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Apps that you should know if you’re into Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin has inspired the development of several mobile apps that make it easier for people to access, transact and store crypto.

Bitcoin’s success has increasingly revolutionized multiple global economic sectors, creating robust business opportunities. Mobile developers are some of the key beneficiaries of the Bitcoin revolution. The meteoric rise in Bitcoin adoption has seen mobile developers create various applications, bringing crypto closer to the general public and facilitating convenient transactions.

Several apps now exist that people can use to manage different Bitcoin transactions on the go. For example, the BitiCodes Official Website is a dedicated mobile platform that allows users to buy, sell, transfer and store Bitcoin using a smartphone. While some applications come at a small fee, you can still find many helpful Bitcoin crypto apps online for free. Here are the best free apps for your Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency investment.

Bitcoin Ticker

The Bitcoin Ticker app helps its users track Bitcoin prices at all times. It has a straightforward user interface that displays the current Bitcoin price in your chosen currency. Users can also customize the app’s refresh rate, making it a very convenient tool for regular crypto traders and beginner investors seeking to buy Bitcoin.


The Coinbase app is a highly recommended tool for managing Bitcoin transactions. The Android app is a virtual wallet that allows you to buy and sell Bitcoin and other digital currencies from your smartphone. It also offers additional features to help its users better manage their Bitcoin.


The Binance app is from one of the world’s leading crypto exchanges that also goes by the same name. The Android app allows users to seamlessly purchase and exchange Bitcoin and other digital coins from their smartphones or tablets. It also has other unique features to help users to manage their funds better.


Spare is one of the best apps for quickly converting your Bitcoin into cash without visiting an ATM or exchange platform. The app allows you to request some money for your Bitcoin. Then, it generates a barcode you present to the cashier at a store to scan and issue cash in the required currency.

Coin Tracking

If you are a seasoned crypto trader looking for a user-friendly trading experience, then, Cointracking is a great app to consider. The app creates pie charts of a user’s portfolio, allowing you to calculate essential metrics such as the realized and unrealized gains. That is essential to determining important aspects of Bitcoin investing, such as the potential profits, losses, and tax implications, without many struggles.


The Blockfolio app helps you to maintain a closer eye on your Bitcoin investments. It will notify you whenever Bitcoin reaches a certain threshold and keep you updated with Bitcoin news and developments from around the globe. This Bitcoin app works with iOS and Android devices. However, it has some manual functionality that may make it relatively inefficient for day traders.

Bitcoin Checker

The Bitcoin Checker is also a free app for tracking Bitcoin prices at different times of the year. It also allows users to observe how Bitcoin prices have evolved over the last few months across over 80 crypto exchanges worldwide. It is an ideal tool for understanding Bitcoin’s volatility and predicting future trends.

Free wallet faucets

Unlike most apps mentioned above, the Free faucet app allows users to earn small amounts of crypto every hour. Users only need to enter their wallet addresses to get started.

Although many other apps exist that you can still get for free, the choice of an ideal app should mainly depend on your investment goals and how you intend to use your crypto. Nevertheless, the above apps will allow you to buy, sell, spend, and store Bitcoin and crypto conveniently.

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