Z-Enemy v1.11 now supports C11, AeriumX, Skunk, TimeTravel and Polytimos

If you are mining Ravencoin, Pigeoncoin or Denarius then you might know about Enemy miner – A CUDA accelerated software that gives you maximum stability and performance on X16R, X16S and Tribus algo. If you are new then you can dig through this archives to know more info on this miner.

Z-Enemy 1.11 – zealot/enemy-1.11

Enemy is a closed source NVIDIA miner that is not a fork of CCMiner. This miner contains 1% dev fee and has features like  fail over pool support, search mode and pool latency. The previous version of this miner had support for X16R, X16S, PHI, BItCore, Xevan, VIT and Tribus. Now in zealot/enemy-1.11 they’ve included few more algorithms covering some wide range of crypto currencies.

Z Enemy 1.11

Enemy 1.11 has now added support to the following algorithms:

AeriumX (-a aeriumx), C11(-a c11), Skunk(-a skunk), TimeTravel8 (-a timetravel) and Polytimos (-a poly)

In addition to this they’ve improved performance on existing algorithms. According to the developer you can expect 4 – 8% hashrate improvements on X17 and 1 to 3% hashrate improvements on X16R and X16S.

To get best results ensure that you are using latest NVIDIA drivers which you can download from here.  Also when you mine a new algorithm for the first time; start from default clock settings. If the miner runs stable then gradually overclock it. Also this version is optimized and reported to be more stable even when you overclock or set higher power limits. So tweak the GPU settings to see which one works best for you.

aeriumx (Aergo) is a new algorithm used by AeriumX (AEX) – A new privacy focused crypto currency which has just launched its Mainnet. There are only few coins under Skunk, TimeTravel and Poly. However under C11 algorithm there are some range of coins that you can choose from.

Download Links:

Sample batch file for all the algorithms is included with the miner so just edit the wallet address and pool details to get started with mining.

Windows (CUDA 9.1):

[Prime Build: 1.11 Public Final v2]!FOADSBib!X7Qi08UWKY6_boMNVxas_z3t0A_5oskziDQUTxfw6hw

[Prime Build:  v3]!oTh2wQDC!B5lYVt-tDMpU7MHznibEQc5GZ-POoewzuKyufmrpwQM

Linux (Ubuntu, HiveOS):  [1.11 v2]

CUDA 8.0:!JT40EIIZ!slc37LldnF1k-a3rifO60T6OJpHw7p5ljbLzuxX1SKM

[v3] –!cSJBDKIJ!hBW89Lmxvrws_MgdXxt_yrnV4ClXrRz7EnOGrcjPU7A

CUDA 9.0:!wfB3XY5A!V1xQawvqZfKx6qkyylRJu3BzbF7-jS164UgkQbFsb3I


CUDA 9.1:!paxXQYrb!NjY8CICeTHsjX74wClWhKDU6inuCofhg4pIRIyMvg1U


Please note that this is a closed source miner so use it at high caution and at your own risk.

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