Z-ENEMY 1.14 / 1.15 – Major performance improvements on X16R and other algorithms

As more and more new miners are getting released the competition is only getting tougher. Users are benchmarking every single mining software to find out which one is faster and which one is more stable. Z-Enemy – Being the fastest NVIDIA miner of x16r and few other algorithms it has got two competitors in recent times namely: CryptoDredge and T-Rex. The performance of both these miners were equal in comparison with enemy miner. Also in few algorithms they performed much better than enemy. Now to keep up with the competition enemy miner has gone through several optimizations and came up with a new version 1.14 which features major improvements on performance.

Z-Enemy miner v1.14 – zealot/enemy-1.14

Z Enemy is a CUDA accelerated mining software designed with performance and stability in mind. It is the fastest NVIDIA miner available for X16R and X16S currently. In addition to x16r (Ravencoin) and x16s (Pigeoncoin) few other algorithms that this miner supports are: aeriumx (AeriumX: AEX), bitcore (Bitcore: BTX), x17 (X17: Verge), c11 (C11 coins), phi (PHI1612), Tribus , poly (Poly: Polytimos), skunk, Sonoa, timetravel (TimeTravel coins), Vitality (VIT) and Xevan.

Z-Enemy 1.14

This new release version 1.14 has not added any new algorithms to the list. However it has fixed some miner bugs and came up with a nice performance boost. Developers say that this new enemy miner 1.14 features major performance improvements compared to the previous version 1.12. It is said to deliver +10% performance boost on X16R and X16S. Also on other supported algorithms you could expect up to +5% to +25% hashrate improvements.

If you are on Enemy v 1.12 or 1.13 then try this new release v1.14 and see what kind of performance it is delivering.

Download Z-Enemy 1.14 Miner

Before you download and use this miner keep in mind that it is a closed source miner which contains 1% developer fee. Also to get the best performance out of this miner make sure you have the latest NVIDIA drivers. NVIDIA driver ver. 398+ is recommended.

Windows :

Cuda 9.1 x32:!xahl1bIT!c8HA0aF56a_82f2Io4W5poDxHCMldbf4ByV9InY6ciM

Cuda 9.1 x64:!EW5HFRzb!VTib6dlv6eWWopPeqfS7Y_Z6MACfL6s-C3e5hhx2oGk

Cuda 9.2 x32:!5aw1HLTT!8wi0-i94jVivSoAeCkj5dpNwchjGChdnYYWFjxR4PtE

Cuda 9.2 x64:!VGg1QJpC!0krFZc9td-GYnemn6BSCoSi0cxVX775eHtsVdqEIL0Y

Linux: (HiveOS & Ubuntu)

Сuda 9.1:!ASw3gT4B!e7A8whEB6tVCe7QhMngr0xHQr3p-xEuAS1Q00JJFUMo

Cuda 9.2:!dfwXiLTS!lBxEyS7w2LN1SGYG2BH4T5Q8bpI8Q61tc5N0Md8R_eI

Enemy 1.15Update

Z-Enemy 1.15 – Added New algorithm: HEX

Z-Enemy 1.15 just got released which has some slight performance improvements. Additionally this version comes with a new algorithm called HEX (Coin: XDNA).

Enemy v 1.15 features the following:

New algorithms: HEX

Performance improvements: +1-5% for X16, X17, HSR, Renesis, Xevan, Sonoa, Aergo, Poly, Phi1612

This release is reported to be more stable when it comes to higher PL or overclocking.

Download links for Enemy 1.15 (PUBLIC ver.2)

Windows: (Links Updated)

Cuda 9.1 x32:!QTp2xCoZ!Okv–At3fCL6AeTGn_A9rws-sqbfw6WQvk7X2cC38Tk

Cuda 9.1 x64:!oS50xCJD!AU3MoTHWv1oZIGK6CUSv6kCkZtJEWhqXupsGi3_AP-w

Cuda 9.2 x32:!wGpk0CLT!qSVFJ7qIcOqv4uLSh18p8PRmd3fNLK0LZ51Dk-nhRwE

Cuda 9.2 x64:!EToGjKAS!9YZu9eXkW-ggCPVz_6oKJIrCqLi0eGFnDzetDwyL0hY

Another Update:

Enemy Miner 1.15a

1.15a will have fix for diff and few other things (lower memory, higher max intensity).

Only for HEX:

  • -Fixed difficulty: Half speed on pool side fixed, -f 2 removed. (Please remove -f 2 from your *.cmd HEX file.)
  • – Performance: Max intensity increased up to 25. (+7-15% HEX)
  • – Memory bug fixed: A lower memory usage avoids a program crash.


Cuda 9.1 x32:!xC40GYLI!C_HL0DE3XSj_KfQcdmVtbdzjpMpoLEcnM9X8jdNVkZ8

Cuda 9.1 x64:!5GgiGKST!-f2MQ4xJ16Kp4H6P4tOf7vTz0Sh4nWdnwxy_cSJjrQ8

Cuda 9.2 x32:!VH52HIjL!L4BtWL8oKCDunpOTAJTSIkjY0ZNLhtKCAoL1QNQmvZ4

Cuda 9.2 x64:!NOpWnCIK!ivwEX5zW6NzyBVp5TVPU0imSHUqZFl2kSKxli0OA1fs

Linux: (HiveOS & Ubuntu)

Сuda 9.1:!1LokFI7A!0_wuZAwH3AEK6t_kTb6Er1cpjBi3oXjrqsKZmgSTi0A

Cuda 9.2:!JGhWGATC!OhjXzrgYr57zOmZ_brs8yzHuz9UyFGGLvtTEalrk7Ak

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