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How to mine Kaspa – GPU mining KAS kHeavyHash (Windows / Hive OS)

Now that Ethereum 2.0 merge is close Ethereum mining comes to an end. Does this put an end to GPU mining? No, there are other Proof of Work GPU mineable coins that will become popular among GPU miners such as Ethereum Classic, Ravencoin, Ergo, Flux etc. If you’re a GPU miner mining ETH then you should be ready for the Ethereum merge! It’ll be very interesting to see which GPU coins will thrive in the future.

Recently we’ve noticed a lot of new coins like Neoxa, Kaspa are taking off in terms of price and mining difficulty. We’ve covered how to mine Neoxa. Here in this beginners guide let’s see how to mine Kaspa?

Kaspa (KAS) Is the new revolutionary PoW cryptocurrency that is extremely easy when it comes to GPU mining. But Is Kaspa mining worth it and is it profitable to mine Kaspa right now? Yes, Kaspa mining is profitable however it is only less profitable than other PoW coins at the moment. Kaspa mining difficulty has recently exploded and is not so profitable but it is still worth a look now that ETH is on the way out which could give Kaspa (KAS) a really good chance.

Before you mine KAS

Kaspa is a relatively new cryptocurrency that uses Ghost DAG protocol. At the time of writing this article Kaspa was taking off. However it won’t be the case always as with every other spec mining coins. Note that spec mining is risky. It’ll pay off shortly but in the long run you might end up holding an empty bag. So better mine it and cash it or trade it or exchange it for whatever currency you wish. Our advise would be mine and sell a portion of your mining rewards and do not ever hold spec coins forever.

While Kaspa mining alone might not be profitable you can merge mine or dual mine it with ETH or ETC. Yes, you can mine Kaspa alone or you can dual mine with Ethereum (ETH) (not possible after merge) or even Ethereum Classic (ETC). Also because of the way the protocol works you can solo mine Kaspa. Even with a single GPU with low hashrate, it is possible for you to hit blocks. You can mine solo to your own node or to a public node.

Here in this beginners guide we’ll show you how to mine Kaspa using Windows and HiveOS. We’ll see mining Kaspa (KAS) alone using AMD and NVIDIA GPUs. Solo mining Kaspa. How to mine Kaspa Coin (KAS) on mining pool. Dual mining Ethereum Classic ETC + KASPA at the same time. Hive OS, Rave OS dual mining configuration. Things you need to mine Kaspa, overclock settings and hashrate for popular cards. Setting up Kaspa wallet, finding Kaspa pool and mining calculators to calculate Kaspa mining profits.

What is Kaspa? About KASPA

Kaspa is a Proof of Work (PoW) project based on the GHOSTDAG / PHANTOM protocol. It is the first block DAG project to enable parallel blocks and allow instant transaction confirmations. It is the fastest and a fully scalable layer 1 blockchain that is built on a Proof of Work engine.

With the revolutionary GHOSTDAG protocol the project resolves scaling issues present in other PoW based projects. With blockDAG having single second block intervals; transactions on Kaspa are sent to miners and is included immediately in the ledger. Currently the Kaspa network mainnet can process 1 block per second. In future its expected to increase up to 10 or even 100 blocks per second. Its one of the fastest PoW coins around.

Kaspa was launched in late 2021 as a 100% decentralized community owned project. It is completely open source with no central governance and no business model. Its design principles are similar to Bitcoin,. Fair launched Proof of Work mining with no-premine, zero pre sales or pre-allocation of coins, deflationary monetary policy and no central governance.


Fast Confirmations, High Throughput and Mining Decentralization are some of the features of Kaspa. Its unique in its ability that supports high block rates while maintaining the highest level of security offered by PoW environments. Also its efficient Proof-of-Work algorithm kHeavyHash is less energy intensive than other PoW networks.

To overcome the scalability problem faced by other blockchains Kaspa processes all blocks in parallel linking all side-chains. It can generate and confirm multiple blocks per second with no compromise to decentralization.

Fastest Transactions and Instant Confirmation is the biggest advanced of Kaspa. Transaction is visible on the network in 1 second and it gets fully confirmed within 10 seconds. The goal is to increase this substantially in the future thereby attracting Layer 2 development of smart contract integration and DeFi protocols.

