Coin Lists

Qubit algorithm – Miners (ASIC) & list of coins with Qubit PoW algorithm

Cryptocurrency miners have used various types of hardware to mine blocks. Initially people used their computer’s CPU power to mine…

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T-Rex 0.8.2, CryptoDredge 0.12.0 – Dedal & Pipe Algorithm (New GPU algo)

To create a stable ASIC and FPGA resistant solution; cryptocurrencies these days are developing and implementing a new hashing algorithm.…

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Crypto Mining

What is SUQA & how to mine SUQA? – Mining X22i algorithm (NVIDIA / AMD)

It’s been so long since we made a coin mining guide. A lots of New altcoins are being announced on…

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Monero network upgrade (Hardfork) – CryptoNight V8 (CNv2) miners & pools

Few months ago: You might have noticed how the network hashrate of Monero and other CryptoNote coins raised immensely after…

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