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Got a gaming PC? Why not make some profit out of it when you are not actually gaming. Yes, you heard it right! You can use your computers GPU power and start mining crypto coins today. Whether it’s a gaming PC or a dedicated mining rig setup with 6 and 8 GPUs. It’s always profitable mining crypto currencies. Yes, even in 2021. However you must first determine what to mine and which coins are more profitable mining with your GPU.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a low end GPU or high end GPU, NVIDIA or AMD. There are thousands of Alt coins and each coins hold different technology and so their algorithms are. Each GPU models are good at mining certain algorithm. For example AMD RX 480 is good at mining Ethash which is the algorithm for Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Pirl, Musicoin and much more. Top NVIDIA cards are good at mining Equihash algorithm and the coins based on this algorithm are Zcash, Zclassic, Zencash and much more. You know your GPU model so now how do you decide and let it mine the most profitable coin. This is where comes in to help you get started with crypto mining.

What To Mine

There are certain factors you must consider first before getting in to mining crypto currencies such as electricity cost and difficulty. You should first be knowing the price of electricity in your state in KWH which you can search in Google. Next you should know the difficulty of the coin which you cannot Google as the difficulty keeps constantly changing from time to time. However website has this information and it gets updated every now and then.

What To Mine is a Crypto coins mining profitability calculator compared to Ethereum. It uses several data and helps you decide which coin will generate the most return at current rate. Before getting started the only information that you should know is your GPU model and the electricity cost of your location. Okay, let’s see how to use

How to use and understand


Go to and the very first thing that you’ll notice is several fields for most commonly used graphic card models. Top row is for AMD cards and bottom row is for NVIDIA cards. If your GPU model is listed there then all you have to do is just enter the number of GPU. For ex: enter 3 in 1060 field if you have 3 GTX1060 and click on 1060. Make sure it is in Green and all the other fields are turned off. Remember that AMD cards are highlighted in Red and NVIDIA cards are highlighted in Green. If you have a combination of different GPU models (mining rig) then enter its number and highlight them.

When you enter your card details you should see the hash rate of the card filling automatically for the particular algorithm. Now scroll down and enter your electricity cost. By default it is set to 0.1 $/KWH which is common in most states. Once you set this click on calculate. Based on your input it should now display the list of coins and algorithms that are profitable to mine in comparison with Ethereum.

crypto mining calculator

The table displayed shows Name of the coin and its algorithm. Difficulty net hashrate of the coin. Est Rewards in 24 hours that is the amount of coins that you can obtain in 24 hrs using your GPU. Current exchange rate, Revenue in BTC (Bitcoin), Revenue in USD and profitability in %.

whattomine coin table

Note that the values displayed may or may not be accurate as the mining profitability varies greatly by minute due to the coin price and difficulty. We suggest you to only take this as a reference.

My GPU is not listed on What To Mine

The site cannot list all the GPU models that are currently available at the market. However you can easily do some research online and decide which cards will be close enough to your GPU. For example NVIDIA GTX 970 is close to 1050TI and 1060 so you can consider those hash rates for GTX 970 and do a calculation.

Also if you own several mining rig with different model GPUs you can use the add new dataset feature at the top right corner. Instead of entering the GPU details each and every time you can just have a tabs set for all your mining rigs.

What To Mine – In Depth Calculator

whattomine website

If you have previously mined a coin in any specific pool and know the hashrate of your GPU and pool fee you can use that to calculate the current estimate rewards. Please note that calculations are based on mean values, therefore your final result may vary.

Hope this guide has helped you in understanding and using What To Mine calculator. If so then do share it and stay tuned. We’ll be continuously publishing more articles about Crypto Mining.

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  1. I must thank you for the efforts you have put in writing this post. Since the market is down I have no idea on what to mine using my GPUs. Looking for some new alt-coins that has huge profitability.

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