To know more check out

KASPA mining specifications

Kaspa is the fastest PoW mineable coin. Its block DAG architecture with near instant blocks enables mining decentralization and also allows effective solo mining at low hashrates.

Also this coin has another advantage over most PoW mineable coins. You can actually dual mine Kaspa with other PoW coins. Not all, but since Kaspa is core dependent it can be dual mined with memory intensive coins such as ETH, ETC, Ergo etc. But note that dual mining consumes more watts than single coin mining. We’ll get into dual mining later in this guide

The total supply is 28.7 Billion KAS. It follows an emission schedule that halves once per year. Here are the technical specifications.

  • Max Supply: 28.5B KAS
  • Current Block Reward: 415 KAS
  • Circulating Supply: 12.4B KAS
  • Consensus: Proof of Work, Block DAG
  • Hashing Algorithm: kHeavyHash
  • Ticker: KAS
  • Block time: 1 second
  • Launch Date: November 7, 2021 (no pre-mine, no pre-sale, no allocated coins)

Best hardware / GPU for mining Kaspa?

Kaspa Proof of Work mining is based on KHeavyHash algorithm which is a slightly modified version of HeavyHash. KHeavyHash is core dominant but energy efficient. It can be successfully mined using GPUs. It is resistant towards ASICs and other special purpose mining devices.

How about CPU mining? Can Kaspa be mined using CPU? No, CPU mining is possible, its done the same way as GPU mining but mining Kaspa using CPU is no longer profitable.

If you are into CPU mining then better stick to mining CPU coins such as Monero. You can mine Monero and buy Kaspa or whatever coins you’re interested in.

In case if you are curious and still wanted to try CPU mining then download tmrlvi Kaspa miner ( Use it with the -t N parameter at the end of the command line to activate CPU mining. N is the number of CPU cores / threads you wish to mine with. Set it equal to the number of CPU cores. You can estimate 1 to 7 Mh/s per CPU core depending on your CPU. Refer to CPU hashrate tables here:

What is the best GPU For mining Kaspa?

Kaspa algo KHeavyHash is core intensive than memory. So you don’t need GPUs with huge memory. But you still need the latest gen Graphic cards to efficiently mine Kaspa.

Following are some of the best performing and efficient cards at mining Kaspa algorithm. Note: Since the algo is core heavy + core and -memory clock for better performance and efficiency.

RTX 3090 cloaking 900+ Mh/s  even more than 1 Gh/s followed by RTX 3080 @ 850 Mh/s and GTX 2080 TI @ 700 + Mh/s. Followed by that you have RTX 3070 Ti, RX 6900 XT, RTX 3070 and RTX 3060 Ti with all hashing 500 to 600 Mh /s. RX 6900 XT, RX 6600, RTX 3070, RTX 3070 Ti are also some of the efficient ones.

For dual mining you can use the following cards: NVIDIA 3000-series such as RTX 3090, RTX 3080 Ti, RTX 3070 Ti, RTX 3060Ti etc. GTX 1600-series. AMD 6000-series such as RX 6600 XT, RX 6700 XT and RX 6800. RX 580 8 GB cards.

For single mining Kaspa you can use the following cards: NVIDIA 3000-series such as RTX 3090, RTX 3080 Ti, RTX 3070 Ti, RTX 3060Ti etc. RTX 2000-series such as RTX 2080 Ti, RTX 2070 and RTX 2060. GTX 10xx-series such as 1080 Ti, 1070 Ti, 1070 and 1060. AMD 6000-series such as RX 6900 XT, 6800 XT, 6600 XT, RX 6700 XT and RX 6800. RX 590, 580 and 570 cards.

Refer to to know the hashrate and performance of these cards in single and dual mining mode.

Things you need to mine Kaspa?

There are two ways to get KAS tokens. 1. By mining – You can setup a mining node or participate in Kaspa token by mining on a pool. In return you earn KAS tokens as rewards. Or 2. You can acquire Kaspa tokens from exchanges. Whether you wish to mine it or buy it do your own research first.

