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Ravencoin mining pools – Top 10 best pools for mining Ravencoin (RVN)

The current network hashrate of Ravencoin is around 14 TH/s. Some say “hashrate follows price” and some say “price follows hashrate”. It’s actually hashrate that follows price but even with such high difficulty Raven still remains the most profitable coin to mine. Just head to WhatToMine or any other mining calculators and you’ll find that for most graphic cards especially on NVIDIA cards Raven tops the profitability list. Thanks to its ASIC resistant algorithm: X16R which made possible for GPU miners to stay in the game.

Being the most profitable coin you might be looking to mine Ravencoin. It’s quite simple; get yourself a wallet, configure the miner and start mining. But with such high network difficulty do you think it is possible for you to solo mine and win a block? This is why it is advised to join a mining pool. Here in this post we’ll be sharing some of the best pools for mining Ravencoin. Now before we list those Ravencoin mining pools let’s see why to join a mining pool and what are the factors one need to consider when choosing a mining pool.

Why mining pool?

Mining Difficulty: As the network hashrate grows, mining gets competitive, and as it gets tough day by day the probability of finding a block becomes very difficult. It would take a long time for individual miners (even years) to generate a block. For miners with low resources; the only solution for them to find a block and get rewarded on a constant basis is by joining a mining pool.

Mining pools are nothing but a place where a group of individual miners work together to solve a block. Each and every single mining pool contains hundreds or even thousands of individual miners. Each miners share their processing power and whenever the mining pool finds a block the block reward is distributed to every members of the pool based on their hash power contribution. By joining a mining pool you get payouts more frequently rather than waiting for years to hit a block which is often the case when mining solo.

In exchange for providing such service and to cover the server costs; mining pools often take a small amount of share from every miners. This fee depends from pool to pool and is one of the factor that impacts your mining profitability. Now here are few criteria which you need to look at before choosing a mining pool.

Deciding the best mining pool for Ravencoin

With so many Ravencoin mining pools out there it will be difficult for you to find out the best mining pool. Just consider the following factors and you should be able to decide it yourself.

Ravencoin mining pools

Workers and pool hashrate

For the sake of network security it is often advised to spread hashrate across various mining pools. But think of throwing your hashpower to a mining pool where there are less workers and the hashrate is not adequate to find a block. It’s like mining solo again; such pools will only lead you to loss of time and money.

Just take this into consideration: With larger pools (more miners and higher hashpower) you get smaller rewards but regular payouts. With smaller pools (less miners and less hashpower) you get larger payouts but they are often less likely to find a block so the payouts are irregular.

Among the list of Raven mining pools the winner here is Suprnova, F2pool, Bee pool, Nanopool and Ravenminer. That is if we take pools hashrate and workers into consideration.

Pool fees and payout threshold

As we said the most important factor that will affect your mining profitability is mining pool fees. The fee % varies from pool to pool and it depends on the pools popularity and reputation. Some charge 0.1%, some 0.5% to 1%, and some larger pools like f2pool even charges up to 3%. Not only that but the payout structure also depends. Most pools adopt PPS and PPLNS payment system. If you are looking to increase your mining profits they make sure to join a pool that has low fees. Also take note on the payout threshold such as the minimum payout amount and how often the pool pays in a day so that you don’t have to wait longer to receive your payments.

If we consider pool fees and payout threshold then the winner here is definitely which has 0.5% fee and a minimum pay of 0.5 RVN.

Mining pools reliability and up-time

Another most important factor which you must consider is pools up-time. Almost all mining pools are subject to attacks and there is no guarantee that a pool can maintain 100% uptime. In case if the pool where you are mining goes down then remember that you’ll lose out on payments.

All the top most mining pools have a record of maintaining their uptime. But as we said there is no single pool that can guarantee you 100% uptime. This is why you need to add a backup pool just in case if the pool goes offline.

Another thing that you must pay attention is pools reputation. This you can actually figure out by looking at the number of people currently mining in a pool. The reason why we are stating it is because there are some pools that doesn’t report accurate hashrates and there are some that won’t pay you accurately according to your shares contributed.

Anyways if we consider uptime and reliability then choose or Suprnova as they both are in the scene since the beginning of Ravencoin. Also we’d say which is the most reputable and a popular mining pool used by Ethereum miners.

