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SERO Mining Guide – How to mine Super Zero (ProgPoW) GPU mineable coin

Another crypto mining guide where we’ll show you how to mine SERO also known as Super Zero coin. A small cap GPU mineable altcoin using ProgPoW algorithm. But wait!? Who is mining this and why? Is it profitable atleast?

Yes, it is. Check out WhatToMine, Minerstat and other mining calculators. For certain GPUs one coin that constantly shows up on top of the profitability list is SERO. In fact it is more profitable than Ethereum mining currently.

But just because it is more profitable than Ethereum do not point all your mining rigs to SERO. Small cap coins has certain risks. It may seem profitable at the moment and it leads the profitability lists for few days. But it won’t stay that way for longer. So why mine it anyway?

If you are looking to mine a high-profit small-cap crypto with greater upside then you can consider Super Zero. SERO only has a market cap of $30 million dollars and each SERO is worth less than 10 cents a coin. The max supply is 650 million and only close to 350 million SERO have been mined so far.

With such a small market cap its a lot easier to grow than say Ethereum which has a market cap over 300 billion dollars. Also right now the network hashrate is low so you can point your spare GPUs and mine a decent amount of coin.

SERO is not a new coin in the market. It was launched in 2019 and there are hundreds of miners mining this coin. Anyways its still in its early stage of development and so it has got a plenty of room to grow.

Basically if you want to mine a different coin and those who are into spec mining are currently mining SERO. Being launched in 2019 this coin has already gone through its hype stage. Anyways if the coin shoots up in the future once again after the crypto market recovers you can cash out your mining rewards for good profit.

SERO exchanges / liquidity

One of the biggest issue with small cap coins is that their liquidity is fairly low and they lack good exchanges. Is it the same with SERO? Usually we don’t post coin guides that which are too unliquid with no trusted exchanges. We consider them dead coin. But SERO shows some activity.

Even though its liquidity is fairly low (Only .5 million USD volume per 24 hours) its fairly okay for its market cap. Also its available for trade on which is a reputable exchange. If you want to Buy / Sell SERO you can use

Now before we see how to mine SERO here is a little intro to the coin.

SERO (Super Zero coin)

What is Super Zero (SERO)?

SERO describes itself as a privacy protection platform for Decentralized applications. It is focused on delivering the best possible transactional privacy.

Its a next generation privacy blockchain and the first privacy coin Protocol supporting smart contracts using Zero-Knowledge Proof. Also it aims to be the first platform to enable issuance of privacy tokens and other anonymous digital assets. Developers can deploy DApps (Decentralized Applications) on the Sero network and can also issue their own privacy coins to be used within the app.

SERO also built the fastest Zero-Knowledge Proof encryption library (“Super-ZK”). It is more than 20 times faster than the zk-SNARKs that Zcash uses.

Super Zero platform was debuted in 2019 and is still under active development. Its native token is SERO and is a GPU mineable coin like Ethereum. Except SERO uses the ProgPoW algorithm that supports a wide range of GPUs and in general it tends to favor all cards.

SERO is both a proof of work and proof of stake crypto. Miners are responsible for the creation of block and stakers are responsible for confirming the block. But soon it’ll switch over to Proof of Stake. Once it does you’ll not be able to mine SERO.

To know more about the coin visit the official website: Also for coin supply and other metrics check out CoinMarketCap and Coingecko.

Now before you start mining SERO or any other coin always do your own research. Also check if your GPU is profitable and suitable for SERO mining. Alright! Let’s start mining Super Zero.

How to mine SERO (Super Zero)?

SERO uses ProgPoW hashing algorithm which is similar to mining Ravencoin. It is a GPU mineable coin which you can mine on your PC.

Here we’ll briefly show you how to mine SERO on your Windows PC as well as on Hive OS.

We hope you got your GPUs ready. Now mining Super Zero (SERO coin) is simple. All you need is a wallet address, mining software and a pool to mine.

SERO wallet address:

First let’s install SERO wallet and grab the address for receiving mining payouts.

Visit and look for the wallet download links. SERO wallet is available for Windows, Mac as well as Linux. A light wallet is also available for Android and IOS.

For desktop we recommend you to download the light wallet. Full node wallet takes a lot of time to complete as it downloads all the nodes and transactions.

sero wallet address

Once downloaded, install the wallet and grab your SERO address. We’ll be using this to mine SERO coins. You can create as many accounts you want.

