How to restore Monero wallet from mnemonic seed – Importing paper wallet

Remember, in our Monero wallet backup guide we told you to backup mnemonic seed, private keys and wallet keys file.…

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SRBMiner – AMD GPU miner supporting all CryptoNight Algorithms / Coins

CryptoNight Algorithm is basically designed to resist ASIC and to make CPU and GPU mining equally efficient. Currently there are…

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How to change the Monero blockchain data location – GUI | CLI wallet

While the full node wallet gives you more control to your funds the problem with such wallet is running out…

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KlausT ccminer cryptonight NVIDIA v3.02 – CryptoNight V3, V7, V8

Monero and many other CryptoNote coins have changed their PoW algorithm in order to resist ASICs. During the fork we…

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XMR-AEON-STAK – All in one Cryptonight Miner V7, V3, Lite, Heavy

XMR-STAK is basically an all in one Cryptonight miner that supports CPU, NVIDIA (CUDA 9) and AMD (OpenCL 2.0) GPUs.…

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Crypto Mining

Interplanetary Broadcast Coin – IPBC Coin: Wallet Setup and How to Mine

While there are simply several CryptoNote forked coins there are few which we can add to exception list and one…

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