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Lyra2Z Algorithm – List of Lyra2z coins, miner and hashrate

In recent times when most of the algorithms are being dominated by ASICs there are few that still supports CPU mining. CryptoNight is one such algorithm that falls under “CPU mineable” category as it is designed to be suitable for consumer grade CPUs. GPUs too can mine them, in fact they are more powerful in comparison with CPU. However algorithms like such are made feasible for CPU mining and they give great returns to CPU miners. If you love mining CryptoNight algorithm or its coins then you may also like mining Lyra2Z algorithm. Here we’ll list all coins that are based on Lyra2z. But before that we’ll see what’s Lyra2z, its supported miners and the hashrates that you can expect on this algorithm.

Lyra2Z Algorithm

In early 2017 Zcoin implemented Lyra2Z algorithm in order to combat botnets and cloud mining operations. Zcoin uses this algorithm temporarily until the development of MTP is complete. Once that is done they’ll will transition to MTP (Merkle Tree Proof) algorithm which seem to focus more on CPU mining.

According to Zcoin website; Lyra2z is a chained algorithm that uses Blake256 for first round and Lyra2 for the final round. There is no whitepaper or any additional information that we could find for this algorithm. However Lyra2z is designed with both GPU and CPU in mind. This algorithm practically yields good returns for both GPU as well as CPU miners. Not just that; but this algorithm uses very little power / electricity and as a result you don’t have to worry about high GPU temperatures while mining.

Lyra2z was recently added to NiceHash marketplace and is currently ASIC resistance. There might be ASIC in existence which we are not sure. However it’s pretty obvious that there is FPGA available for Lyra2Z (in development still) that is said to produce ~20 Mh/s and that equals 6 x 1080 TI. Due to this mining popular Lyra2z coins using GPU or CPU won’t be profitable anymore. However you can try out mining new coins which is what we’ll be listing here.

Lyra2z Miner

Here are few things to note before you mine Lyra2z algorithm / coins. Lyra2z uses core clock which means overclocking memory is of no use. You don’t have to worry about setting the power limit because it only draws less than 60% of your card’s power consumption. You might experience crashes while overclocking and it even makes your computer to shutter a bit. However your GPU never gets hotter. Lyra2z is CPU friendly, runs quieter and cooler.

Most of the mining platforms like Hive OS, SMOS (Simple Mining OS) and Awesome Miner has CCMiner and that supports Lyra2z. Also since this algorithm can be mined using CPU, AMD and NVIDIA GPU there are many mining applications available. Following are the list of miners available for Lyra2z.


Zcoin official CPU miner: (no binaries available)

JayDDee / cpuminer-opt:



TDXminer v2.2.2: (3% dev fee, closed source / Beta release and only Linux available)


Tourgasm ccminer:

djm34 / ccminer-msvc:

Nemos Miner: (another open source NVIDIA miner)

Cool Miner: (closed source and 1% dev fee)

zFastminer: (Powerful and fastest NVIDIA miner for Zcoin and Lyra2z. It is closed source and contains 1% dev fee)

Aside from mining it directly if you are looking to rent hash power then you can always opt mining rig rentals. There are many mining rigs available at affordable cost.

Lyra2z hashrates

Lyra2z leans more towards NVIDIA. It can be mined with AMD cards as well but the performance will be slightly low and it won’t yield much profit. Anyways both bear market and ASICs have affected the mining profits and there are no worthwhile GPU mineable coins currently. Following are the GPU hashrates that you can expect on Lyra2z algorithm. The below information has been gathered from several online sources including pool benchmarks and user reports. These are just rough numbers and it varies depending on the miner and ones mining environment.

GTX 1080 TI - 2.8 to 3.2 Mh/s
1080 - 2.3 Mh/s
1070 TI - 2 Mh/s
1070 - 1.8 / 1.9 Mh/s
1060 6GB - 1.1 Mh/s
1060 3 GB - 720 kh/s
1050 ti - 600 kh/s
980 Ti - 1.20 mh/s
970 - 800 kh/s

Lyra2z Coins

Following are the list of coins that uses Lyra2z algorithm. There are not much coins under Lyra2z however mining them might be profitable especially considering the fact that it uses less power consumption.

  • Zcoin – XZC
  • GINcoin – GIN
  • Zoin – ZOI
  • Criptoreal – CRS
  • Taler – TLR
  • Pyro – PYRO
  • Alpenschilling – ALPS
  • Infinex – IFX
  • MCT Plus – MCT
  • Stim – STIM

1. Zcoin – XZC

Zcoin Lyra2z

Zcoin is the implementation of the Zerocoin protocol. It enables private financial transactions via Zero-Knowledge cryptographic proofs. This is the most popular coin to use Lyra2z algorithm. Anyways they are switching to MTP soon and due to FPGAs; mining this currently won’t be profitable.

Announcement: Zcoin Bitcointalk


Zcoin specifications:

Max Coin Supply:  21,400,000 XZC

Block Time: 10 Minutes

Coin Type: PoW / Masternodes

ICO / Premine: No

Algorithm: Lyra2z

Difficulty re-target: Every 6 blocks (BRNDF)

Masternode Collateral: 1000 XZC

Block Reward: 50 XZC (28 miners, 15 MN, 7 founders)

2. GINcoin – GIN


GINcoin is a cryptocurrency meant to provide investors with an easy way of creating and deploying their own masternodes. This GINcoin masternodes can be deployed using GIN platform and in just a couple of clicks. Their ultimate goal is to democratize the way masternodes are created.

