WildRig Multi – AMD only GPU miner supporting multiple algorithms

AMD GPUs are suitable for novice miners. Most users who set up mining operation in the early 2017 chose AMD graphic cards as they are best known for Ethereum mining. AMD RX 500 series and 400 series graphics cards performs efficiently on Ethash algorithm. On the other hand Radeon RX Vega series graphic cards are known to hash well on CryptoNight algorithms (Monero CNv8). Aside from these two there are many other GPU based mining algorithms. On lot of these algorithms NVIDIA beats AMD in terms of performance. This is one reason why there are many mining software’s available for NVIDIA and not many option left for AMD owners .

Also lately we’ve been seeing a lots of new mining algorithms popping in the crypto space. Most new coins are implementing their own Proof of Work algorithm. Also some old coins are changing its existing algo in order to resist ASICs. On majority of these algorithm NVIDIA performs better. Due to this you’ll most likely find miners for NVIDIA but not for AMD. Miners for AMD are usually delayed on new algorithms. Even if you come across a miner it will be basically a single algorithm miner.

Users are largely looking for a miner that has support for multiple algorithms. For NVIDIA graphic cards there is ccminer. Also there are popular closed source miners such as: Enemy miner, T-Rex, CryptoDredge etc. There aren’t much options available for AMD that has support for multiple algorithms. But there is one miner which we recently came across and we failed to mention it in our software list. It is WildRig Multi miner which supports multiple algorithms including some of the new PoW algorithms.

WildRig Multi

WildRig Multi AMD miner

WildRig Multi is the successor of original WildRig miner that has support for both AMD as well as NVIDIA graphic cards and is well known for Wild Keccak algorithm. This miner is a further development of WildRig miner which is only designed for AMD mining rigs and has support for multiple algorithms. This miner is available for Windows, Ubuntu Linux, EthOS and HiveOS.  The developer of this miner updating the software constantly to include new features, new algorithms / coins,  functionalities, bug fixes and performance improvements on already supported algorithms.

This miner is optimized for newer graphic cards such as AMD RX Vega and RX 400 / 500 series, But do note that it will not work on some of the older generation AMD cards. Following are the list of AMD GPUs that this miner supports. Followed by that is the list of algorithms that this miner supports.

Supported GPUs

  • GFX900 – Radeon Vega 56 / Vega 64
  • Ellesmere – RX 470, RX 480, RX 570, RX 580
  • Baffin – RX 460, RX 560 and RX 550
  • Fiji, Hawaii, Tonga – Old GPUs such as: R9 290, 390 & Fury (Need to download kernels for Hawaii).

WildRig Multi supported algorithms

At the time of publishing this post the latest released version of WildRig miner is v0.12.7. It supports the following algorithms.

BCD - Bitcoin Diamond
Bitcore - (Timetravel10)
C11 - C11 algorithm coins
GEEK - GeekCash
HEX - XDNA mining
PHI - PHI1612
Renesis - RENESIS (RESS)
Skunkhash - Skunkhash coins
Tribus - Tribus algorithm
X16R - Ravencoin mining
X16S - Pigeoncoin mining
X17 - X17 algorithm / coins
X22i - SUQA

In addition to the above list the developer has a plan to include many other algorithms in the future. Lbk3 and Xevan are the ones in the waiting list and you can expect them in the upcoming release.

WildRig Multi algorithm hashrates

Most of the WildRig supported algorithms are core intensive. On all these algorithms AMD may not perform as powerful as NVIDIA. But you must note that this is the only AMD miner that has support for number of different algorithms and is better than other AMD miners.

If you own several AMD GPU mining rigs and are looking for a miner that can mine multiple coins then WildRig Multi is the only option you have currently.

Download WildRig Multi miner

WildRig Multi is currently available for the following operation systems: Windows, Linux, Hive OS and EthOS. Now before you download we’d like to remind you that WildRig Multi is a closed source miner that contains 2% build in developer fee by default and it can be reduced.

For download links visit WildRig Multi miner official thread on Bitcoin talk. There you’ll also find instructions on how to use the miner, hashrates for various algorithms and other information regarding the miner.

WildRig Multi download:

Do you know any other AMD mining software’s that supports multiple algorithms? Please drop it in the comments below.

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