Z-Enemy 1.16 – Performance improvements on HEX, X16R/S and few other algos

There are a lots of x16r/ x16s miners available for NVIDIA graphic cards currently. Out of which half of them are open source and the other half is closed source. If you are looking for an open source miner then you can try this newly released sp-hash Spmod suprminer. It is a fork of ccminer which you can get it from here. Among closed source miners Enemy still is the fastest miner for x16r and x16s algorithm. Another closed source miner that you can try is T-Rex miner which some users claim to be faster than enemy. Anyways if you are previously using Enemy 1.14 or 1.15 then for your information; here is a new update for you. Enemy miner version 1.16 just got released with a bit more extra performance improvements and optimizations.

Z-Enemy 1.16 –  zealot/enemy-1.16

Enemy is a CUDA accelerated mining software which is not a fork of ccminer. It is a closed source miner which contains 1% dev fee and it currently supports the following algorithms:

Aergo (AeriumX), bitcore (Bitcore: BTX), x16r (X16R: Raven Mining), x16s (X16S: Pigeoncoin), x17 (X17: Verge), c11 (C11 coins), phi (PHI1612), PHI2, tribus (Tribus coins: Denarius Mining), poly (Poly: Polytimos), skunk (Skunk: Skunk), sonoA, timetravel (TimeTravel coins), Vitality (VIT), xevan (Xevan algorithm), Renesis  and HEX (XDNA).

Enemy 1.16 Miner

New Features in 1.16

This new version Enemy 1.16 does not feature any other new algorithms but has improved performance on existing algorithms. Compared to previous release; Enemy 1.16 is said to deliver +7% to 10% more on HEX algorithm which is used by XDNA coin. With X16r and s you could expect +5% to 7% hashrate gains. Also on other algorithms such as x17, c11, sonoa, renesis and aergo there is a few % performance improvements.

Aside from this there is another feature and that is increase in intensity limit. Most algorithms now allow intensity up to 25. But remember that with higher intensity you might experience some stability issues so test it at your own risk. Developer recommends to stick with intensity 21 or 20. Also they’ve stated that there is no improvements on PHI2 algorithm so if you are mining LuxCoin then try CryptoDredge as more miners seem to be using that.

Download Z-Enemy miner version 1.16


Linux: (HiveOS, PiMP OS , EthOS & Ubuntu)

Looks like there might be another new version coming out anytime soon as the developers are more focused towards improving HEX and X16 algorithms. If we find any then we’ll update this post.

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