Announcement: GINcoin Bitcointalk

GINcoin specifications:

Total Supply:  10.5 Million GIN

Block Time: 2 Minutes

Coin Type: PoW / Masternodes

Premine: 4%

Algorithm: Lyra2z

Masternode Collateral: 1000 GIN

Block Reward: 20 GIN (50% Miners / 50% MN)

3. Zoin – ZOI


Zoin is a decentralized digital currency that is secure, private and untraceable. It uses Zerocoin protocol which provides you complete anonymity over funds . Also this coin doesn’t use Lyra2z but instead Lyra2Zoin. Lyra2Zoin is slightly a modified version and it is only CPU mineable.

Announcement: Zoin Bitcointalk

Zoin specifications:

Total Supply:  21 Million ZOI

Block Time: 2.5 Minutes

Coin Type: PoW / Masternodes

ICO / Premine: No

Algorithm: Lyra2Zoin – Lyra2 (2, 330, 256)

Block Reward: 12.5 ZOI

Reward Halving: Every 210 Blocks

4. Criptoreal – CRS


Criptoreal is an open source Brazilian cryptocurrency. It focuses on facilitating the transaction process for both parties, while eliminating the intermediary costs. This is a masternode coin and so it has features like InstantSend and PrivateSend.

Announcement: Criptoreal Bitcointalk

Criptoreal specifications:

Emission:  202.500.000

Block Time:  120 Seconds

Coin Type: PoW / Masternodes

Premine: 1.3%

Algorithm: Lyra2z

Difficulty: Every block using Dark Gravity Wave

Block Reward: 120 CRS

Masternode Collateral: 50,000 CRS

5. Taler – TLR

Taler Cryptocurrency

Taler is the first local Belarusian cryptocurrency that is based on blockchain. It is decentralized, anonymous, inflation-resistant and open source cryptocurrency.

Announcement: Taler Bitcointalk

Taler specifications:

Supply:  23,333,333 coins

Block Time:  5 Minutres

Coin Type: PoW

Premine: 10%

Algorithm: Lyra2z

Difficulty Correction: Each block

Block Reward: 50 TLR

6. Pyro – PYRO

Pyro Coin

Pyro is new digital cryptocurrency based on improved Dash blockchain. This is a decentralized open source cryptocurrency that is established on a Proof of Work and Masternode system. It features private send, instant send and is planning to introduce crowdfunding platform

Announcement: Pyro Bitcointalk

Pyro specifications:

Estimate Supply:  ~12,000,000

Block Time:  120 Seconds

Coin Type: PoW / Masternode

Premine: 200,000 coins

Algorithm: Lyra2z

Difficulty Correction: DGW (each block)

Block Reward: 8 PYRO, decreasing by 16% every year

Masternode Collateral: 1000 Pyro

7. Alpenschilling – ALPS


Alpenschilling is a decentralized platform for sports and leisure activities in alpine regions. The goal of this coin is to make life easier for those who want to pay easy and cashless in alpine regions! This ranges from parking, swimming, hiking from paying the ski pass to hotel booking.

Announcement: Alpenschilling Bitcointalk

Alpenschilling specifications:

Total Supply:  300,000,000

Block Time:  1.9 Minutes

Coin Type: PoW / Masternode

Premine: ~4%

Algorithm: Lyra2z

Difficulty Correction: DGW3

Block Reward: 130 ALPS

Masternode Collateral: 60,000 ALPS

8. Infinex – IFX

Infinex Coin

Infinex Coin is an innovative digital cryptocurrency. The main goal of Infinex is to create a decentralized network to run applications which do not rely on any central body control. They are aiming to develop social networking and enable live streaming and classic multiplayer gaming over Infinex.

Announcement: Infinex Bitcointalk

Infinex specifications:

Maximum Coins:  26,280,000 IFX

Block Time:  90 Seconds

Coin Type: PoW / Masternode

Premine: 40,000 Coins

Algorithm: Lyra2z

Difficulty Re-adjustment: every block through “InfiniLoop”

Block Reward: 11 IFX (5 Miners, 5 MN, 1 Founder Reward)

Masternode Collateral: 1000 IFX

9. MCT Coin – MCT

MCT coin platform

My Crypto Trade or MCT coin is the basic coin to stabilize network for MCT trading platform. Using Blockchain technology this coin aims to build a new generation crypto currency trading platform for Altcoins.

Announcement: MCT coin Bitcointalk

MCT coin specifications:

Maximum Coins:  50,000,000 MCT

Block Time:  60 Seconds

Coin Type: PoW / Masternode

Premine: 3% (1.5 Million)

Algorithm: Lyra2z

Block Reward: 50 MCT (50% Pow / 50% MN)

Masternode Collateral: 15,000 MCT

10. Stim – STIM

Stim Coin

STIM is an ASIC-resistant digital cryptocurrency based on an improved Dash blockchain. This is a new coin which has just launched its Blockchain. Looks like this is a pure community based project.

Announcement: Stim Bitcointalk

Stim coin specifications:

Maximum Coins:  21,000,000 STIM

Block Time:  2 Minutes

Coin Type: PoW + Masternode

Premine: 1%

Algorithm: Lyra2z

Block Reward: 2 STIM (50 / 50)

Masternode Collateral: 1000 STIM

As usual if we ever find out any new Lyra2z coins then we’ll list them here. Also if you knew any then please do mention it in comments section. Meanwhile you can check other coin lists based on its algorithm.

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