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Trezarcoin (TZC) – Wallet setup and how to mine Trezarcoin | PoW / PoS

We all know that the entire crypto currency market is down; which may rise sooner or later. This is how crypto’s have been for years and there’s still a long way to go. According to what to mine mining any crypto currency currently is not so profitable compared to what it used to be a few months before. However as they say “buy the dip” you can either buy when the market is down or you can still mine some coins and hold it. Our intention is to cover topic everyday that’s related to Bitcoin, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. In near future we hope that you can find guides here for almost any crypto currencies. Here this post is all about Trezarcoin. We’ll see what is Trezarcoin? How to setup Trezarcoin wallet and how to mine Trezarcoin using your NVIDIA and AMD GPU

Trezarcoin – TZC

Trezarcoin is a secure crypto currency with an advanced hybrid (POW) proof of work and (POS) proof of stake. To enforce the strongest level of security Trezarcoin has implemented multi-algo feature. It’s a NeoScrypt coin (PoW) which is ASIC resistant that uses Sha256d for proof of stake and BLAKE2s for Block hashing.

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Trezarcoin is not a newly launched Alt coin. It was announced on Sep 2017.  Trezarcoin is priced at 440 satoshi which is roughly $0.03. Its current market cap is $3,449,653 USD with a circulating supply of 95,562,500 TZC. Before getting in to wallet setup and mining guide we’ll see Trezarcoin features and technical specifications.

Trezarcoin Technical Specifications:

Max Supply: 400,000,000 TZC ( Learn more about Coin Supply).

Block Time: 1 Minute combined block target (3 minutes for PoS and 1.5 minutes for PoW).

Block Rewards: 100 TZC (67% PoW and 33% PoS).

Coin Type: Advanced hybrid proof of work and proof of stake.

Block retarget: Retargets every block using Orbitcoin Super Shield.

Proof of stake maturity: Minimum coin age should be 1 day to maximum 16 days.

Alright let’s see how to setup Trezarcoin wallet and start staking. Following that we will also see how to mine Trezarcoin using your CPU and GPU (NVIDIA and AMD)

Trezarcoin Wallet Setup

Trezarcoin core wallet is available for Windows, Mac as well as Linux and the download link can be found on their website. Download the wallet and follow this guide to complete your wallet setup where we’ve explained everything about QT wallet. Once you complete the setup your wallet should be ready to send, receive and stake coins.

Trezarcoin wallet

The wallet interface is easy to understand which consist all the features that Bitcoin core wallet has + with an additional feature called staking.

Before getting into staking; anyone who is looking to setup wallet in Linux (Ubuntu, VPS) we suggest you to go through this official guide.

Staking Trezarcoin Wallet

Trezarcoin is a Hybrid currency that has both Proof of work and proof of stake algorithm. With both combined it helps the network run stronger and secure. You can help the network either by mining or staking. When you use your GPU or CPU power to verify transaction then its mining. When you let your wallet open to support the network you are staking. Either way for supporting the network you’ll be rewarded with some Trezar coins.

TZC staking

To stake Trezarcoin all you have to do is keep the wallet open 24 x 7. Your wallet starts staking as soon as the coins in your wallet become mature which usually takes a day. At the bottom right corner of your wallet you’ll see an icon next to network that turns from grey to orange which means your wallet is staking.

Trezarcoin wallet staking report

Unlike mining to stake and earn some reward you’ll need patience as its totally based on luck and network difficulty. More the coins with more the time they are in your wallet your input weigh will increase and you have high chance of finding a block. Once you found the block the age of coins in your wallet will get reset to 0 and it can start staking only when it matures again which is 24 hours. To start staking you’ll need a huge amount of coins which can either be obtained from exchange or by mining.

Trezarcoin Exchange List

You can buy Trezarcoin from the following exchanges using your BTC. These exchanges are reliable and well known for Altcoin trading.

  2. Nova Exchange
  4. Coin Markets

Don’t have Bitcoin? You can purchase from Coinbase.

How to Mine Trezarcoin – Mining TZC

Before mining we’d like to inform you that solo mining Trezarcoin is not possible as this coin is nearly a year old and the network difficulty is too high. You can still join a pool and mine Trezarcoin using your CPU and GPU. This coin uses NeoScrypt proof of work algorithm which is ASIC resistant and you can mine using both NVIDIA and AMD GPU.

As usual to get started with mining you’ll need 3 things. A wallet address which we hope you’ve one, A Miner program and a pool to join.

CPU Mining

NeoScrypt is minable using CPU. However we don’t recommend it until unless you have a high end processor with more than 8 cores/16 threads. Still with high end CPU you cannot match the GPU speed so you will always end up paying for your electricity bills mining nothing.

If you still wish to try mining Trezarcoin using your CPU then you can download this NeoScrypt CPU Miner.

Note: Your Antivirus may block the miner, if it does so then add it to exclusions.


There are several mining pools available for Trezarcoin however for this guide we’ll use as an example.

To start mining with your consumer grade GPU you’ll need a miner program first. They are available for both NVIDIA as well as AMD.

NVIDIA:- For NVIDIA GPUs there are 2 CCMiner versions that supports NeoScrypt. However we suggest you to download the CCMiner KlausT Version which seems to hash better than the other.

You can download the miner from here. Once done we’ll need to configure the miner to connect with the pool. To do so first create a new text document in your miner program and paste the following code in it.

ccminer.exe -a neoscrypt -o stratum+tcp:// -u your-wallet-address -p TZC

Make sure to enter your wallet address. Once done click on save as .bat file (for example: trezar-unimine.bat). That’s it! Start the file and start mining Trezar coins. To track your mining progress enter your wallet address here.

mining Trezarcoin

AMD:- For AMD you can download Open CL GPU miner which can be found here.  For AMD the configuration varies slightly. Create a .bat file and paste the below line.

nsgminer –neoscrypt -o stratum+tcp:// -u your-wallet-address -p c=TZC -g 1 -I 16 –gpu-memclock 1500

Trezarcoin Mining Pool List

Alternatively you can mine Trezarcoin from the following pools.

Got any questions regarding mining or staking Trezarcoins? Please leave a comment below, we’ll help you out. See you in next post, until then happy mining and staking!

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