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How to mine Alephium (ALPH) – GPU Mining Blake3 (Windows / HiveOS)

Crypto mining is largely unprofitable, particularly GPU mining is dead at the moment. For most of the GPUs you won’t find a single coin yielding profitable mining results except for few latest GPU models such as RTX 4090, RTX 4080Ti and few other top 40 and 30 series NVIDIA cards. If you have the latest GPU model and are looking to GPU mine there are few coins that you can consider. Even though they are not so profitable you can consider them for spec mining. One such coin is Alephium (ALPH). Here let’s see how to mine Alephium (ALPH).

Alephium is not a new coin. It was launched in 2020 and currently there is not much happening around. However it is one of the GPU coins that you can consider for spec mining. In this beginners guide we’ll show you how to setup and start mining Alephium (ALPH). Here we’ll share and include all the relevant information that you need to get started with ALPH mining such as: wallets, mining pools, algorithm, profitability, hashrate and mining calculators.

What is Alephium?

Alephium is an innovative sharded Layer 1 blockchain that builds upon the fundamental concepts of Proof of Work and UTXO. Alephium platform prioritizes decentralization, self-sovereignty, and security, while also delivering high-performance, energy efficiency, and accessibility for developers. The blockchain is optimized and it provides a high performance and secure ecosystem for decentralized applications, DeFi and Smart contract applications.

The creation of Alephium was in response to the challenges facing decentralized applications today, such as security, accessibility and scalability. The platform is built on a novel and comprehensive sharding algorithm called BlockFlow. This enables scalability while improving the UTXO model of BTC. Additionally, it uses a DAG data structure to reach consensus between different shards, enabling up to 10,000 transactions per second.

Alephium (ALPH) features:

Alephium is a programmable and secure blockchain. It utilizes the stateful UTXO model for layer-1 scalability and a high level of programmability similar to ETH’s account model, but with improved security.

To solve critical issues in dApps platform and to provide a more secure and efficient development experience the Alephium blockchain features its own Alphred Virtual Machine and Ralph programming language. The Ralph language is designed to facilitate the creation of DeFi dApps and to support trustless P2P smart contract transactions.

To get started building your own smart contracts, decentralized apps, and protocols on the Alephium ecosystem check out their website and docs.

Alephium also features a different type of Proof of Work which they call it “Proof of Less Work”. It is efficient in energy consumption. It dynamically adjusts the work required to mine new blocks based on physical work and coin economics. They say this approach results in up to 90% less energy consumption compared to Bitcoin, even under similar network conditions.

Know more:

In short Alephium combines the strengths of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana while prioritizing energy efficiency, programmability, and scalability.

Technical Specifications:

  • Algorithm: Blake3
  • Network hashrate: 30 to 50 TH/s
  • Network difficulty: 2.89 P
  • Block reward: 2.94 ALPH
  • Block time: 4 Sec
  • Daily emission: 63504 ALPH
  • 16 shards running
  • Supply: 33.5M ALPH circulating supply / Total: 172.5 M – 19.4% is circulating
  • Max Supply: 1,000,000,000 ALPH
  • Block Explorer:

For current network difficulty and hashrate data you can either refer the stats shown on the mining pool page or on Alephium mining calculators.

Note: Developers of this project hold a ridiculous amount of coins. The token supply of ALPH is limited with a hardcap of 1 Billion. During mainnet launch around 14% of the hardcap supply which is 140M tokens has been premined at genesis block. The remaining ALPH will be mined over the years.

Alright! Now that we know enough about the project let’s get started mining Alephium.

Risk Warning: This article is not a financial or investment advice. Mining is a risky venture and it’s up to you to decide whether you should mine the coin or not. Here we’re just showing you how can mine this coin.

How to mine Alephium (ALPH) – Blake 3

Alephium (ALPH) coin uses Blake3 hashing algorithm which can be mined using GPUs. Considering the difficulty and profitability we recommend using latest gen NVIDIA cards to mine this coin.

To start mining Alephium you need the following:

Step 1: Get a wallet address Alephium Wallet, ALPH address. Step 2: The coin can be solo mined however we recommend pool mining. Choose a convenient pool for mining this coin. Step 3: Choose a mining software that is capable of mining Blake3 algorithm used by Alephium. Step 4: Create .bat file and configure the miner settings.

That’s it! Save the file and start mining.

Alephium Wallet

Where and how to get an Alephium wallet address? There are 2 ways to get ALPH address. 1. Official Alephium Wallet and 2. Exchange address.

Alephium is currently available on and has a decent trading volume for you to liquidate your mining profits.

alph exchange address

You can use the gate io ALPH wallet address and mine to the exchange address directly. Go to >> Choose deposit ALPH and grab the ALPH address shown there. This is the fastest way to get ALPH address. However we do not recommend this. If you wish to do so test it before you point your rigs. Make sure to note the minimum deposit amount.

Official Desktop wallet: The official Alephium wallet can be downloaded from GitHub:

The official Alephium wallet is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. It allows you to securely store and transfer ALPH, and also allows you to connect to DApps in the Alephium ecosystem.

