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Shiba Inu, Dogecoin – Things to note before you buy DOGE or SHIB

In the cryptocurrency space, meme coins are enormously popular because of their unique appeal and viral nature. Of all the meme coins, Dogecoin (DOGE) and Shiba Inu (SHIB) are majorly attracting investors despite their origins.

The shibu inu coin price has soared this year, making it one of the most lucrative cryptocurrencies. But which is the better meme coin, between SHIB and DOGE?

Let us find out.

What is Shiba Inu?

Shiba Inu cryptocurrency is a relatively new entrant in the crypto space. It is based on a meme with the same name. There is no central authority or government controlling this cryptocurrency, thus making it a decentralized cryptocurrency. Deflationary in nature, its supply will decrease over time. Shiba Inu, like Dogecoin, allows users to tip content creators and reward them for their efforts. Shiba Inu memes have become increasingly popular over the past few years, and their presence in cryptocurrency has only contributed to their increase. This token can also be used to purchase goods.

Pros and cons of buying Shiba Inu


  • Low market cap – Traders looking for quick gains may find Shiba Inu attractive because of its small market cap.
  • Volatility is high – Traders can make huge profits with the token’s volatility, which allows for quick price movements.
  • Quick Gains Possibilities – The low market cap and high volatility of Shiba Inu allow traders to make quick gains.
  • Decentralized – It is a decentralized asset, so no one controls Shiba Inu except Ethereum.
  • Meme appeal – The meme-like token has gained traction among traders and investors.


  • Risky – Shiba Inu is a highly risky speculative asset and can result in large losses if not traded properly.
  • Highly volatile – If prices move against a trader’s position, the high volatility of the token can also lead to large losses.
  • Insufficient liquidity – Liquidity is a concern for Shiba Inu as it is less widely traded than other tokens.
  • Uncertain future – The token’s long-term prospects remain uncertain due to its relative youth.

What is Dogecoin?

‘Dogecoin’ is a meme coin released in 2013 as a joke currency. It started as a parody of Bitcoin but has since grown in popularity. Dogecoin is a digital currency based on the ‘doge’ meme featuring a Shiba Inu dog. There is no maximum supply for Dogecoin, and its supply grows over time. Despite its joke currency reputation, Dogecoins value has increased significantly in recent years, which makes it a popular trade.

Pros and cons of buying Dogecoin


  • Low fees – You do not have to pay much when using Dogecoin.
  • Transacting quickly – The transaction can be completed quickly and securely.
  • A decentralized system – Dogecoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency that is not controlled by anyone or anything.
  • An enjoyable community – The Dogecoin community is vibrant and supportive, so users often banter with one another.
  • Frequently used – Dogecoin is accepted by most merchants, so you can buy things every day.


  • Slightly volatile – Investors should be cautious about investing in Dogecoin because it is volatile.
  • Low liquidity – The low liquidity of Dogecoin makes it hard to buy and sell quickly.
  • Security issue – Dogecoin has had several security issues, so it is vulnerable to hackers.
  • Future Uncertainty – Dogecoin has no physical backing or government oversight, so its future is uncertain.
  • Use is limited – Online transactions are the main use of Dogecoin, so it has no real-world uses.

Differences between SHIB and DOGE


Dogecoin has always had a higher value since it was created. The more widely adopted it is, the more likely it is to stay that way. It also has unlimited coins, which is handy except for Shiba Inu coins. The limit is one quadrillion, so it is almost unlimited. They move the same way over time since they are meme coins. Thus, playing the game is more important than adaptability.


A Shiba Inu dog is on the meme coin. It is from Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer. Dogecoin and other cryptocurrencies like Litecoin and Lite network share the same protocol. However, Dogecoin did not make $1.00 on TikTok. It is so valuable because of social media marketing and Elon Musk.

Supply limit or cap:

While Shiba Inu has a limit of one quadrillion coins, it does not really matter when it comes to scarcity. Dogecoin comes without any defined maximum limit.

Similarities between SHIB and DOGE

Meme coins

In essence, these were created as jokes. It is not to say they do not have value, because they do. They are both heavily influenced by social media.

Less energy consumption

Shiba Inu consumes less energy than proof of work coins. and Dogecoin uses proof of work mining. Dogecoin is based on Litecoin, a more efficient Bitcoin fork.


Staking is possible in both cases, but Dogecoin is staked through a third party, whereas Shiba Inu is staked as a validator.

Which is a better meme coin – SHIB or DOGE?

SHIB, which was created by the same team behind DOGE, has gained huge value since it was released. DOGE, which has been around since 2013, has a lot more history.

Market analysts say that SHIB has a higher return potential than DOGE because its circulation is low. It is more volatile than DOGE because it is a newer token and its supply is not fixed. DOGE, on the other hand, is more stable, but its returns are lower. So before you invest you should consider the risk-reward ratio.

Due to its deflationary nature, SHIB’s supply will decrease over time, so its price will go up. DOGE, on the other hand, has an unlimited supply, so it is market-driven. The low market cap and high volatility of SHIB could make it a fast-growing cryptocurrency.

However, DOGE has a large market cap and is relatively stable, so it is going to grow slowly. Ultimately, it comes down to an investor’s risk appetite and long-term goals.

A Shiba Inu can be both a physical asset to own as well as value. But there are pros and cons to both Shiba Inu and Dogecoin. So you must conduct thorough research mandatorily before making any investment decisions.

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