Z-Enemy 1.17 NVIDIA miner now with better performance and optimizations

The famous X16R NVIDIA miner from Dk & Enemy have updated their mining software and just released a new version. This new release Z-Enemy 1.17 is an improved version of Enemy 1.16 which now comes with better hashrate on some of its supported algorithms. Along with performance they’ve also focused on few other aspects.

Z-Enemy 1.17 – Features

Z-Enemy is a NVIDIA GPU miner which supports the following algorithms:

Aergo (AeriumX) 
bitcore (Bitcore: BTX)
x16r (X16R: Raven Mining)
x16s (X16S: Pigeoncoin)
x17 (X17: Verge)
c11 (C11 coins)
phi (PHI1612)
tribus (Tribus coins:)
poly (Poly: Polytimos)
skunk (SkunkHash)
timetravel (TimeTravel coins)
Vitality (VIT)
xevan (Xevan algorithm)
Renesis and 

Enemy miner version 1.17 has improved performance on some of the above mentioned algorithms. Along with that it also comes with some added benefits.

  1. Compared to 1.16; with Enemy 1.17 you can see +5% to +10% hashrate boost on X16R, X16S, HEX, X17, C11, Bitcore, Sonoa, Renesis, and Aergo. Especially if you are mining XDNA then give this miner a try as it is much improved compared to previous release.
  2. In addition to top end GPUs; developers have also focused on low end graphic card models. With low end 10 series graphic cards like GTX 1050 and GTX 1060 you’ll get few percent hashrate increase.
  3. Also from release 1.17; Enemy miner no longer depends on memory. You can drop the memory clock to 0 or even -500 MHz without losing your hashrate. Also lowering memory clock to -500 MHz should slightly reduce the power consumption.

Enemy 1.17 miner

Note before using zealot/enemy-1.17:

  1. All algorithms supports intensity up to i 25. But the developer recommended intensity for X16r&s is 20-21 and for HEX algorithm it is 22-24.
  2. Other algorithms such as Tribus, Xevan and PHI2 have no improvements. For Xevan you can use the previous version. For PHI2 the best option currently is CryptoDredge and mining Tribus using NVIDIA GPU is pointless due to FPGA dominance.
  3. To get maximum performance out of this miner make sure your mining rig / system has the latest NVIDIA drivers installed. You can find the latest NVIDIA drivers for your GPU here: According to the developer NVIDIA driver version 398+ is recommended.
  4. Lastly before you download we’d like to remind you that Enemy is a closed source miner which comes with a 1% developer fee.

Download Z-Enemy v1.17 NVIDIA miner


Linux (HiveOS, PiMP OS , EthOS & Ubuntu):

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