlKbT!7-D7fQqfXSzIHMbmLonhiso1qSOaC4EgAAXKAvwMPAA

Silent Miner v1.0

Looks like from the community side no one is using this miner. The developer claims the miner to be 5% to 10% faster than enemy miner, but we’ve heard miners reporting that Silent miner show very low hashrate on pool side.

Miner Type: Closed Source (Use it at your own risk)

Dev Fee: 1%

Silent Miner v1.0 -Mines x16r Ravencoin -NVIDIA only -5%-10% faster than Enemy Miner -Only displays accepted shares -Windows x64 -1% Dev fee

Single GTX 1080 hashrate:

Download Link:!iLJQCajA!7-53wJKPEsG41wmEfMOC88QtwW9hdJq4QNYe38GV_z8

Virus Total:

graemes/poolparty-x16r – v1.2.0

Another new and open source miner that only mines x16r algorithm.

Miner Type: Open Source

Dev Fee: 1%

Pool Party V1.2.0 Download:

These are the list of x16r miners which we found out so far. If we find any new miner version released then we’ll list it here. If any of the above shared links are broken then please do mention it in comment section, we’ll update it. Also be informed that there is enough risk involved in using closed source miners and we never ever recommend them. Always say yes to open source. See you in next post until then Happy Raven Mining!

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