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Saronite (XRN) – How to mine Saronite Coin (Cryptonight Heavy)

Most of the CryptoNote coins promote by stating that it is secure, private and completely untraceable. That is the core of CryptoNote protocol and any cryptocurrency created using this technology will possess features such as untraceable payments, unlinkable transactions and egalitarian proof of work mechanism.

Only coins that adds something new on top of CryptoNote protocol will stand out and gets some attention. So far we’ve published about Loki, Stellite and IPBC which is now BitTube. Apart from the standard CryptoNote features they all working on implementing something new. Here in this post we’ll be covering one such coin called Saronite (XRN). Before we see how to mine Saronite or how to setup Saronite wallet we’ll first see what is Saronite, the project features and its specifications.

What is Saronite (XRN)? – Crypto Currency

Saronite XRN coinSaronite is a metal found in Northrend; oh, sorry for the Warcraft reference!

Saronite is a new decentralized crypto currency based on CryptoNote technology which uses Cryptonight Heavy algorithm. So basically this coin is anonymous, ASIC resistant and possess features that can be found on most privacy coins. Aside from those standard features this coin is working on introducing new technology to the CryptoNote protocol. There are only few privacy coins that possess smart contracts and the popular one being Enigma (ENG) and Dero. Saronite may be the next coin to have smart contracts on its network. Not just that but they are also planning to build an exchange and a decentralized cloud storage platform.

Saronite Smart Contracts

Smart contracts or Saronite contracts – The team behind Saronite is planning to introduce smart contracts into its blockchain. This smart contract will allow users to manage assets and create simple tasks where two parties can communicate and agree upon. Moreover the smart contract on Saronite network ensures that it stays completely private and secure.

Saronite Cloud Storage

According to their roadmap the first thing that is coming up after all mobile wallets and exchange listing is Saronite cloud storage. This cloud storage platform is said to use Saronite coins that is $XRN as a mode of payment. This cloud storage will be powered by Storj – A decentralized cloud storage platform that relies on Blockchain. It is a peer to peer encrypted network that ensures your data will be safe, secure and private.

Saronite Exchange

Even though this coin is working towards listing on various cryptocurrency exchanges they are planning to build their own exchange. This will provide an opportunity for new coins to establish themselves and help reach wider audience. They promise that there won’t be high listing fee nor high transaction fees. Also there will be a voting system initially; that is based on popular votes a currency can exempt from listing fees.

Saronite fees, premine, launch and price:

Aside from all the technology and features there is one thing that is important and you must take note is Development fee. This coin had no premine and no ICO. The launch was fair and everyone was given an opportunity to mine from the Mainnet launch. However there is a development fee of 6% on each block rewards. We think it is fine when compared to projects like Loki that had premine + presale + dev fee + high transaction fees. The developer of this project says the dev fee is for marketing purpose, to take the project forward and to get more devs on board.

The Mainnet was launched on May 23 2018. This coin is not yet listed on coin market cap, however it is listed on exchanges and currently being traded at 10000 satoshi a coin.

Saronite [XRN] – Technical Specifications:

Ticker – XRN

Maximum coin supply – 90 Million

PoW Algorithm – CryptoNight Heavy

Block Size: Dynamic

Block Reward: 15 XRN (currently)

Dev fee: 6%

Premine – No

ICO – No

Block Explorer:


Alright! now we’ll see how to setup Saronite wallet and start mining Saronite coins using CPU and GPU (NVIDIA and AMD).

Saronite wallet setup:

To receive payments and to get started with mining Saronite you’ll need a wallet address first. Saronite offers GUI wallet, CLI wallet and a Remote wallet client which is available for both Windows as well as Linux. There is no Mac wallet yet which is under development and along with that they are also working on Android wallet and IOS wallet.

Saronite Wallet Download:

CLI wallet:

GUI wallet:

Remote wallet:

Download the zip file, unzip it and complete the wallet setup. Saronite wallet is based on SumoKoin wallet so we assume a guide is not necessary for this. Anyways if you still need instructions on setting up wallet then you can make use of this Stellite wallet guide which applies to this wallet as well.

