zealot/enemy-1.05a – Another closed source NVIDIA miner for RVN and PGN

We’re yet to post Ravencoin mining guide for beginners, however till now we’ve published around 3 posts and that’s regarding X16R Miners (Ravencoin). Links below.

Enemy 1.04, Z-Enemy 1.05, Suprminer 1.5, 1.6, Nevermore V 0.2.2, Ravencoin Miner v2.4, Silent Miner, A1_min3r

Enemy 1.03 fork for Raven

Among those miners we prefer Suprminer 1.6 which seems to be faster and stable than any other miners out there. Also unlike enemy; Suprminer is open source. Even if the new enemy miner seem to be faster we’re going to stick towards Suprminer and the only reason is it being open source.

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Z-Enemy miner v1.05a | zealot/enemy-1.05a

Every few days a new optimized miner is getting released for X16R (Ravencoin). If you want to know the latest optimized x16r miner then follow the community. Look for pool miners list and get into Ravencoin Discord channel to see what’s new. It looks like next to enemy-1.03, z-enemy-1.05a is the most used miner for x16r. Majority of miners at are seem to be using z-enemy 1.05a – Another closed source NVIDIA miner for Ravencoin and Pigeoncoin.

z-enemy 1.05a miner

zealot/enemy-1.05a is a recently released closes source miner that mines x16r (Ravencoin) and x16s (Pigeoncoin) algorithms. Users say that this new z-enemy-1.05a miner seem to improve stability and performance on both x16r and x16s algorithms. It is available for Windows and Linux OS. Also unlike other open source miners this one is not a fork of ccminer. It’s a standalone miner for x16r and x16s which has 1% build in developer fee. If you’d like to give this miner a try then below are the download links.

Note: This is a NVIDIA miner based on CUDA and it won’t work with AMD OpenCL hardware.

Enemy 1-03a fixed bug shavite skip block – Native, +x16s, no improvements:!JShRjKaS!RE5VNcg9Er-Z4avIfxYricBCOJRCH3VyRkRpMKVGOQE

Cuda 8.0 Linux (z-enemy-1.05a) Fix pool + minimum improvements:!QaY1ySaK!UgsdifWeT2Wd9evHDv-I6fNEuWluWhYtq4y-16f8hIs

Cuda 9.1 Linux (z-enemy-1.05a) Fix pool switch + minimum improvements:!Aax1VaSC!5RNcoY3_5vZ0jhNAInko6uFsBKOq4emVKb_WKmibaaM

Cuda 8.0 Windows x32 (enemy-1.04a) Fix pools switching + support 11+ card + x16s support (Pigeoncoin):!BOgFQDDB!PgSEgpwKVqw8fdZtiUKZDjREcsYVmwMxPjjGrZggaT0

Cuda 9.1 Windows x32( z-enemy-1.05a) Fix pool switch:!ZTw30ZBb!4CCdGOlyUduGjb9Xn9eCFVtrCaIPB4Ck-jJII0HR6W0

Ravencoin (X16R) mining software comparison

A Ravencoin community member has already done and been doing some fair head to head miner comparisons. Below are few links which shows the comparison test results between different x16r  miners. They seem to be sharing more miner comparison at Raven Forum. If you want to be updated with new and optimized X16R miners then do check out the forum often for more news and trends.

Enemy 1.03 Vs. Suprminer 1.6 Vs. Enemy 1.05 – Test Results

Suprminer 1.6 | -i 19 Vs -i 20 Vs -i 21 – Test Results

Suprminer 1.6 Vs. Ravencoin Miner v2.5 Vs. PoolParty 1.3 – Test Results


Here is a video tutorial by another community member about upgrading Enemy 1.03 to Z-Enemy 1.05a on HIVEOS. If you are using HIVEOS then it should be helpful for you.

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