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HMQ1725 algorithm – List of HMQ1725 coins and mining software’s

Last week on coin list we’ve shared about Keccak algorithm and its coins. Even though there isn’t an ASIC in existence; Keccak is not so popular among GPU miners. The main reason is there are only a very few notable coins with that algorithm. Similarly this week we’ll cover another interesting and rare mining algorithm called HMQ1725 which is both CPU and GPU mineable. Before we list all HMQ1725 coins and its miners we’ll cover a little about HMQ1725 hashing algorithm.

HMQ1725 Algorithm

Have you ever heard or previously mined Quark? – One of the secure hashing algorithm used by popular coins like PIVX and ALQO. Long ago; Quark algorithm has become ASIC friendly and mining them is not viable using GPUs. The modified version of this Quark hash function is known as HMQ1725.

The algorithm HMQ1725 stands for “Highly Modified Quark1725” where 1725 represents 17 algorithms and 25 hash rounds. In order to provide highest security level it uses 17 algorithms which are hashed 25 times. This algorithm is easy to compute on low to medium powered computers which means it is both CPU and GPU mineable. Also HMQ1725 is not much resistance to ASIC but currently according to our research we couldn’t find an ASIC or FPGA for HMQ1725. Before they come in to play here is your chance to mine them using CPU and GPU.

HMQ1725 Miners

Following are the list of miners that you can use to mine HMQ1725 algorithm / coins. Before you get started with mining note that this algorithm is both memory and core intensive so careful while overclocking. Also HMQ1725 is optimized for Geforce 10 series graphic cards and is not so effective on AMD cards. Anyways if you are interested then you can give this algorithm a try. Miners are available for CPU, AMD and NVIDIA graphic cards.

CPU Miner:

JayDDee / cpuminer-opt:



tpruvot / ccminer:

AMD Miner:


HMQ1725 Coin List

HMQ1725 is not new to crypto mining space but still it is not so popular as other algorithms. This one is a creation of CryptoCoderz community and the first coin to implement this algorithm is Espers (ESP). Currently there are only few coins using this algorithm and not many have discovered them yet.

Even with active development and promising roadmap some of the coins in this list have not attained its exposure yet. However on the other hand there are also coins that have little to no active development or features. Also there are coins with large amount of premine so keep an eye on it and do your own research before you pick a coin to mine.

  • Espers – ESP
  • Doubloon BOAT – BOAT
  • Veggie Coin – VEGGIE
  • PlusOneCoin – PLUS1
  • Nomad Coin – NMD
  • ERA – ERA
  • Brazio – BRAZ
  • xCoin [XCOIN]
  • Topaz Coin (TOPAZ) – Inactive

Espers – ESP

Espers HMQ1725

Espers is a project by Cryptocoderz and the first coin to use HMQ 1725 algorithm. It is a PoW, PoS coin with the goal of offering secured messaging and websites on the blockchain. Some of the other features includes Xnodes, Sidechains, Mailing System, ChainApps, CrossChain and SiteOnChain.


Espers specifications:

Max Coin Supply:  50,000,000,000 ESP

Block Time: ~5 Minutes

Coin Type: PoW / PoS

Algorithm: HMQ1725

Block Reward: 5000 ESP

PoS Interest: 25% per year

Doubloon- BOAT

Boat Cryptocurrency

Another PoW/PoS Cryptocurrency based on HMQ1725 algorithm. There is not much information available on the announcement thread but it looks like a coin for pirates.


Boat specifications:

Max Coin Supply:  500,000,000 BOAT

Block Time: 90 Seconds

Coin Type: PoW / PoS

PoW ends at block: 750,000

Algorithm: HMQ1725

Block Reward: 150 BOAT

PoS Interest: 5%

PlusOneCoin – PLUS1

Plus One Coin +1

Plus One Coin (PLUS1) is a fork of Bitcoin core. It is a social media cryptocurrency where users can up-vote content on social media and forums.


Plus1 specifications:

Total Coin Supply:  21 Million

Difficulty Adjustment: Every 2,100 blocks

Coin Type: PoW

Algorithm: HMQ1725

Block Reward: 50 Coins

Premine: 5 Million coins

Veggie Coin – VEGGIE

Veggie Coin

Veggie is a digital currency designed to help animals. The Veggie coin blockchain is enabling anyone to improve animal welfare, by using their computing power. The Veggie community votes on which organizations, charities, and initiatives receive funding from this bonus.


Veggie specifications:

Max Coin Supply:  25 Million

Block Time: 10 Minutes

Coin Type: PoW

Algorithm: HMQ1725

Block Reward: 40 VEGI Miner and 10 VEGI Fund

Premine: 20%

Nomad Coin – NMD

Nomad cryptocurrencyNomad Coin was built by a nomad for nomads. This is a coin for digital Nomads around The world. With nomad coin you can pay your fellow nomads for services and products rendered.


Nomad specifications:

Total Supply:  210 Million

Min Tx fee: 0.1 NMD

Coin Type: PoW / PoS

Algorithm: HMQ1725

Block Reward: 50 PoW / 50 PoS

Premine: 15% (31500000 coins)

ERA Coin – ERA

ERA crypto coin

ERA is a Community-Driven crypto currency project aimed to bring the best out of the Crypto Community. It is a Pow / PoS cryptocurrency which has High ROI with intent of giving back to the community and masses.


ERA specifications:

Total Supply:  240 Million ERA

Difficulty Re-targeting: Every block

Block Time: 45 Seconds

Coin Type: Hybrid PoW / PoS

Algorithm: HMQ1725

Block Reward: 10 Static PoW & PoS

PoS Maturity: 50 Blocks

Minimum Stake Age: 30 Minutes

xCoin – XCOIN


In this same name there is another token and a coin. But this particular xCoin is another cryptocurrency using HMQ1725 algorithm. There is not much information available on the announcement thread and it seems inactive.


XCOIN specifications:

Maximum Supply:  52.5 Million

Difficulty Re-targeting: Every block

Block Time: 5.25 Minutes

Coin Type:  PoW

Algorithm: HMQ1725

Block Reward: 256 XCOIN

Halving: Every 100,000 blocks

Premine: 2,5% (1.3 Million)

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