The Ravencoin project (RVN) has released a Whitepaper and Road Map

Recently we made a post explaining the features and benefits of Ravencoin – An open source project and a Peer to Peer electronic system for the creation and transfer of assets. During its launch they released a Whitepaper only onĀ  X16R algorithm. This unique mining algorithm along with the Overstock mention has not only drawn the miners but also the public attention towards Ravencoin. Raven miners and investors had no idea what this project is all about and where its heading until the release of Whitepaper and Road Map which just happened Today.

Yes, as expected on April 3rd 2018 Ravencoin has released a whitepaper and Road Map regarding the project future and how is intended to work. If you are a miner or if you are following this project or if you are new to Ravencoin then go give it a read.

Ravencoin Whitepaper and Road Map

Ravencoin Whitepaper and Roadmap

Link to Ravencoin Road Map:

Link to Ravencoin Whitepaper:

The white paper highlights the benefits of token system and asset digitization. Also it became obvious that they are going to increase the block size from 1 MB to X MB to allow more on-chain transactions. The whitepaper explains about Token system, Rewards, Voting, Messaging, Privacy, Asset Insurance, Transfer and much more. On the other hand Road Map has a bit of technical information along with how and when the asset capabilities will get implemented. Seven months from the release of Raven project that is by August or October 2018 we can expect the release of asset capabilities on Ravencoin Blockchain.

With the release of Whitepaper and Road Map now the project looks more transparent.

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