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How to mine VIVO coin – Mining VIVO on pool with NVIDIA and AMD GPU

VIVO is an open source, decentralized and secure cryptocurrency. As this coin is based on Dash; it features Masternodes technology and that enables significant features on the network like near-instant, secure payments, and superior anonymous transactions. Just like majority of other Masternode coins VIVO also splits its block rewards equally. 50% to Miners and 50% to Masternode holders. Block times are only 2 minutes and so its transactions will get confirmed quickly.

VIVO blockchain is secured using NeoScrypt Proof of Work algorithm. NeoScrypt is an improved version of Scrypt algorithm which ensures network stability and sustainability. Also this hashing algorithm is basically ASIC resistance which gives everyone a fair chance to mine VIVO. These are some of the core aspects of VIVO coin. In our previous guide we’ve covered all of its details except mining VIVO and that is what we’ll be covering here. In this beginners guide we’ll show you how to mine VIVO coin with NVIDIA and AMD GPU.

Vivo coin mining

Mining VIVO – Where to start?

As it uses NeoScrypt hashing algorithm mining VIVO is similar to mining Innova and mining GoByte. Create a wallet, download the mining software, configure the miner, connect it to the mining pool and start mining VIVO coins. Why mining pool? Is VIVO not solo mineable. The current network hashrate is around 1.5 GH/s. If you think you have hardware as powerful to compete with the overall net hash then you can try mining solo. But the majority of the crowd doesn’t own a huge mining farm and if you don’t own a powerful mining rig then joining a mining pool would be the wise decision. Also at this difficulty CPU mining is not profitable at all so here we’ll only cover mining on pool with NVIDIA and AMD graphic cards. So why mine VIVO when there are several clones similar to this and is not so profitable currently?

Why mine VIVO?

Under NeoScrypt algorithm there are only few notable coins and one of them is VIVO. VIVO is a low supply masternode coin, its development team is active and the community is strong. Also among low cap Altcoin category VIVO is well established and their future plan for the project seems promising. So even though if it is not profitable right now when the alt season starts it might get interesting. But do note that anything can happen in crypto space and any coin guides that we publish are not to be taken as a investment advice. Do your own research and the decision on whether to mine VIVO or not is up to you. Alright! Let’s get started with mining VIVO coins.

How to mine VIVO coin

First of all this guide assumes that you have your hardware ready. We recommend GPU; either NVIDIA or AMD and it doesn’t matter which model you have. Some AMD cards may seem profitable and some NVIDIA cards perform better that AMD. Before you mine it is always a good decision to estimate your mining profits. Just head to mining calculator like What To Mine, choose your card and it will give you an estimate on how much VIVO you’ll mine and its current profit. If you think it is worth mining then get your GPUs ready. Let’s mine some VIVO!

VIVO mining calculator

First ensure that you have latest GPU drivers installed on your mining rig. If you have NVIDIA then download the latest driver from this link and if you own AMD cards then download the latest driver from here. Once your driver software is updated, setup VIVO coin wallet to receive the mining income. We’ve a beginners guide on setting up VIVO coin wallet and if you do not know how to install then make use of that guide and get yourself a VIVO address.

Next we’ll need to download the mining software for NeoScrypt.

Mining software

There are so many mining applications available for both NVIDIA and AMD graphic cards and all of them are capable of mining NeoScrypt algorithm. Instead of pointing out all of them we’ll just share the best ones for you to make things simpler.

The best NVIDIA miner available for NeoScrypt algorithm is KlausT ccminer. It is free, open source software available for Windows and Linux.

For AMD we recommend you to download either Claymore’s NeoScrypt miner or Gateless gate miner.


Gateless Gate:

Download the appropriate miners, unzip the software and put it in a desired location. Note that while unzipping the miner your Antivirus may flag miner as virus. It is false positive so just add exclusions and you should be good to go.

Now as your mining software is also ready we need only last thing and that is pool connection details.

Vivo coin mining pools

There are a variety of PPS and PPLNS mining pools available for VIVO cryptocurrency. However on most pools there are no miners and it might take a long time for you to see the first reward. So our suggestion would be to mine on Here the fee is super low and you’ll get payouts every 1 hour. Anyways the choice is yours and following are the list of mining pools that you can choose from.

We hope you’ve chosen a mining pool. Let’s now configure the miner and start mining VIVO coins.

VIVO pool mining port

Mining VIVO with NVIDIA

Now since you have wallet address, mining software and pool details all we need to do is configure the miner. Configuring both NVIDIA and AMD miner is similar. Create a batch file (.bat), input the command line arguments, save the file and open it to start mining. If you do not know how to create batch file or configure the miner then we recommend you to read this ccminer beginners guide. It also applies to AMD miners.

Instead of going through all of that again we’ll just share the sample config file for you. All you need to do is copy the config text, replace the highlighted wallet address and save it as batch file.

sample config:

ccminer -a neoscrypt -o stratum+tcp:// -u VCnxrawNYAZcB9aPCCXWkvE6QRU7ocUVgP -p c=VIVO

Mining VIVO with AMD

As we said for AMD you can either use Claymore miner or Gateless Gate miner. Both are good and configuring them is same. Create a batch file and input the appropriate configuration. Note that if you are using the below sample config make sure to replace your wallet address.

Claymore config:

NeoScryptMiner.exe -pool stratum+tcp:// -wal VCnxrawNYAZcB9aPCCXWkvE6QRU7ocUVgP -psw c=VIVO

Gateless Gate config:

gatelessgate.exe -k neoscrypt --gpu-platform 0 -o stratum+tcp:// -u VCnxrawNYAZcB9aPCCXWkvE6QRU7ocUVgP -p x -I 16 -w 256 -g 1 pause

Once the configuration is perfect, save the batch file and run the saved file to start mining VIVO coins. If the miner console returns Yes! then it is successfully submitting shares to the pool.

Now to track the mining income, head to the mining pool that is and input your wallet address. It will show your submitted hashrate and your earnings.

Hope this helps! If you have any questions regarding VIVO or if you have trouble starting the miner then please let us know in comments section. We’ll help you further.

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