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How to mine Motion coin (X16R) – Mining XMN using NVIDIA / AMD GPUs

After Ravencoin Mining this is our second guide on mining X16R algorithm. X16R is an ASIC resistant proof of work hashing algorithm designed by Ravencoin. This algorithm is mineable using CPU, NVIDIA and AMD graphic cards. Motion coin (XMN) – A kick-starter platform for crowd funding using blockchain and a decentralized, open source cryptocurrency is also using X16R as a proof of work algorithm.

Previously we’ve covered all the details about Motion coin, its feature and the technical specifications. Please go through that article if you’d like to learn more about this project. Here in this beginners guide we’ll show you how to mine Motion coin using NVIDIA and AMD graphic cards. Along with the mining guide we’ll also share the list of mining pools that are available for mining motion. But before we jump straight into our mining guide we’ll first share the technical specifications of this coin that are related to mining.

Motion coin – Algorithm, reward, block time and halving

Here are few aspects that you must take note before you mine Motion. As we said Motion coin uses X16R algorithm which supports CPU and GPU mining. Mining applications are available for CPU, AMD and NVIDIA GPUs. However in this beginners we won’t cover CPU or Solo mining as the network difficulty is too high. The block time of Motion coin is 2 Minutes and the current block reward is 20 XMN.

Along with PoW consensus mechanism; Masternodes also secure the network of Motion coin. For securing the network and for bringing in additional features like private send and instant send masternode holders are also rewarded. 60% of the block reward that is 12 XMN coins goes to Masternodes and only 40% (8 XMN coins) goes to miners. Also for more information on block halving and premine please refer to the image below.

Motion specifications

Alright! Now, let’s get started with mining Motion coins.

How to mine Motion coin (XMN)?

Mine Motion coinFirst of all this guide is assuming that you have your hardware’s ready to mine. GPU mining is recommended and it doesn’t matter if you own a single GPU or a dedicated mining rig. Just make sure you have the latest generation graphic cards. AMD RX series or Vega cards and NVIDIA GTX 9 series or 10 series cards works well. But do remember that X16R algorithm is more favorable on NVIDIA cards and to know your card capability you can check the GPU hashrates for X16R. Also due to recent price drop; mining Motion is currently not profitable on both NVIDIA as well as AMD so take this into account before mining this coin.

Okay, to get started with mining XMN we’ll need three elements. A wallet address to receive mining rewards, mining software for your GPU that supports x16r and a mining pool. Motion coin offers QT wallet for all major operating systems. If you are wondering then we have a beginners guide on how to setup Motion coin wallet. Go through that guide and create yourself a wallet address. Once you have your wallet address you need to download the mining application for your hardware.

Mining software:

There are so many mining applications available for X16R currently. We are not going to share all of them here. Instead we’ll just share the ones that are most used by the community, faster and well optimized.

NVIDIA: For NVIDIA the best option is Enemy miner which is optimized and faster than other miners. You can use the latest released version Enemy 1.16 and in addition to that you can also try out T-Rex miner. However do note that both these are closed source miners. If you are looking for an open source miner then go for Nevermore which you can download it from here or you can also choose Suprminer.

AMD: For AMD we don’t have much options as NVIDIA. You can use Avermore miner which is the most recommended and it is best optimized for AMD OpenCL GPUs.

All these mentioned miners are available for both Windows as well as Linux. Download the appropriate file and unzip it to any directory. Now during this process your Antivirus software may flag miner as a malicious program. It is false positive so just add exclusions and proceed further. Now as you have your mining application ready lets now choose a mining pool.

Motion coin Mining pools

As we already said due to high difficulty we’ll not be covering about solo mining. Anyways if you are interested then we have a guide on how to solo mine which will help you with the solo mining setup. For normal users pool mining is recommended. There are so many PPS and PPLNS mining pools available for Motion coin and below are the list.

You are free to choose any mining pool from the list but here in this guide we’ll be using block cruncher which has a low pool fee of 0.25% and there are some reasonable amount of miners. Okay, now as well have all the three elements let’s configure the miner and start mining XMN coins.

Mining Motion (XMN) using NVIDIA and AMD GPUs

Configuring all the above mentioned miners are very much the same. Create a batch file within the folder, input the necessary command line, save the file and run it to start mining. We are assuming that you have already downloaded and unzipped the mining software. In all these software’s you’ll find the sample batch file. Either you can edit that or you can create a new one. If you do not know how to create a batch file then learn from this ccminer beginners guide. After creating a batch file input the following command line, change the wallet address and then save the configuration.

Make sure to use the appropriate configuration and do not forget to change the highlighted wallet address.

Enemy Miner:

@echo off
z-enemy -a x16r -o stratum+tcp:// -u MJra96PshS9NnsYxv5pUtFoAGiZ9rcqPTH -p c=XMN -i 20
goto start

T-Rex Miner:

t-rex -a x16r -o stratum+tcp:// -u MJra96PshS9NnsYxv5pUtFoAGiZ9rcqPTH -p c=XMN
goto start

CCMiner / Nevermore / Suprminer:

ccminer -a x16r -o stratum+tcp:// -u MJra96PshS9NnsYxv5pUtFoAGiZ9rcqPTH -p x

AMD Avermore Miner:

sgminer.exe -k x16r -o stratum+tcp:// -u MJra96PshS9NnsYxv5pUtFoAGiZ9rcqPTH -p x -X 256 --gpu-platform=1

Once you’ve configured the miner, save the batch file and run it.  But before you run it here are few things to note. X16R is erratic so first make sure you have enough head room on your PSU. This algorithm is heavily core dependent, so higher core clock gives you more hashes and so more coins. That’s it! Now go ahead and run the batch file to start mining Motion coins.

How much Motion can I mine in a day? Motion mining profitability calculator

How much motion can I mine in a day and its profitability depends on your hashpower and the network difficulty. In your miner console you’ll find the hashrate results. In addition to that you can head to the mining pool, enter your wallet address to view your average hashrate and earnings. Know your hashrate first, then head to mining calculator like What To Mine and input the information accordingly. The mining calculator will show you how much XMN coins you’ll mine for that particular day and its profit in USD.

Motion mining calculator

That’s all there is about mining Motion coins (XMN). We hope this guide has covered everything. If there is something which we missed out or if you have any doubts regarding motion mining then please comment below.

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