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How to mine Innova (INN) – Mining NeoScrypt [NVIDIA and AMD]

Innova is a decentralized digital cryptocurrency based on Dash and is similar to GoByte in terms of features and specifications. These coins have Masternodes technology which keeps the network secure and provides near-instant and anonymous transactions. Aside from this they both use NeoScrypt hashing algorithm which is ASIC resistance and their difficulty retargets using Dark Gravity Wave. While the technical aspects may seem similar their purpose varies and both the coins are aiming to build something different.

Innova is an adoptive and innovative new age cryptocurrency that is focused on making the coin available to everyone. This coin is completely community based, the team is active and any further development of this project is based on community requests. Since we’ve covered a lot about Innova in our previous post let’s quickly get in to Innova mining guide. This is a complete beginners guide and here we’ll show you how to mine Innova; that is mining NeoScrypt algorithm using NVIDIA and AMD GPUs.

Mining Innova

Mining Innova coin is simple and is basically similar to mining any other NeoScrypt coins. But before getting into that part we’ll see why to mine Innova currently when this coin is not so profitable. Along with that we’ll cover its technical specifications and the hardware requirements to mine Innova.

Why Innova and how much INN can I mine per day?

According to What To Mine mining profitability calculator Innova may not seem to be the profitable coin to mine right now. However the current valuation of this coin is too low and so the network hashrate is. As a result; mining this coin will be easy and note that masternode collateral for Innova is just 1000 coins. With a decent mining rig you can easily accumulate coins for masternode in a short period of time. While Masternodes is one reason to mine Innova, PoS will be another reason. According to their roadmap they have a plan of switching to full proof of stake by the end of 2018. If that is the case then mining Innova will become obsolete after that.

Innova mining calculator

Head to mining calculator to estimate the profits and to figure out how much Innova you’ll be earning per day. How much and how quick you can mine; it all depends on your hardware power and the network hashrate. For example a single GTX 1080TI can produce 1450 Kh/s on NeoScrypt at less than 200 Watt. At current network difficulty with a GTX 1080 TI you can mine around 5 to 6 Innova coins a day with a profit of $0.75. If you think the profit is low then you can mine the profitable ones and convert it or you can buy it from exchange. This is just a beginners guide and the decision on whether to mine or not should be up to you.

Innova mining profitability

Innova mining requirements:

Innova coin uses NeoScrypt hashing algorithm which is ASIC resistance and that can be mineable using both CPU and GPU. The current network difficulty is not so high but since the GPUs are more powerful; CPU mining is not viable. To mine Innova and to earn a decent amount it is advised that you have NVIDIA or AMD GPUs. GTX 10 series or 9 series graphic card works well and even AMD RX series or Vega cards perform better on this algorithm. If you have any of these cards then you are good to mine Innova.

How to mine Innova (INN)?

This guide is assuming that you have your hardware’s ready. To get started with mining Innova you’ll first need a wallet address to receive mining income. Setup Innova wallet and get yourself an INN address. In less than a hour your wallet should sync. Remember that when you are mining any cryptocurrency please setup the respective wallets which just takes a few minutes. Mining to exchange address is highly not recommended.

Once you are done with the wallet setup and got your address ready we’ll need to find a mining pool to join and start mining INN coins. Wait, when the network hashrate is low is it not possible to mine solo? Solo Mining is very much possible at current difficulty. However most users do not own a large mining farm so this guide covers how to pool mine Innova coins.

Innova mining pool list

Following are the list of mining pools where you can mine Innova. They are mostly PPS and PPLNS mining pools with less than 1% pool fee. Also there are some pools which are not so active so do your research. Here for this tutorial we’ve chosen which seems active and you can expect reward very often.

Alright! Now as you have your wallet address and pool ready all we need is a miner to get started with mining.

Innova Mining – NVIDIA GPU

There are many CUDA accelerated mining application available for NeoScrypt. However the best one is KlausT ccminer which is free, open source and is available for both Windows as well as Linux. It performs faster than the other alternatives.

Download Miner:

Download the miner and unzip it. During this process Windows defender or your Antivirus may block the miner. This is false positive and so you may want to add the mining application to the exclusion list. Once that is done, create a batch file within the miner folder. Next configure the miner. Use the sample configuration below as a reference. Make sure to the change the wallet address. Once done, save the .bat file and double click it to start mining Innova.

ccminer -a neoscrypt -o stratum+tcp:// -u iN3vUKaFodEXH9sNXdrWeoB3SRaWoNwMUR -p c=INN

If your miner says “Yes” then your configuration is perfect and the shares are being accepted by the pool.

Note: If you are new and do not understand this configuration or don’t know how to create a batch file then please make use of this CCMiner beginners guide.

how to mine Innova

Mining Innova using AMD GPU

It doesn’t matter whether you have a bunch  of AMD mining rigs or just a single RX series or Vega graphic card. Compared to NVIDIA; AMD also known to equally hash well on NeoScrypt algorithm. To mine Innova using AMD graphic card you have 2 mining applications available.

You can either choose NeoScrypt OpenCL GPU miner which is open source or you can use Claymore NeoScrypt AMD GPU miner which is closed source and contains 2% dev fee.

Download NeoScrypt OpenCL GPU miner:

Download Claymore NeoScrypt AMD miner:

According to several reports Claymore NeoScrypt AMD miner seem to perform better. However remember it is a closed source miner and we do not recommend it using on your personal computer where you have wallet’s installed. Its fine  to use in your mining rigs but anyways if you are not okay with it then you can opt the open source miner.

Setting up both the miners are simple and similar. Download the miner and unzip it. If the miner gets flagged as Virus then add exclusion to the application.  Once done, open the folder, create a batch file and configure it accordingly. Below is the sample configuration setup for both the miners.

NSGMiner configuration:

nsgminer -k neoscrypt -g 1 -w 128 -I 16 –gpu-engine 1000 –gpu-memclock 1500 -o stratum+tcp:// -O iN3vUKaFodEXH9sNXdrWeoB3SRaWoNwMUR

Claymore NeoScrypt configuration:

NeoScryptMiner.exe -pool stratum+tcp:// -wal iN3vUKaFodEXH9sNXdrWeoB3SRaWoNwMUR -psw c=INN

Note: The above config is just an example so feel free to change the pool address and do not forget to replace your wallet address.

That’s it! Save the batch file, open it to start mining Innova coins.

General mining tips and troubleshooting:

Once the mining has been started you’ll see the hashrates being reported on your miner. By taking the average hashrate you can estimate the number of coins that you’ll earn in a particular day. To check the amount of coins that you’ve mined head to the pool where you are mining and enter your wallet address. It will display your earnings, hashrates as well as payments. On most pools payouts will be made automatically but the minimum payment threshold and the payment frequency varies on each pool.

Innova pool mining balance

Things to note when you are mining NeoScrypt: Compared to other mining algorithms NeoScrypt is less power efficient and it generates more heat. So when you are mining Innova or any other NeoScrypt coins monitor the GPU temperature and ensure that it stays at optimal temperature.  Lower the power limit if it runs hotter. We don’t think core clock will improve performance but NeoScrypt uses GPU memory so overclocking memory should improve your hashrates. But remember to raise this gradually as you may crash your rigs and encounter errors like “unspecified launch failure”.  Also if you see to many rejected or stale shares then try lowering the intensity.

That’s all there is to mining Innova coins. If you have any questions or having trouble starting the miner then feel free to leave your comments below.

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