Also make sure to backup your wallet mnemonic phrase which is needed for wallet recovery in the future.

For SERO light wallet setup instructions you can check out this page:

Once you have the address ready its time to download the mining software.

ProgPoW SERO mining software

SERO’s ProgPoW algorithm can be mined using both NVIDIA and AMD GPUs. But NVIDIA cards are more efficient and so we only recommend NVIDIA card owners to mine SERO. If you got AMD Radeon or any other cards then check out whattomine. Mostly you can stick with Eth mining.

Alright. Now for NVIDIA there are three mining softwares that you can use.

All are closed source and you can use any miner you want. Here we’ll be using the T-Rex miner for demonstration purpose. Download and unzip the miner of your choice.

Note: Upon download wallet software or miner your browser or your antivirus software might block the program from running. Its a false positive so add exception and proceed with the download.

You can read more about it here: and here:

Alright! Now that we have the miner ready its time to find and join a mining pool.

SERO mining pools

Currently there are only three mining pools available for mining SERO. You can check out the complete list of available pools here:

Among them (ASIA) is the official pool that has more than 95% of the network hashrate which is highly centralized. Next you got (US pool) and (EU pool). You can choose a pool based on your location.

All pool charges 2% fee which is high compared to the standard 1% pool fees. The high pool fee is because its a small cap altcoin and the pool operations need more profit for hosting it.

Since the network hashrate is low you can also try solo mining. If you are lucky you’ll hit a block mining solo. But it is only recommended for advanced users.

Check out this solo mining guide to learn more.

Here now let’s pool mine Sero.

How to Mine Super Zero (SERO)?

Now that you have all ready all you need to do is configure and run the miner.bat file.

After downloading the mining software unzip the file. After unzipping you’ll find several .bat files in the folder. Within the folder you’ll find SERO.bat file. If not then you can edit any existing ones or create a new batch file.

Here is how its done.

On your miner folder right click and create a new text document. Next rename it as sero.bat. It should be sero.bat and not sero.txt. We are basically changing the file name extension from .txt to .bat.

Once you have sero.bat ready right click and edit. It’ll open notepad editor.

Now enter the following command:


t-rex.exe -a progpow --coin sero -o stratum+tcp:// -u address -p x -w worker


nbminer.exe -a progpow_sero -o stratum+tcp:// -u address.worker


TT-Miner.exe -a PROGPOW -coin SERO -P -w worker

The above ones are for pool and the following ones are for Cartom pool.

T-Rex miner setting

t-rex.exe -a progpow --coin sero -o stratum+tcp:// -u address -p x -w worker

NBminer setting

nbminer.exe -a progpow_sero -o stratum+tcp:// -u address.worker

TT Miner setting

TT-Miner.exe -a PROGPOW -coin SERO -P -w worker

For example if you are mining on pool using T-Rex miner then your config file should look like this.

t-rex.exe -a progpow --coin sero -o stratum+tcp:// -u address -p x -w worker

Make sure to replace the address with your sero wallet address. Once done click save file and run the sero.bat file.

sero mining

That’s it! You are now mining SERO.

SERO mining guide – Hive OS

If you were use Hive OS then you know how to set it up for Sero as well. Its same as any other coin.

sero flight sheet

First create a new flight sheet and select the coin as Sero. Next select wallet, pool and miner from the drop down list. Then setup miner configuration and input the configuration accordingly.

miner config hive os

Once done apply changes and run the miner to start mining Sero using Hive OS.

That’s it! Once you start mining come back to the pool where you are mining and input your wallet address. The pool will display the complete mining statistics. Minimum payout threshold is 0.5 Sero and payouts are done twice a day. Based on your hashrate pool will also display your estimated daily revenue.

sero pool

cartom pool

That’s it! Now once you start receiving your mining payouts to your wallet you can start staking Sero.

Sero staking

Sero staking is done within the wallet. On top of your sero wallet you’ll find a menu that says stake. Click stake, buy share and enter the amount that you’d like to stake. Now you’ll start earning more sero alongside your mining rewards.

That’s all. We’re done with the guide. To liquidate your SERO coins you can use exchange

Also for Sero mining you can use the same overclock settings as Ravencoin. It works pretty well.

If you run into any problems then leave your comments below. We’ll try to help you out.

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