Server location

This is the 4th most important thing to consider that is mining pools server location. It is vital that you choose a mining pool server that is located close to you. The closer the pool server is; the more efficient you’ll be able to mine since there won’t be much latency issues between the server and your mining rigs.

If we take this into consideration then the best mining pool for Ravencoin is, Nanopool, Bsod and Blockmasters. All these mining pools have servers spread across the world.

Apart from the above 4 factors there are other things like mining pool interface, user experience, support, transparency etc. Instead of getting into all of that its time now we list the top 10 Ravencoin mining pools.

Top 10 Ravencoin mining pools

There are plenty of mining pools available for Ravencoin. But do note that not all of them are active and not all of them are big enough to find blocks consistently. Now based on the above criteria here we’ll list the top 10 best Ravencoin mining pools.

1. Ravenminer

ravenminer mining pool

  • URL:
  • Pool Fees: 0.5% PROP
  • Minimum Payout: 0.5 RVN
  • Pros: Low fee. Servers located globally. YiiMP based mining pool. Doesn’t require registration. Good for both small and medium sized miners.
  • Cons: Pool goes offline occasionally and has some latency issues so you may need to set a failover pool.

2. Suprnova

Suprnova raven pool

  • URL:
  • Pool Fees: 1% PPLNS
  • Minimum Payout: 0.1 RVN
  • Pros: It is the largest Ravencoin mining pool controlling nearly 30% of the overall network hashrate. Finds block consistently and also uses PPLNS payment system which is good for long term miners.
  • Cons: Requires registration.

Also read: Suprnova mining pool review and beginners guide

3. Nanopool

Raven nanopool

  • URL:
  • Pool Fees: 1% PPLNS
  • Minimum Payout: 50 RVN
  • Pros: Most reputable mining pool. No user registration required. Servers located across the world making it possible for everyone to mine. Also uses PPLNS payment system.
  • Cons: Not suitable for small miners as the minimum payout is 50 RVN.

4. Minermore

Minermore ravencoin pool

  • URL:
  • Pool Fees: 1% PPLNS
  • Pros: Provides accurate charts. Payouts are timely. Uses PPLNS. It is one of the most popular medium sized mining pool.
  • Cons: Requires registration similar to Suprnova.

5. Beepool

Bee pool raven

  • URL:
  • Pool Fees: 2% PPS / 1% PPLNS
  • Minimum Payout: 0.1 RVN
  • Pros: Largest mining pool next to Suprnova. Finds blocks consistently. Offers PPLNS.
  • Cons: Based in China so it is only suitable for miners based in Asia.


  • URL:
  • Pool Fees: 0.9% PROP
  • Minimum Payout: 0.1 RVN
  • Pros: Another YiiMP based pool which is easy to use. Servers are available across the world. Suitable for small miners.
  • Cons: Takes longer to find blocks compared to large pools.

7. Coin Blockers

  • URL:
  • Pool Fees: 1% PPLNT
  • Minimum Payout: 0.05 RVN
  • Pros: Provides detailed statistics. Has DDoS Protection and no registration required.
  • Cons: Another small sized pool that takes longer to find a block.

8. Ice Mining

  • URL:
  • Pool Fees: 1% DPPLNS

9. Cryptopool Party

  • URL:
  • Pool Fees: 0.5%

10. A Hash Pool

  • URL:
  • Pool Fees: 0.5%

Note: This is not a complete list of mining pools for Ravencoin. Also the above list is not our personal choice. We’ve listed them based on current pools statistics which may vary in the feature.

Now the question is which is the best pool?

Best Raven pool

When we say the best mining pool it doesn’t mean the biggest mining pool. As you can see we’ve not listed the above mining pools based on their size or hashrate. In fact most of these are medium sized pools. Big or small; it doesn’t matter. The rewards that you receive from these pools will be similar by the end of the day. The only thing which you need to ensure is whether a pool is capable of finding atleast 1 block per day. Then as we said choose the one which is reliable and has low fees.

As long as the mining pool meets the above criteria all pools are pretty good and all of them will serve you well.Some pools are ideal for small miners and some on the other hand brings greater profits to large miners. So try and see which one works best for you. In the end, it’s important that you choose a mining pool that you’re most comfortable using.

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