Saronite Wallet

Note: If you are running out of disk space and don’t wish to run full node wallet then you can use Saronite Remote wallet. It uses remote nodes and doesn’t download blockchain to your local machine.

Also read: How to use remote nodes in Monero wallet

Also in your wallet you will find Used address and several Ghost address. Consider the used address as your primary address and use the same for mining. Ghost addresses are for added privacy. In case if you don’t wish to disclose primary wallet address but still like to receive payments to your wallet then you can use the Ghost address. Ok, since you have your wallet address ready lets get started with Saronite mining.

How to mine Saronite (XRN) – CryptoNight Heavy (CPU, NVIDIA, AMD)

We are assuming that you have your wallet address and hardware ready. Saronite uses CryptoNight heavy algorithm (same as Loki). This algorithm can be mined using CPU, AMD and NVIDIA GPU. To start mining Saronite we’ll need to download the mining software first.

To mine CryptoNight Heavy using CPU, NVIDIA and AMD GPU you can use XMR Stak which is an all in one cryptonight miner. Or you can use XMRig which is optimized as well. Since we’ve already made a complete tutorial on both these mining applications we are not going to show you how to setup, configure or fine tune the performance. Instead here we’ll just list the mining pools and the sample config file for you to start mining right away.

Please consider reading these articles if you need instructions in setting up the miner.

XMR Stak beginners guide

XMRig beginners guide

Saronite mining pools:

Follow are the list of mining pools available for Saronite. There are some PPLNS and PPS pools so research this and choose your favorite pool. (Official pool)

Mining Saronite:

We hope you’ve chosen a reliable mining pool, your wallet address is ready and the mining software is also installed. Now with the help of below sample config setup configure your miner accordingly.

XMR-STAK sample config for Saronite:

"pool_list" :
 {"pool_address" : "", "wallet_address" : "P2PPhv333JwQDgK2MeQrQ7eYjTX89xzGJaUTKLnqoPqmRMfSyxgfkhreqK9BpCYjZFTDFCRJxvmyKi6ckh3zzHzy95yNXiDWSX", "rig_id" : "", "pool_password" : "", "use_nicehash" : false, "use_tls" : false, "tls_fingerprint" : "", "pool_weight" : 1 },

"currency" : "cryptonight_heavy",

XMRig sample config for Saronite:

"algo": "cryptonight-heavy",

 "pools": [
 "url": "", 
 "user": "P2PPhv333JwQDgK2MeQrQ7eYjTX89xzGJaUTKLnqoPqmRMfSyxgfkhreqK9BpCYjZFTDFCRJxvmyKi6ckh3zzHzy95yNXiDWSX", 
 "pass": "x", 
 "keepalive": true, 
 "nicehash": false, 
 "variant": , 

Make sure to change the wallet address if you are using the above config. Once you’ve configured the miner open xmr-stak.exe or xmrig.exe file to start mining Saronite. Wait until the miner says share accepted which means your configuration is perfect. If it says invalid share or share rejected then either you’ve selected a wrong algo / coin or chosen a low pool difficulty. In that case choose a right port depending on your hardware and try to connecting to the pool again. If you are still facing problem in mining Saronite then let us know in comments section and we’ll help you out.


This coin is brand new. There is not much information available on the their website and the white paper is under progress. Since there is no white paper yet we can’t presume how features like smart contracts, cloud storage and exchange will be created and linked together. Even though the idea of this coin seems interesting the team is considerably small for such a project. We don’t know whether all those mentioned features will be implemented or not. But from the current net hash it looks like more people are interested towards this project.

If you have AMD cards especially Vega then try mining this as they are known to perform better on CryptoNight Heavy algorithm. If you are using NVIDIA then this is not the profitable coin for you to mine. Please consider mining something else.

As we usually say this is just a mining guide for beginners so before you hop in to the project kindly do your own research.

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