T-Rex 0.8.0, 0.8.1 – New algorithm: Geek & performance improvements on x16r/s

If a large number of users utilize a specific mining software then it means that the miner is better than its competitors. We have noticed that on a number of algorithms including x16r and x16s; more number of NVIDIA users are seem to be utilizing T-Rex miner. The developer of the T-Rex miner keep improving the software and every new release has got performance improvements, new functionalities and minor bug fixes. Here is a new update T-Rex 0.8.0 which includes a new algorithm called geek (Geek cash). In addition to that it has got performance upgrade for GTX/RTX cards, a new functionality and some minor bug fixes.

T-Rex 0.8.0

T-Rex is a closed source NVIDIA only GPU miner that contains 1% build in developer fee. This software is available for Windows, Linux and it supports CUDA 10.0, CUDA 9.2 and CUDA 9.1. Also it is a multi algorithm GPU miner which has support for the following algorithms.


T-Rex 0.8.0

The new version of this miner T-Rex 0.8.0 adds one more algorithm to the list and additionally has the following features:

  • Added new algorithm: geek (Coin: GeekCash).
  • 1% to 3 % performance improvements on x16r, x16s algorithm for both GTX / RTX GPUs.
  • Added watchdog functionality: Instead of t-rex.exe you can use watchdog.exe in your miner batch file. This new feature monitors your miner and additionally performs auto updates if you run the miner using --autoupdate parameter. You don’t need to download packages anymore and additionally this feature auto restarts the miner whenever it hangs.
  • Also there are a number of bug fixes and changes which all you can find in the release notes on the download page.

T-Rex 0.8.0 Download

From version 0.7.3 the binaries of this miner are available on GitHub. But before you download and use it do note that this is a closed source miner containing 1% dev fee. Also for better performance it is recommended that you install the latest NVIDIA drivers.


T-Rex 0.8.1

Here is a latest update: T-Rex 0.8.1 which got 20% performance improvements on X22i (SUQA mining) and some bug fixes.

Download T-Rex 0.8.1:

Usage instructions: Even though this miner is not based on ccminer it works similar to ccminer. If you are looking for a in depth guide on configuring and using the miner then you can refer to this ccminer beginners guide.

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