How to get email alerts/notification for your masternode status & payouts

Once the masternode setup is complete you can check your masternode status to ensure everything is working fine and it will receive payments promptly. But is that it? Masternodes are not something that you set and forget. Since Masternodes are hosted on a Virtual Private Server (VPS) you need to keep monitoring its downtime and ensure your nodes are online 24/7.

There are reliable VPS providers like Digital Ocean and Vultr where they guarantee you 99.99% uptime and strong connection. With such service providers you don’t have to worry about any server issues. But still there are several other scenarios in which your masternode will go offline and it will require you to manually start the node again. If you notice the status and re-start the node at once then it’s well and good. But if you fail to notice it then your masternode will lose out on payment queue. As a result it will greatly affect your ROI and masternode earnings. Hence it is very essential that you monitor your masternode status and keep track of your payouts.

Monitoring status of your masternodes

So how do you monitor the status of masternodes and ensure if it is running currently without any interruptions? Will you keep checking your wallet and entering commands in your VPS server? No, it’s not a good idea. There are websites that provide you free service to monitor your masternodes. You have,, and there are few other websites as well. In addition to monitoring your masternode status these websites also provide you statistics on masternode coins.

Masternode coin statistics

To keep track of your masternode coins all need to do is enter the wallet address and these service will monitor and tells you whether your masternode is active or inactive. But the thing is you won’t come to know the stats until unless you check these monitoring websites. Checking these services often is also not a good idea. Instead how about receiving notifications to your email only when your node status changes or whenever you receive a new payment. Sounds good, right?

Getting masternode alerts – Email & Telegram

For Dash coin you have Dash Central and few other dedicated monitoring services. It will monitor uptime/earnings and if something goes wrong with your Dash masternode then it will alert you via email and it will also send mobile push notifications. But what about other Masternode coins?

There are script that you can use to configure your VPS and local core client which will notify you on any wallet events. However it will take quite some steps to accomplish and is not recommended for beginners. Not to worry; there are free third party services which will handle these tasks. Two websites which we came across recently and are good at monitoring and sending notification are:

NodeCheck and

Both are free proactive masternode monitoring service which will send you alerts on your node status. In addition to monitoring downtimes and status changes these service will also notify you on incoming rewards.

To use these service you must first create a new account. You can create account using your email address and if you’d like to stay anonymous then you can login via authentication token. But you must note that email based alerts won’t beĀ  possible with anonymous account. Once registered simply add the masternode coin to your account and enter your wallet address. You can add any number of masternode coins to your account and the platform has support for all popular masternode cryptocurrencies. After adding check when and how you’d like to be notified. The service will take care of the rest.

Masternode alerts

In addition to email notification you can also enable Telegram and Discord BOT notifications. Okay, so on what instances do they notify you?

  1. Whenever your node status changes from ENABLED to WATCHDOG_EXPIRED or NEW_RESTART_REQUIRED and vice versa. The service will monitor your masternode quite often and the notification will be sent to you if the lastseen status changes.
  2. Whenever your masternode generates a new payout. Along with payout notification it will provide you information on the number of coins your masternode has earned.

Notification like this will not only saves your precious time but it will also save you from losing your payouts. If you’ve invested in masternodes then it is a must that you make use of these services. But do note that do not fully rely on these service alone. If the status is critical then first open and check your hot / cold masternode wallets. Only take action if your wallet returns the same status.

We have a guide on how to check masternode status which you can go through if you may wish.

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