The following is a GPU mining guide and here let’s see what you need to start GPU mining Kaspa. First we hope you have any of the above GPUs to mine Kaspa. Once you have the necessary hardware whether you wish to mine Kaspa alone or looking to dual mine you need to get a Kaspa wallet.

Kaspa wallet

You need a KAS address and Kaspa wallet to receive mining rewards and to hold your KAS. Currently there are 3 different types of wallet available: Kaspa web wallet, Desktop wallet and Kaspa Command Line Wallet. If you wish to solo mine then you’ll need the full node client which we’ll cover later.

Wallets: PC (desktop) | WEB Wallets | Command line (CLI)

You can also use the desktop Wallet – KDX Kaspa full-node software client to use and operate Kaspa Wallet in a desktop environment. Anyways for pool mining you just need a Kaspa address and for this web wallet is enough. It makes it easy for you to send and receive payments. Also it is both user-friendly and secure.

Go to and click create new wallet. Next setup a password and copy the 12 word secret recovery phrase. Remember to save your secret seed phrase in a safe place. You’ll need this in future to recover your wallet. Click next and on the following screens you’ll be asked to verify the recovery phrase. Verify the right words and click done.

kaspa wallet address

That’s it! You’re done setting up the Kaspa wallet. Copy the Kaspa address which you’ll be using to receive mining payouts and to hold your KAS. Note that Kaspa address contains the word “kaspa”. When sending or receiving payments or even when using it in the miner setup you need to include the kaspa: prefix.

Example of a Kaspa Address:


Other than using the Kaspa wallet you can also use the Kaspa exchange deposit address for mining. But, wait? Can I use the exchange wallet address for mining Kaspa? It differs from exchange to exchange.

KASPA Exchanges

Kaspa is available for trade at the following centralized and decentralized exchanges where KAS is paired with USDT. | | | |

You can use the exchange wallet address (kaspa) to receive mining payouts. But we suggest you to do your own research before mining to an exchange address. Don’t use your txbit wallet address for mining. They do not support mining payouts.

Once you got the Kaspa address for mining the next step is to find a mining pool that supports Kaspa mining

Kaspa mining pools

Kaspa can be mined solo or mined on a mining pool. There are a few mining pools that supports Kaspa mining.

Here are the pool options for Kaspa mining:

  • Acc-Pool (PPLNS + SOLO) –
  • WoolyPooly (PPLNS + SOLO) –
  • (PPLNS) –
  • (PPLNS) –

For a full list of all working mining pools check out:

You can use kaspapool, woolypooly or accpoo for Kaspa mining. In addition to Kaspa if you wish to dual mine another coin such as ETC then you’ll need to choose a pool for Ethereum Classic as well. You need to prepare a pool and wallet for the other coin to dual mine it together with Kaspa.

Next you need a miner

Kaspa mining software – kHeavyHash Miners

These are the list of miners that allows you to mine KAS. Supports both Solo and Dual mining.

Visit: for additional KASPA Resources – You’ll find link to useful websites, tools, and resources to get started with KASPA.

Some prefer BzMiner for NVIDIA and use SRBMiner for AMD. lolMiner works well too. If you don’t want to pay the miner fee and are cautious with closed source miners then you can use the open source Kaspa miner.

Note: While downloading the miner your browser might block the file. Also your anti virus program will flag the miner as virus. Its false positive so just add exclusion and proceed with the download.

Once downloaded all you have to do is unpack the miner, right click and edit the miner.bat file. Add your Kaspa wallet address, configure pool and start mining.

How to mine Kaspa (KAS)?

Here in this mining guide we are only going to cover pool mining Kaspa and Dual mining ETC and Kaspa on Windows & Hive OS. For this we’ll be using lolMiner and BzMiner. Even though Kaspa can be solo mined we’ll not cover here as it involves more steps.

Anyways if you are curious here is how solo mining Kaspa works.

KASPA solo mining tutorial

In general to solo mine you need to deploy a virtual server. You can buy one from Vultr or Digital Ocean and then, fire up a Kaspa node. To run a Kaspa node you’re going to need a lot of bandwidth and disk space requirements. The node should stay online 24×7. It should take quite some time for the blockchain to sync. Once the node is fully synced, create wallet, setup miner and start mining.

