Z-Enemy v1.08 – New NVIDIA miner for X16R, X16S, PHI1612 and Bitcore

The famous NVIDIA Ravencoin Miner (X16R); Enemy Miner has now added support to x16s (Pigeoncoin), PHI1612 (Luxcoin) and Bitcore. Yes, Enemy miner has just released a new version zealot/enemy-1.08 which has some added improvements and bug fixes. Also according to the developer it is optimized, more stable and performs faster than the previous Enemy 1.05a miner.

Z-Enemy 1.08 – Cuda Miner for X16R, X16S, Bitcore and PHI1612

Zealot / Enemy 1.08 is a CUDA accelerated standalone (not a fork of ccminer) miner that is designed to improve stability and performance on the following algorithms. X16R (Ravencoin), X16S (Pigeoncoin), PHI1612 (Luxcoin) and BTX (Bitcore). This new release v1.08 is reported to be more stable even when it is overclocked and at higher power limit settings. Also it has Kernels speed improvements for GTX 1080 Ti so if you own 1080 TI then you should be seeing 10% improvement in overall performance.

z-enemy 1.08

It is a closed source miner which has 1% build in developer fee. Note again: This is a closes source miner so be cautions before using it. We advise you to never install closed source miners in computer where you have wallets and other confidential information. If you are not okay with it being closed source or 1% dev fee then there is variety of open source Ravencoin miners available for you. Feel free to try them all.

Z-ENEMY VER 1.08 info and features:

  • This miner is only for Windows – Cuda 9.0 | Miner available for Linux now (See below)
  • Z Enemy – zealot/enemy-1.08 From: Dk & Enemy
  • Kernels speed improvements for NVIDIA GTX 1080 Ti – Gives +10% improved performance
  • Added x16s (Pigeoncoin) which is 10-20% faster, added Bitcore (BTX) and fastest Phi1612 (LUX) mining.
  • Minor bug fixes from previous versions.

To get the maximum performance out of this new miner do follow the recommended guidelines.

Recommended Settings:

1) Update to latest NVIDIA drivers for better stability and speed:

Make sure it is Version  390++

2) Set Power Limit (TDP) to 80% or more depending on your PSU.

3) Set core clock to +0, +50 or more. We’ve set 150+ and it runs stable without any hiccups or crashes.

4) Set Memory Overclock anywhere between +0 to +500. Our 1080 TI rig and 1070 rig are set at 550+. But be careful when you are overclocking.

5) Recommended miner intensity is 20. You can also set 21, but 16 GB RAM or/and good SWAP file on SSD is needed.

6) Yiimp pools rec manual difficulty, like: ( -p d=16 ) – for small farms or (-p d=48 ) – for good farms like 6-8 x 1080ti

Over clock at your own risk! Try to gradually increase core, memory and power limit.

For best performance Power Limit 90% or higher is recommended, Core up to 100+, Memory clock up to 200++ ( Works best on Ti Cards). Try to play around with different settings to see how it works out.

Download Z-Enemy 1.08:!5WACFRTT!tV1vUsFdBIDqCzBrcMoXVR2G9YHD6xqct5QB2nBiuzM



CUDA 8.0:

CUDA 9.0:

CUDA 9.1:

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