Monero wallet: “Daemon failed to start” error – What is it & how to fix?

After the recent Monero upgrade several users reported that they were unable to access their Monero GUI wallet. Actually they…

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How to update Monero wallet? Upgrading Monero (XMR) GUI and CLI wallet

Just like Windows, Mac and other software upgrades; cryptocurrencies also undergo a series of updates. Bitcoin updates its protocol, Ethereum…

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Crypto Mining

Saronite (XRN) – How to mine Saronite Coin (Cryptonight Heavy)

Most of the CryptoNote coins promote by stating that it is secure, private and completely untraceable. That is the core…

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XMR-AEON-STAK – All in one Cryptonight Miner V7, V3, Lite, Heavy

XMR-STAK is basically an all in one Cryptonight miner that supports CPU, NVIDIA (CUDA 9) and AMD (OpenCL 2.0) GPUs.…

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