Safe GPU temp – Optimal GPU mining temperatures for GPU longevity

Are you the person who is just looking to take the return on investment or you are looking to make profits mining crypto in long term? If you are looking to just reach the ROI then it’s just 6 to 9 months with or without over clocking your card. If you are looking to make profits in the long run then you must first ensure that all your precious GPUs are safe and will survive longer. How will you ensure that? By checking if all your GPUs are mining at safe temperatures. Here we’ll see what are safe GPU temperatures and some tips to keep your graphic cards safer.

Recently we posted about monitoring CPU temperatures while mining. We planned to post the same for GPU as we found so many discussions going on in Reddit, bitcointalk, Ethereum and Zcash forums about safe GPU temps. Some claim anything under 90°C is safer, some say to keep it below 80°C , 75°C and some advice to maintain at 70°C and 65°C. But what exactly is the safest temperature and how much is too high?

Safe GPU temperature

First of all we must understand that Graphic cards these days are not so fragile to break quickly. They can sustain high temperatures but not for so long.

Second; graphic cards are consumer products which are meant to play video games and not mine crypto currencies. Mining 24 x 7 will not damage your GPUs but mining at high temperatures will do so because heat is the main source of hardware damage.

Third; each and every graphic cards will have different TDP level set by the manufacturer. Also different cards will mine different algorithms at different temperatures so we will not be able to conclude an exact number that is safer. However we’d like to say that for modern GPUs anything less than or equal to 75°C is totally fine. If you are still worried then we suggest you to maintain less than 69°C.

We have a GTX 970 which is mining at 75°C, 6 x GTX 1070s mining at 65°C to 72°C and a GTX 1080 TI rig maintaining all less than 75°C.

GPU temp zones

safe GPU temperature

We found a interesting discussion at Ethereum Forum stating general estimates to understand what different GPU temperatures mean. Here we’d like to share the same with you in our own words to avoid copy infringement.

0°C – 29°C: Looks like you need to turn on your computer first!

30°C – 49°C:  No major tasks can be performed at this temp except playing Mine Craft. Are you sure your GPU is mining?

50°C – 59°C:  Your GPU can do better. Are you sure it is not under clocked?

60°C – 69°C: This is where you can see your GPU producing acceptable hashrate. Energy optimized, Good! You are saving some electricity.

70°C – 75°C: Better hashrate! This is the optimal temperature that is acceptable for newer generation graphic cards. This should be easily attained with less than 85% TDP. Good temperature to heat your room as well if you are living in cold place.

75°C – 79°C: Most GPUs can handle this temperature well. However your GPUs are not going to produce any better results so to be on safer side back off a little bit.

80°C – 89°C: You are wasting too much of power! At this range, GPUs might seem like just doing fine but you are definitely damaging your hardware. Please lower your TDP and get it to mid 70s atleast.

90°C – 99°C: At this temperature you can cook chicken but we suggest you to use oven. You are seriously damaging your GPU. Before you burn those plastics turn off your miner and inspect what’s going on with your GPU.

100°C – 109°C: We don’t think your GPU can sustain any longer at this temperature. If you are lucky and If it is under warranty then get it replaced or they are gone for good.

110°C+: Sorry, we don’t have any more opinions. Put your GPU on deathbed and please do not continue to read any further.

Tips to ensure GPU longevity

Thumb rule we maintain is to not exceed temperature more than 75°C. The cooler your GPU the longer their lifespan will be. Here are few tips to increase the lifespan of your GPU if you are in to some serious mining.


This doesn’t apply for mining rigs as they are open anyways but what if you let your gaming PC to mine. If your PC has more than 2 fans turn it on at full speed, if not open one side of the cabinet to ensure there is sufficient airflow to your GPU. Also if you have a mining rig make sure that there is enough space between each graphic cards.

Air Condition your mining room

We know it’s some huge investment. If you have more than 2 rigs and if you are mining from a place where the weather is hot then you must consider cooling your room. If not air conditioner then go for an external fan and open all windows to ensure there is better airflow in the mining room.

Clean your rigs

Since the mining rigs are open all the time dust can accumulate greatly. Too much dust will crash your GPU often which is bad so clean your PC and mining rigs at least once in a month.

Monitor your GPU temperatures

While mining the miner program will display the power your card consumes and at what temperature it runs. In addition to this we also suggest you to use MSI Afterburner or use Tech power up  GPU-Z to monitor VRAM and GPU temperatures.

Don’t overclock your GPU too much

We understand that overclocking gives better hashrates but don’t stress your GPU by overclocking too much. You can play around with the over clocking utility (MSI Afterburner) to find the better spot for your cards. Graphic cards these days are good at producing better results while consuming less power and generating less heat.

Hope this guide cleared your doubts on optimal GPU temperatures for mining. Always remember to keep your graphic cards cooler and don’t ruin your hard earned investment. If you found this guide helpful then please do share it. If you would like to add some extra tips to other users regarding GPU temperatures then please make your comment. We’ll see you in next guide, until then keep on hashing! Play safe!

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  1. You absolutely right, ASUS have good monitor (GPU Tweak) it has three mode overclocking mode, gaming mode and silent mode. with overclocking the GPU 1060Ti reach 73 GPU speed 105 and for gaming mode 71 GPU speed 104, and went 61-65 for silent mode with GPU speed 102. If you notice the speed is not that big different so no need to overclock the GPU so I set mine to silent mode with great mining and save my hardware. thank you all

    Mubarak Aldosari

  2. In this article only gpu chip temperature is considered. Isn’t it even more relevant vram temperature?
    I have a 3080 mining with gpu temp at around 60c, but the vram is at 94c.
    Also, vram temp limits are not the same for amd. My 5700 xt mines way cooler and more efficiently than my 3080.

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