To run a full node and to start mining solo you don’t need a virtual server. You can also do this from your own mining PC. But do note that the node should be stable, up and running. If it shuts then your miner stops mining until the node is up again. So take that into consideration before setting up a full node on your PC and start solo mining.

Solo Mining: Start by running the full node. Download Kaspa:

Unpack Kaspad and you’ll find kaspad.exe, kaspaminer.exe and kaspawallet.exe. Now you need to create separate batch files. 1 to Run a node. 2. to Create a wallet. 3. to Run wallet daemon. 4. To check wallet balance and 5 to Run miner.

Run a Node: (file name: start-node.bat)

Right click new text document, input the following command and save it as start-node.bat

kaspad /utxoindex
goto start

Now run start-node.bat to start blockchain synchronization.

Note: At the time of writing this article the database size is more than ~12GB. The default data directory is C:\Users\admin\AppData\Local\Kaspad. If running out of storage space then you can move the node location to another directory.

Once the node is synced and running and is up you’re good. The next thing you need is a wallet.

Create a wallet: (file name: create-wallet.bat)

Within the folder create create-wallet.bat and input the following command.

kaspawallet create 

Run create-wallet.bat and follow the instructions to create a Kaspa wallet.

Run wallet daemon (file name: start-daemon.bat)

kaspawallet start-daemon

Check balance (with daemon running)

kaspawallet balance

Next you need the mining software. You an download and run tmrlvi gpu miner or use the kaspaminer.exe file.

If NVIDIA create mine-kaspa-nvidia.bat file within the Kaspad folder and input the following command:

kaspaminer.exe -s -a kaspa:address --workload [number]
goto start

If AMD create mine-kaspa-amd and input the following command:

kaspaminer.exe -s -a kaspa:address --opencl-enable --opencl-workload [number]
goto start

* The workload parameter is optional

If you are mining on the same PC that the full node is running on then, use the ip address or use ipconfig command on the system where the node is running and use that IP address in your miner.

You can also download and use BzMiner. To solo mine using BzMiner you have to replace the pool URL with the IP address of your node and port number to 16110.

Command line example:

bzminer -a kaspa -w kaspa:xxaddressxx -p solo+tcp://

Other than using your own node you can also use a public node for solo mining such as a mining pool. Pools like WoolyPooly ( and Acc-Pool ( supports both solo and pool mining. But there are things like pool fees, latency issues which you need to consider.

Even with a single GPU it is possible to solo mine Kaspa. Because of the way protocol is designed you’ll be hitting blocks even if you have low hashrate. Good luck solo mining.

Let’s now look at pool mining and dual mining ETC + Kaspa.

Kaspa mining guide

Here in this guide we’ll be using lolMiner and Bzminer and will be mining on Woolypooly mining pool.

Download the latest version or

Both supports dual mining (NVIDIA and AMD) and they are available for Windows and Linux.

Download and unpack the Kaspa miner. Within the folder you’ll find reference script. (kaspa.bat for windows and for linux). Even for dual mining you’ll find the sample configuration: dual_mine_eth_kaspa.bat. These reference script contains a template for mining Kaspa. All you have to do is right click and edit the .bat file, add your wallet address and configure pool address.

Below are the steps to mine KAS and dual mine ETC + KAS. We’ll avoid ETH + KAS Dual Mining as ETH mining is over.

Mining KAS with BzMiner:

Within BzMiner folder right-click and edit Kaspa.bat file. You’ll find the following configuration:

@echo off
cd /d %~dp0
:: replace kaspa:0000 with your wallet address
:: NOTE: address needs to start with "kaspa:"
:: mine to wooly-pool
bzminer -a kaspa -w kaspa:0000 -p stratum+tcp://
:: mine to node
::bzminer -a kaspa -w kaspa:0000 -p solo+tcp://

Use the one below mine to wooly-pool. In line bzminer -a kaspa -w 000000 -p stratum+tcp://yourpool Replace kaspa:0000 with your Kaspa mining wallet address and replace yourpool with the pool address and the port you wish to mine to.


bzminer -a kaspa -w kaspa:qzhfnqfz5xtx2sgdf52aahaw6nkmda8p84rknut25lt82pnd9y82ke0em7s5j -p stratum+tcp://

Use WoolyPooly server URL and port if you want to mine SOLO.

