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How to mine Aeternity (AE) – Cuckoo Cycle mining setup for NVIDIA

If you were mining back in 2017 and if your mining rigs are sitting idle then it is time to turn it back on. There are several altcoins which are profitable at the moment. Go to WhatToMine, enter your GPUs, pick your favorite coins and start mining.

Here in this guide let’s see you how to mine Aeternity (AE) – æternity.

Aeternity coin uses Cuckoo Cycle mining algorithm. While Cuckoo Cycle algorithm supports both NVIDIA and AMD graphic cards, NVIDIA miners have slightly more advantage. So this guide is only for NVIDIA miners. AMD miners can currently stick to coins such as Ethereum (ETH), Ravencoin (RVN), Veil (VEIL), Vertcoin (VTC) etc.

So why mine Aeternity using NVIDIA GPUs?

Even though Aeternity (AE) is an old cryptocurrency and is a low cap altcoin it is on the top of the profitability list next to Ethereum. This is for NVIDIA graphic cards.

According to WhatToMine website 6 X RTX 3080 can make a profit of $45 / day. 6 X RTX 3070 makes around $30 per day. 6 RTX 2080 TI earns you more than $35 / day. Not just these top cards. But even the old NVIDIA graphic cards such as GTX 1070, 1060, 1050 TI are profitable at mining Aeternity.

aeternity mining profit

If you have any NVIDIA GPU with at least 6GB of memory then you can mine Aeternity and make profit. In this guide we’ll show you how to mine Aeternity (AE) on Windows with NVIDIA GPUs.

Before we get into Aeternity mining guide here is a quick intro to Aeternity.

Aeternity (AE) – Introduction

Aeternity (æternity) is an open source public blockchain platform that enables the creation of next generation decentralized applications (DApps) with high scalability. Its main focuses are smart contracts and global scalability. During its launch AE was presented as an alternative to Ethereum platform.

Aeternity blockchain incorporates a number of technological features such as:

State channels for off chain scaling,

Oracles for real world information and

Naming system for increased user friendliness.

In short Aeternity is a blockchain designed with focus on purely functional smart contracts, high bandwidth transaction and decentralized oracles. In simple AE platform makes smart contracts more economical.

AE – Aeternity token is the native cryptocurrency of the æternity platform.

Just like how ETH is for Ethereum platform AE is used as a basis for the applications implemented on the Aeternity platform. Other than that AE acts as a payment system on the Aeternity platform and is also used for community driven on-chain governance votes.

Aeternity is a old cryptocurrency which was launched in 2017. To know more about Aeternity (AE) and its features check out the official website and their official Bitcoin talk page. Here are few useful links to get you started with Aeternity (AE).

Note: While Aeternity had reached its all time high during 2017 bull market and is currently down more than 90% it is still the most profitable coin out there to mine. You can mine and convert the profits immediately or you can hold AE for greater returns. Its all up to you and please DYOR before you invest or mine this coin.

Alright! Its time to mine æternity.

How to mine Aeternity (AE) Cuckoo Cycle?

Currently AE token is mined via Proof of Work under the Cuckoo Cycle mining algorithm. There are no ASICs on the network and CPUs are inefficient. This algorithm can only be mined using NVIDIA and AMD GPUs. But as we said NVIDIA GPUs are more profitable.

The following guide explains how to mine Aeternity (AE) on Windows computer with NVIDIA GPUs. We are assuming that you have your GPUs / Mining rig ready. Make sure you have a NVIDIA GPU with atleast 6 GB of RAM.

To get started with mining AE you first need Aeternity (AE) address to send your mining profits to. For this you can either setup a wallet on your PC or you can send the mining profits straight to your exchange account.

Wallet / Exchange account

Note: Aeternity main network wallet address starts with “ak_”. To receive AE mining payouts ensure your address starts with “ak_”

Where to get address for mining?

Best way to get mining address for AE is to setup one of the following wallets.




If you have Trust wallet installed on your mobile then you can avoid the above ones. You can use Trust wallet to generate a mining address for Aeternity.

Or alternatively you can register an account on OKEx, Huobi or and send your mining profits there.

We hope you now have your Aeternity address that starts with “ak_” to receive your mining payouts.

Next we need to choose the mining software and mining pool.

Aeternity GPU Miner

There are several open source and closed source miners capable at mining cuckoo cycle algorithm. Following are few popular ones. You can choose any one from the below list.




In this guide to demonstrate we’ll be using NBMiner and GMiner.

cuckoo cycle ae mining

Also note if you are facing trouble downloading the miner then here is how to fix.

Mining pools for Aeternity

Aeternity can be both solo mined as well as pool mined. But for more efficiency stick with pool mining. You can join any one of the following mining pools and start mining Aeternity.​

Mining Aeternity

Download GMiner or NBMiner from the link above. Once downloaded, unzip the pack and within the folder of both the miners you’ll find the .bat files ready.

In NBMiner you’ll find start_ae.bat file and

In GMiner you’ll find mine_aeternity.bat

Right click that file and edit.

Below is the Aeternity .bat file setup You can change the pool or stick to the pool listed by the miner which is completely optional. But be sure to change the highlighted wallet address to your own address.

GMiner bat file

miner.exe --algo aeternity --server --user ak_v4cBSQ4jh8gc49XMmrt1ELXJDA8U7s4ZVKhLJiAzjPy7VFgFQ

NBMiner bat file

nbminer -a cuckoo_ae -o stratum+tcp:// -u ak_v4cBSQ4jh8gc49XMmrt1ELXJDA8U7s4ZVKhLJiAzjPy7VFgFQ.default

Once you’ve replaced your wallet address save the file and exit. Then start the miner by double clicking the start file.

aeternity miner

That’s it! You are now mining Aeternity.

On your miner you’ll find your hardware hashrate and you’ll see shares being submitted successfully. To monitor your mining revenue and to view real time reports visit the mining pool where you are mining.

All the listed mining pools distributes revenues on daily basis once your payment threshold is reached.

Visit the mining pool and enter your wallet address to check your mining statistics.

mining aeternity coin

That’s it! If you have any other doubts regarding Aeternity mining then you can seek help from the mining community.


Remember that this is not any sort of investment advise. This is just a mining guide. It is completely your choice to mine or not to mine AE. Also before downloading any mining software be sure to do your own research. It is better if you use a separate machine for mining rather than using your PC where you have wallet files.

You’re all set now! More mining guides will be coming soon. Follow us to get all the latest updates.

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