Choose your operating system and download the file. Note: We do not recommend installing wallets of less known coins on your main PC, Laptop where you have other main wallets installed. It could be malicious and put your computer to risk. For mining low cap new altcoins you can install wallets of such coins on your mining rig.

alephium wallet setup

Once the wallet is installed open Alephium application, create new wallet, enter wallet name, choose password and click continue. On the next screen it’ll show you the recovery phrase. Copy it and complete the security check on the next screen by entering your seed phrase in the right order. Remember to backup and keep those words safe.

That’s it! Click next and you’re done with the wallet setup. At the wallets main screen at the top right corner you’ll see your ALPH address. Copy it. We’ll be using this shortly in your miner configuration.

alph wallet

Alephium Mining Pools

For a complete list of Alephium mining pools check out:

Looks like currently only these two mining pools are popular among Alephium miners:

  1. Hero Miners –[Fee: Prop: 0.9%, Minimum Pay: 0.5 ALPH]
  2. Wooly Pooly – [Fee: PPLNS: 0.9%, Minimum Pay: 1 ALPH]
  3. (Optional) Solo Pool – [Fee: Solo 1.5%]. This is only for solo miners.

Note: We’re not endorsing any mining pools here. You can choose any. When it comes to picking a pool you should do your own research. The above mentioned ones are the only pools having decent enough hashrate in comparison with the overall nethash.

Once you’ve chosen the mining pool you need to download the mining software.

Blake3 ALPH Miners

Following are the list of miners that supports BLake3 Algorithm and you can use them for mining ALPH.

  • BzMiner (NVIDIA | AMD):
  • lolMiner (NVIDIA):
  • T-Rex Miner (NVIDIA):
  • SRBMiner (AMD):

You can download any miner of your choice. Here in this guide we’ll be using BzMiner. Again not an endorsement. BzMiner supports both AMD and NVIDIA cards and is much more efficient and performs well on mining ALPH.

Note: When downloading the miner or wallet your browser might block the software specifying that the file you’re downloading could be potentially harmful. Its false positive, so just add exclusion and proceed with the download.

Once downloaded unzip the miner. When doing this your Antivirus might also block the program. Again false positive and nothing to worry, so just add exclusion and proceed.

Mining Alephium (ALPH) on Windows: NVIDIA | AMD

After you’ve extracted the miner files open the folder and you’ll find sample config files. The reference script contains a template for mining Alephium on bzminer. For Windows its alph.bat and for Linux its Right click and edit alph.bat (Windows Batch File) in BzMiner. You’ll find the following configuration:

@echo off
cd /d %~dp0

:: if pool requires all 4 mining addresses, replace each of the 4 0000 with your own mining addresses. The order may matter.

:: mine to enigmapool
bzminer -a alph -w 0000 -p stratum+tcp:// --nc 1

:: mine to
bzminer -a alph -w alephiumwallet.worker -p stratum+tcp:// --nc 1

:: mine to
::bzminer -a alph -w 0000 -p stratum+tcp:// --nc 1

:: mine to
::bzminer -a alph -w 0000 -p stratum+tcp:// --nc 1

:: mine to
::bzminer -a alph -w 0000 -p stratum+tcp:// --nc 1

:: mine to devgent. replace the port with the port associated with your login
::bzminer -a alph -w 0000 -p alphstratum+tcp:// --nc 1

:: solo mine. may not require an address. in that case leave the dummy addresses
::bzminer -a alph -w 0000 -p alphstratum+tcp:// --nc 1


The above reference script contains the configuration for all the mining pools. Choose the config that represents the pool where you’ll be mining and edit the values accordingly.

You can either edit this file or create a new.bat file and input the following settings:

BzMiner config for ALPH:

bzminer -a alph -w 0000 -p stratum+tcp://yourpool

Replace 0000 with your ALPH wallet address.

Replace yourpool with the pool’s address and port you want to mine to.

Note: Some pools expect all 4 mining wallet addresses, including solo mining, while other pools support a single wallet.


bzminer -a alph -w 0000 0000 0000 0000 -p stratum+tcp://

Hero Miners

@echo off
bzminer -a alph -w YOUR_ALEPHIUM_WALLET_ADDRESS -p stratum+tcp://


@echo off
bzminer -a alph -w YOUR_ALPH_WALLET_ADDRESS -p stratum+tcp:// --nc 1

alph mining servers

Note: Choose the mining pool that is close to your location. You’ll find server location address at the pools dashboard. Also make sure to replace YOUR_ALPH_WALLET_ADDRESS with your ALPH address.

