Z-Enemy 1.19 – Major performance & stability improvements on X16, X17 etc

The developers of Enemy miner have just released a new version Enemy 1.19. This new version NVIDIA miner doesn’t include any new algorithms. However it features major performance improvements on algorithms such as X16R, X16S, X17, Bitcore, C11, HEX, and few other supported algorithms. Developer states that there is a noticeable performance improvement of up to 5% to 7% compared to previous release. In addition to that it also features additional stability improvements. Also the 32 bit version of this miner is said to perform better than 64 bit on few algorithms.

If you are using Enemy 1.17 or Enemy 1.18 then give Enemy 1.19 a try; especially the 32 bit version which might give you an extra boost to your mining. You can find the download links for this miner below but before downloading keep in mind that this miner is a closed source software.

Enemy 1.19

Z-Enemy 1.19

If you haven’t used zealot/enemy (Z-Enemy) miner before then here is what you need to know. This is a CUDA accelerated (NVIDIA) mining software which is available for Windows, Linux and other mining operating systems such as: Hive OS, Eth OS and PiMP OS. It is a closed source miner which comes with a build in developer fee of  1% to further support the software development. The latest release of this miner is Z-Enemy VER 1.19 and as of this release it has support for the following algorithms.

Aergo - AeriumX
bitcore - Bitcore: BTX
c11 - C11 coins
phi - PHI1612
poly - Poly: Polytimos
skunk - SkunkHash
timetravel - TimeTravel coins
tribus - Tribus coins
x16r - Raven Mining
x16s - Pigeoncoin Mining
x17 - Verge
xevan - Xevan algorithm

Note: To get optimal mining performance using this miner ensure that your rig has the latest NVIDIA drivers installed: Also all of the above listed algorithms are core based so set memory clock to 0 and your core clock to +50 or more to get better hashrate gains. But remember to overclock gradually. Also this miner supports intensity till 25 but the recommended intensity is 20 or 21.

Download Z-Enemy v1.19


Linux: (Ubuntu, Hive OS, PiMP OS & EthOS )

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