Nevermore Miner – New optimized and open source NVIDIA miner for Ravencoin

Recently just a few posts before we shared our opinion on Enemy miner. Compared to CCminer 2.2.5 Enemy miner was much stable and it’s giving better hashrates. However since the miner is a closed source we  didn’t recommend it to any of our users. Well, that’s not the miner you’ll need any more with Nevermore – A newly optimized and a open source NVIDIA miner for Ravencoin (RVN).

nevermore miner rvn

Nevermore  – Ravencoin

Nevermore is a open source, optimized NVIDIA miner for x16r (Raven) which was released a day ago. The same dev who released AMD version of x16r released this version as well. It’s a optimized fork of stock ccminer which was specifically developed for x16r. According to dev test results this miner showed 20% improved performance than ccminer 2.2.5, but is it True? Yes! It is. The performance of Nevermore is similar compared to closed source ccminer enemy and much stable than ccminer 2.2.5.  However to support the ongoing development of the project there is a 1% build-in devfee in the compiled version of the miner.

The pre compiled source code binaries of Nevermore miner can be found here on Github page. Also this miner is available for both Linux as well as Windows. You can find the download links here.

nevermore miner pool domination

It looks like more people started using Nevermore since its release. If you’re worried about enemy miner being closed source then your choice is Nevermore.

Is Nevemore miner better than enemy?

It’s obvious that enemy was better than ccminer 2.2.5 but is Nevermore better than Enemy? We reasonably did some couple tests in last 24 hours with our 6 x GTX 1070 switching between enemy and nevermore miner and this is what we observed.

Miner config:

Intensity: -i 20

Memory clock: 600 +

Core clock: 150 +

TDP @ 80%

nevermore vs enemy miner

We confirm that by using Nevermore miner hashrate is higher on both pool side and miner side. Hashrates are similar to Enemy miner and 20% higher than ccminer 2.2.5. Temps are at safe zone. It runs stable and there are no crash or power spikes so far. However the amount of RVN earned and the pool shares become less compared to enemy.

That’s maybe because of the 1% dev donation fee. We’ve not tried removing the devfee as we prefer to contribute to the community. If you wish then you are free to remove the dev fee by compiling the binaries yourself. Or, If you’d like to contribute more than 1% to the dev then you can do so by adding –donate N, where N is % of your hashrate that you wish to donate.

ccminer 2.2.5 Vs Enemy Vs Nevermore

ccminer 2.2.5: Not stable, Power spikes, comparatively less hashrates, crashes more often, no fee, open source and less power consumption.

Enemy: Stable, no power spikes, high hashrates and pool shares, no crash, fee (May be), Malware or Virus (May be) and closed source.

Nevermore: High hashrates but less coins compared to enemy, no power spikes, no crashes, 1% dev fee, stable and open source.

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Sources from Discord community:

Below are the hashrates of the individual algorithm’s tested and benchmarked by the dev using GTX 1080TI on Linux.

x16r hashrate gtx1080ti

User recorded hashrates on Nevermore

6 x 1080TI should get you 95 + MH/S

Titan V @ 35.62 MH/S

6 x 1070 @ 60 MH/S


A 24 hour testing done between Nevermore and Enemy is enough for you to decide on which one is faster and more stable. While it’s clear that both enemy and Nevermore are better than ccminer 2.2.5, Nevermore shares and coin earned per block seems slightly less. But, Hey this is just our opinion and what we observed from our rigs which may or may not be accurate.

Each and every rigs are configured differently so on your rigs it can perform better than enemy. Even if the shares are 1% – 2% less we still recommend you to go with Nevermore miner, especially since its being an open source.

After all;  your comments and opinions matters a lot so what do you think on Nevermore miner? Feel free to share your thoughts.

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