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How to mine GoByte (GBX) ? – Mining GoByte with NVIDIA and AMD GPU

GoByte is a decentralized, innovative and secure Cryptocurrency. You can find more details about this coin on GoByte website. Also we have discussed Gobyte’s features and technical specifications in GBX wallet setup guide. If you are looking to mine GoByte coins then this is the right time. According to What To Mine website GBX is the most profitable coin to mine using NVIDIA GPU followed by Trezar coin.

GoByte is completely based on Proof of Work and masternode system which uses NeoScrypt hashing algorithm. Would like to make a note that NeoScrypt is ASIC resistant and so it is really worth mining NeoScrypt coins (GoByte, Trezar Coin, Crowd Coin, VIVO, feather coin) using your GPUs. Here is a quick guide on how to mine GoByte (GBX) coins in pool using your NVIDIA and AMD GPU.

How to mine GoByte (GBX)? – Step by Step

We are assuming that you are ready with your GPUs. It doesn’t matter whether you have NVIDIA or AMD GPU. Both NVIDIA and AMD GPUs are capable of mining NeoScrypt coins. In order to start mining GoByte GBX coins using your GPUs we will need to setup three things.

1. GoByte Wallet:

To receive the GBX coins that you have mined you’ll first need a GoByte wallet. Go through this GoByte wallet setup guide and get your GBX address if you don’t have one. If you already have your GoByte wallet and address ready then move on to step number 2. We recommend you that never mine coins directly to exchanges.

2. Miner Software:

In order to make your GPUs mine this NeoScrypt hashing algorithm we will need a miner program. For NVIDIA we will be using the popular CUDA 9 CCMiner and for AMD we will use NSGminer.

NVIDIA CCMiner: If you have NVIDIA GPUs then go to CCminer GitHub page and download the latest version of CCminer to your local computer. Once done unzip and place the folder in your desktop for easy access.


AMD NSGminer: If you have AMD GPU and like to mine GBX then we suggest you download NSGminer. NSGminer is an advanced GPU Miner program for NeoScrypt algorithm. With the aid of OpenCL support it delivers best hash rates for AMD GPUs (especially AMD Radeon hardware). To download this miner go to NSGminer GitHub page and download the latest version to your local machine. Once done unzip and put it in your desktop.


Note: While downloading and unzipping these miner programs your antivirus or Windows firewall may block or detect the miner as virus. Its false positive so add exception to these miners. We’ve been using these binaries since years and never encountered any problems. Moreover it comes from reputable sources like Bitcoin talk and Github.

Alright, your miner program is ready for both NVIDIA and AMD GPUs. Now it’s time to configure the miner and let your GPUs start mining GoByte coins.

3. Miner Configuration:

Before configuring your miner program we’ll need to choose the right pool. Currently GoByte can be mined on these following pools. GoByte Mining pool (official pool for GBX),,,,,, and

Among these the most popular pools are Yiimp, Zpool, Lycheebit and Unimining. We never had good luck with Zpool, however all the other three pools are good enough to get started. You can mine in any of these three pools (Yiimp, Lycheebit and Unimining), however considering the pools hashrate and number of miners we suggest you to go with Unimining.

Mining GoByte with Unimining (NVIDIA):

CCMiner NVIDIA configuration: For NVIDIA GPUs open your CCminer folder and create a launch file (*.bat file). To do so create a new text document first and paste the below configuration.

ccminer-x64 -a neoscrypt -o stratum+tcp:// -u GTgBAu1nivpuFatwxC73nXTpD2xacA8KjW -p GBX

Make sure to change the highlighted wallet address to your address before mining.

Once done go to file save as >> select save as type as All files and save it as start-gbx.bat (It should be start-gbx.bat and not start-gbx.bat.txt).

That’s it. You are ready to mine GoByte in Unimining pool. Just open the start-gbx.bat file and your NVIDIA GPUs will start submitting hash rates to the pool.

To track your hashrate and earnings go to and enter your wallet address. It will show your hashrate, balance, total paid and total earned.


GBX mining with Yiimp pool (AMD)

NSGminer AMD configuration: As a change for AMD GPU we’ll use Yiimp pool. Just like creating a bat file in CCminer we’ll need to create a bat file in NSGminer except the configuration varies slightly. Copy the below code in to a text file, change the wallet address and save as *.bat file.

nsgminer -k neoscrypt -g 1 -w 128 -I 16 –gpu-engine 1000 –gpu-memclock 1500 -o stratum+tcp:// -O GTgBAu1nivpuFatwxC73nXTpD2xacA8KjW -p GBX

Once done run your miner program. To track your earnings and hash rates in Yiimp go to

Note: Soon we’ll explain these miner configurations in a separate article.

Hope this quick guide helped you with mining GoByte coins in pool. If you have any questions or problem starting your miner then please leave a comment. We’d be glad to help you out. If you found this helpful then please do help out new miners by sharing this article.

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  1. Hi there,
    I’ve just started mining following all your instructions and now I’ve been monitoring the mining progress of my address on unimining website. Questions :
    1. if I stop the progress then what happen with total unpaid, the balance and soon… are they lost?, if they’re not lost so can I continue on last unpaid result?.
    here is my monitoring address on unimining :

  2. Stupid Question: I’m using nsgminer on yiimp. I created .bat file and pasted in my wallet address (GoByte) as demonstrated above. Now, how do I know my mining software is “running” on windows 10? Thanks!

    1. Hi, Once connected your miner will start showing hashrates and you can also track the mining progress on Yiimp by entering your wallet address. We suggest you to mine GoByte from as there are less workers on Yiimp for NeoScrypt.

  3. Hi,

    Could you help what seems to be the problem?

    nsgminer v0.9.4 – NeoScrypt : [2018-03-19 22:06:06] – [ 0 days 00:03:09]
    16s: 3.9 avg: 3.6 u: 0.0 KH/s | A:0 R:0 S:0 HW:0 WU:0.00/m
    ST:2 DW:16 GW:6 LW:34 GF:0 NB:3 AS:0 RF:0 E:0.00
    Connected to diff 64 with stratum as GY72dUKnHUHM6XHNjg6QmcuJQ4RGwH2yYE
    Block: 0x000000000031EAB2… #66825 [22:08:36] Diff:5.08M Best:0
    [P]ool management [G]PU management [S]ettings [D]isplay options [Q]uit
    OCL 0: | 3.9 4.0 0.0 KH/s | A:0 R:0 HW:0 U:0.0/m

    [22:06:00] Probing for an alive pool
    [22:06:06] The network difficulty has been set to 5415933
    [22:06:06] Stratum from pool 0 detected new block
    [22:06:06] Pool 0 is sending mismatched block contents to us (0 is not 1-1)
    [22:06:30] Stratum from pool 0 requested work restart
    [22:06:30] Pool 0 is hiding block contents from us
    [22:06:30] Pool 0 is sending mismatched block contents to us (0 is not 2-3)
    [22:07:33] Stratum from pool 0 requested work restart
    [22:07:33] Pool 0 is sending mismatched block contents to us (0 is not 2-3)
    [22:07:56] The network difficulty has been set to 5094556
    [22:07:56] Stratum from pool 0 detected new block
    [22:08:36] Stratum from pool 0 requested work restart
    [22:08:36] Pool 0 is sending mismatched block contents to us (0 is not 1-1)
    [22:08:36] The network difficulty has been set to 5080435
    [22:08:36] Stratum from pool 0 detected new block


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