The final result should be like this:

@echo off
bzminer -a alph -w 13zqDyQfocyv9ZY2D927rARCxp7FSN4tkKXK6GFRDoSGu -p stratum+tcp:// --nc 1

Once you’ve edited the config file save it and run the .bat file to start the mining process.

mine alph

T-Rex config

Create a .bat file in T-Rex miner and input the following. The first command is for Hero Miners and the second config is for Wooly Pooly.

t-rex.exe -a blake3 -o stratum+tcp:// -u YOUR_ALEPHIUM_WALLET_ADDRESS.YOUR_WORKER_NAME -p x
t-rex.exe -a blake3 -o stratum+tcp:// -u YOUR_ALEPHIUM_WALLET_ADDRESS.YOUR_WORKER_NAME -p x

SRBMiner config


@echo off
cd %~dp0

SRBMiner-MULTI.exe --disable-cpu --algorithm blake3_alephium --pool --wallet YOUR_ALEPHIUM_WALLET_ADDRESS.YOUR_WORKER_NAME

For woolypooly it’s the same setting except you need to change this part

SRBMiner-MULTI.exe --disable-cpu --algorithm blake3_alephium --pool --wallet YOUR_ALEPHIUM_WALLET_ADDRESS.YOUR_WORKER_NAME

Mining Alephium on Hive OS

The following part assumes that you already have Hive OS account and added your mining rig. To mine Alephium on Hive OS you need to create a new flight sheet, select the mining software and entered the required settings such as pool URL and wallet address. Then save the flight sheet, apply it to your rig and run the flight sheet to start mining from Hive OS.

Go to Hive OS and click add new flight sheet. Choose the coin as Alephium and create a new Alephium wallet with your wallet address.

hive os alephium

Next in pool option set configure in miner and in miner select BzMiner.

Note: Hive OS supports several mining software options, such as GMiner, NBMiner, BzMiner, T-Rex, and SRBMiner etc. You need to select the correct software for mining Alephium.

Next in miner option click setup miner configuration and input the following details.

  • Set Hash algorithm to alph.
  • Next set Wallet template to %WAL% or you can input your ALPH address directly.
  • Worker name and Pass is optional. In Pool URL enter stratum+tcp://

hiveos alph miner

and click apply changes.

Once the miner config is done, name your flight sheet and click create flight sheet.

That’s it! Now run the flight sheet to start mining Alephium on Hive OS.

Once you start mining visit the pool dashboard and enter your ALPH wallet address to track your earnings and mining performance. Once you reach the minimum payout threshold the pool will send the coins to your wallet.

Mining performance

The PoW algorithm used by Alephium (ALPH), Blake 3 is a core heavy algo. You can use the RVN clock settings which works fine for ALPH mining. Being core intensive increasing memory clock will have little to no impact and so save the power and leave the memory clock setting to stock or negative.

Hashrate Benchmarks

NVIDIA Hashrate Benchmarks

  • 3050 8GB – 0.65 GH/s
  • 3060 – 0.86 GH/s
  • 3060 Samsung GDDR6 – 0.86 GH/s
  • 3060 LHR – 1 GH/s
  • 3060ti – 1.2 GH/s
  • 3060ti – 1.2 GH/s
  • 3060ti LHR – 1.2 GH/s
  • 3060ti LHR – 1.2 GH/s
  • 3070 – 1.27 GH/s
  • 3070 8GB Laptop – 0.66 GH/s
  • 3070 LHR – 1.27 GH/s
  • 3070ti Micron GDDR6X – 1.5 GH/s
  • 3080 Micron GDDR6X – 2.1 GH/s
  • 3080 8GB Laptop – 0.67 GH/s
  • 3080 LHR Micron GDDR6X – 2.1 GH/s
  • 3080 12GB LHR – 2.3 GH/s
  • 3080ti Micron GDDR6X – 2.4 GH/s
  • 3090 Micron GDDR6X – 2.8 GH/s
  • 3090ti Micron GDDR6X – 2.95 GH/s
  • 4070ti – 2.5 GH/s
  • 4080 Micron GDDR6X – 2.77 GH/s
  • 4090 Micron GDDR6X – 5.3 GH/s

AMD Hashrate Benchmarks

  • RX6600 – 0.65 GH/s
  • RX6600 – 0.65 GH/s
  • RX6600XT – 0.65 GH/s
  • RX6600XT – 0.65 GH/s
  • RX6700 – 0.72 GH/s
  • RX6700XT – 0.72 GH/s
  • RX6800 – 1.9 GH/s
  • RX6800XT – 2.3 GH/s
  • RX6900XT – 3.0 GH/s

For more GPU mining benchmarks and community support visit ALPH Discord mining channel:

Alephium Mining Calculator

Now that you know your hardware hashrate you can use the following mining calculators to estimate your daily mining rewards. It’ll show you how much ALPH rewards and its $ value.

That’s it! Now other than mining ALPH alone you can dual mine it with other profitable coins. One popular dual mining pair is NEXA and ALPH. The next guide is about mining NEXA where we’ll explain how to dual mine NEXA & ALPH.

Wrap Up

We created this guide because we noticed that this coin has been consistently ranked highly on mining calculators in the recent weeks, making it an appealing option for speculative miners.

However, we want to caution you that this coin is not widely known and is currently only traded on one exchange, which could make it difficult to sell. Additionally, mining this type of coin over a long period of time can lead to negative results, so it’s essential to perform proper calculations and avoid holding onto these coins for extended periods.

We typically advise against mining such low-cap, questionable coins, as many of these projects turn out to be scams. Please exercise caution when considering this or any other cryptocurrency investment.

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