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X16S PoW Algorithm – List of all X16S coins and miners (NVIDIA / AMD)

Consensus algorithms are the core of each and every cryptocurrency. There are many types of consensus algorithm being used in the cryptosphere such as PoW, PoS, PoI, DPoS, PoA etc. But currently Proof of Work (PoW) is the consensus algorithm which is largely used by many cryptocurrencies. While the main drawback is energy consumption, It remains the most studied, most tested and most proven algorithm that secures the network against attackers.

In PoW there are many types of algorithms being used by different cryptocurrencies. The most widely used algorithm is SHA-256 which was introduced by Bitcoin. Apart from this some other popular hashing algorithms are Ethash, Equihash, NeoScrypt, Keccak, CryptoNight and there are many others. All of these hashing algorithms have different features and works differently.

Just how every year several new coins emerge; we can also find many new Proof of Work algorithms being launched in the crypto space. Even though there are many hashing algorithms the reason why a project implements a new algorithm is 1. Keep mining decentralized 2. To stay away from NiceHash attacks 3. To create a more viable solution to resist ASICs and 4. Deliver an algorithm that is both superior and power efficient.

X16R is an innovative proof of work algorithm which featured all of the above and it was introduced by Ravencoin in the year 2018. Since it provided an innovative method of ASIC resistance many coins started using this algorithm. Also followed by the success of X16R; a new coin slightly modified X16R and came up with a new hashing algorithm called X16S. So what is X16S and what are the coins that are based on X16S hashing algorithm.

X16S – 16 Shuffled Algorithms

X16S uses sixteen chained hashing algorithms and is completely based on X16R. The 16 algorithms that are used in X16S is same as X16R namely:

Blake, BMW, Groestl, JH, Keccak, Skein, Luffa, Cubehash, Shavite, Simd, Echo, Hamsi, Fugue, Shabal, Whirlpool and SHA512

So why introduce X16S when it employs the same individual algorithms found in X16R? X16R randomizes the order of these algorithms by referencing the last 16 digits of the previous block hash. Now X16S also works the same way as X16R. It randomizes the order of the algorithms based on the previous block hash. However unlike x16r it uses each algorithm once per block. None of the algorithms are repeated and none of them are omitted. Since it is designed to only use each algorithm once per block the hashrate will remain stable and there won’t be any power spikes compared to X16R.

x16s algorithm

X16S is not an improved algorithm over X16R in terms of providing ASIC resistance. However it vastly improves the hashrate and power consistency which makes it better for small miners.

X16S Whitepaper:

X16S Miners (NVIDIA / AMD)

This algorithm is ASIC resistant; meaning there are no ASICs yet and anyone with a GPU can mine X16S. There are number of mining software’s supporting this algorithm. However the best performing miners are closed source software’s which contains a small dev fee.

Following are the list of miners that you can use to mine X16S coins. They are pre-compiled and is available for both Windows as well as Linux OS.


Latest version T-Rex Miner (Closed source with 1% dev fee)

Latest version Enemy Miner (Closed source with 1% dev fee)


Latest version WildRig Multi (Closed source with 2% dev fee)

X16S coins

Pigeoncoin is the first coin to use X16S hashing algorithm. Later many coins started adopting this algorithm. Few are multi algorithm coins, some are masternode coins and on some the PoW phase has been already ended. However do note that none of the coins are worthwhile including Pigeoncoin. Majority of them in the list are almost dead and none of them ranks in the top 1000 of CoinMarketCap. Anyways for your reference here are the list of all X16S coins.

  • Pigeon coin – PGN
  • Crypto Rescue – CPR
  • Qbase coin – QBS
  • QUAR Network – QUAR
  • RabbitCoin – RABBIT
  • Reden – REDN
  • REEFcoin – REEF
  • RESQ coin – RESQ
  • Shield – XSH
  • SUDO – SUDO¬† CryptoSudo (SUDO)
  • Trust Plus -XTP
  • Whiff Network – WFF
  • AceD (ACED)
  • Creative Innovations coin (CIC)
  • Hydra (HYDR)
  • BitNexus (BTNX)
  • Node Lab Coin (NLAB)
  • Arena Coin (ARENA)
  • RedLotusNetwork (RLN)
  • Renix (RNX)

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