Save file and start kaspa.bat to start mining Kaspa.

mine kas

BzMiner Linux

Download and unpack BzMiner for Linux. Edit the, add your wallet address on line 7 (replacing kaspa:0000). Then run (./ to start mining Kaspa.


In BzMiner there is also a file called config.txt. Open it and you’ll find a section called pool_configs. You can set the algorithm to Kaspa, wallet to your Kaspa address and URL to the pool you want to mine to.


"pool_configs": [{
"algorithm": "kaspa",
"wallet": "kaspa:qzhfnqfz5xtx2sgdf52aahaw6nkmda8p84rknut25lt82pnd9y82ke0em7s5j", // replace 0000 with your own wallet addresses
"url": ["stratum+tcp://"], // replace with the pool you wish to mine to. Add multiple pools for failsafe when a pool fails
"username": "worker_name",
"lhr_only": false

"pool": [0], // pool config you wish to use by default when device_overrides does not specify
"rig_name": "rig",
"log_file": "",
"nvidia_only": false,
"amd_only": false,
"auto_detect_lhr": true,
"lock_config": false,
"advanced_config": false,
"advanced_display_config": false,
"device_overrides": []

But this is not needed when using the .bat file. The settings that you are using in your batch file will be automatically saved to config.txt.

How to start dual mining? Dual Mining ETC + KAS

Note: When dual mining ETH or ETC + kaspa you need a wallet and pool for both Kaspa and the other coin. For Kaspa wallet use the Kaspa web wallet. For ETH or ETC address you can use either trust wallet or metamask and pool as Ethermine. Ethermine supports both ETH and ETC.

Dual mining with lolMiner:

Unzip lolMiner and you’ll find a file called dual_mine_eth_kaspa.bat. We are not going to edit that. Instead create a new text document and save it as dual_mine_etc_kaspa.bat. Enter the following dual mining command and save it.

lolMiner example for dual mining Ethereum (ETH) and Kaspa on Ethermine and Woolypooly.

ETH + Kaspa:

lolMiner --algo ETHASH --pool --user 0x155da78b788ab54bea1340c10a5422a8ae88142f --worker lolMinerWorker --dualmode KASPADUAL --dualpool --dualuser kaspa:qzhfnqfz5xtx2sgdf52aahaw6nkmda8p84rknut25lt82pnd9y82ke0em7s5j --dualworker lolMinerWorker --apiport 8020 --watchdog exit

lolMiner example for dual mining Ethereum Classic (ETC) and Kaspa on Ethermine and Woolypooly.

ETC + Kaspa

lolMiner --algo ETCHASH --pool --user 0x155da78b788ab54bea1340c10a5422a8ae88142f --worker lolMinerWorker --dualmode KASPADUAL --dualpool --dualuser kaspa:qzhfnqfz5xtx2sgdf52aahaw6nkmda8p84rknut25lt82pnd9y82ke0em7s5j --dualworker lolMinerWorker --apiport 8020 --watchdog exit

In the above config remember to replace the ETH / ETC and KASPA address with your ETH / ETC and Kaspa address.

Save it and double click dual_mine_etc_kaspa.bat to start the miner.

kaspa mining

kas dual mining

BzMiner dual mining settings:

In BzMiner you’ll find dual_etc_kaspa.bat and dual_eth_kaspa.bat. Right click edit the file and you’ll find the following line:

:: etc + kaspa (pool)
bzminer -a etchash -w 000000 -p stratum+tcp:// --a2 kaspa --w2 kaspa:000000 --p2 stratum+tcp://

Ethereum Classic + Kaspa Dual Mining Bzminer .bat file example:

bzminer -a etchash -w ETC_WALLET_ADDRESS.WORKER_NAME -p stratum+tcp:// --a2 kaspa --w2 KAS_WALLET_ADDRESS.WORKER_NAME --p2 stratum+tcp://

In the above configuration replace ETC_WALLET_ADDRESS with your ETC address and KAS_WALLET_ADDRESS with your Kaspa address.

That’s it! Double click the batch file to start mining.

Similar to ETH / ETC + Kaspa you can also dual mine ERG and KASPA. Choose the right miner and the procedure is same.

Note: Kaspa mining is core intensive and that increases Watts too. For better hashrate it is recommended that you tune core and memory clock (high core and low memory clock) and lower power use. Even with low power settings dual mining consumes more power usage than single mining. Overclocking is all a balancing game. Play with it. Overclock until your GPUs can tolerate. Once you find a stable setting stick to it.

The development team posted Kaspa hashrates for almost all video cards here:

Hive OS

Go to Hive OS site and update your Hive OS rig to latest version. Then create a wallet for Kaspa (KAS). Set Coin to KAS.

kas wallet hiveos

Once the wallet is created you need to create a new flight sheet. Or you can edit one of your existing flight sheet.

Copy your normal ETH or ETC flight sheet and choose lolMiner as the miner.

Hive OS lolminer configuration for dual mining: Add this dual mining command at extra config arguments

--dualmode KASPADUAL --dualpool KASPA_POOL --dualuser YOUR_KASPA_WALLET

For example:

--dualmode KASPADUAL --dualpool --dualuser kaspa:qzhfnqfz5xtx2sgdf52aahaw6nkmda8p84rknut25lt82pnd9y82ke0em7s5j

Save the flightsheet and run it.

Similarly if you using Rave OS add the same command line in the additional command line arguments.

rave os dual mine

You can also create a flight sheet with custom miner. Create a Kaspa wallet and then create a flight sheet with your wallet and custom miner. Use the miners repository URL ( as installation URL. Then on the miner configuration add the following parameters.

Hash Algorithm : Heavyhash

Wallet : %WAL%

Pool URL: Pool url you want to mine to (eg. stratum+tcp://

kaspa custom flightsheet

Click Apply Changes, then deploy to the rigs you wish to mine Kaspa on.

Mining statistics

Once you start mining check your statistics by visiting the mining pool Enter your wallet address and the pool will display the full mining report.

Once you get to know your hardware hashrate you can calculate Kaspa mining rate and mining profitability. Use the following KAS mining calculator to estimate earnings, and profits for mining KAS.

Use the below reported kHeavyHash hasrhate to Compare your GPUs performance on Kaspa (KAS) mining:


  • P106-90 – 120 MH/s
  • P106-100 – 190 MH/s
  • P104-100 – 340 MH/s
  • P102-100 – 440 MH/s

GTX 10XX series:

  • 1050ti – 120 MH/s
  • 1060 6GB – 190 MH/s
  • 1650S – 200 MH/s
  • 1650ti – 210 MH/s
  • 1660 – 230 MH/s
  • 1660ti – 250 MH/s
  • 1070 – 300 MH/s
  • 1070ti – 340 MH/s
  • 1080 – 380 MH/s
  • 1080ti – 500 MH/s

RTX 20XX 30XX series:

  • 2060 – 300 MH/s
  • 2070 – 400 MH/s
  • 2080 – 500 MH/s
  • 2080S – 540 MH/s
  • 2080ti – 750 MH/s
  • 3060 – 400 MH/s
  • 3060ti – 500 MH/s
  • 3070 – 500 MH/s
  • 3070ti – 600 MH/s
  • 3080 – 800 MH/s
  • 3080 LHR – 800 MH/s
  • 3080ti – 850 MH/s
  • 3090 – 1000 MH/s

AMD RX series

  • 570 4GB – 150 MH/s
  • 570 8GB – 150 MH/s
  • 580 4GB – 170 MH/s
  • 580 8GB – 170 MH/s
  • 590 8GB – 190 MH/s
  • 6500 – 240 MH/s
  • 6600 – 400 MH/s
  • 6700 – 500 MH/s
  • 6800 – 850 MH/s
  • 6900 – 1040 MH/s

That’s All!

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