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Top Crypto Games That Let You Earn Real Money

In 2024, the locus of global entertainment is gaming. For those interested in decentralized currency and exploring the latest blockchain-based innovations, there’s never been a better time to be a gamer. That’s because crypto is pushing the frontiers of this industry, paving the way for incredible shifts in the future.

At the moment, the vast majority of crypto games rely on NFTs. These types of tokens have turned out be to pivotally important when it comes to in-game currencies, collectibles, and so much more. From Splinterlands card collections to fuzzy beasts in Axie Infinity, games that rely heavily on NFTs are setting new precedents that even legacy developers like Microsoft and Nintendo are likely to notice and incorporate.

One of the most unique aspects of playing games on the blockchain that handle NFTs is that these can potentially be used to pay out real money. Some of the top games run on the Ethereum blockchain, which makes it easy to exchange in-game NFTs and in-game currencies for real money via a crypto exchange. That’s right—just like real-money games, such as those offered by casinos, some crypto games pay out cold hard (virtual) cash.

Which Crypto Game Pays Out Real Money?

Let’s stick with the casino example for a moment. Casino games are hugely popular worldwide, with sites like offering dozens of bonuses and welcome deals. These offers help attract newcomers to try out a different platform. One of the most important features that players look for is functional payment portals that allow for quick deposits and withdrawals. That’s because, just like a crypto game listed below, players want to turn their winnings into liquid funds.

In crypto games, payments work similarly. NFTs or in-game currency are their own unique cryptos that can be transferred into a separate digital wallet. If the player wants, they can also take their digital holdings to a crypto exchange, then exchange their funds for a more traditional crypto like Ethereum or Bitcoin. If you’re interested in playing crypto games that pay you, then get started with one of the titles listed below. These are the world’s most popular crypto games that offer the potential to earn real money.

The Sandbox

Along with Decentraland, The Sandbox is the most expansive crypto game on the market in 2024. But The Sandbox is considered the best in terms of monetization. Rather than a game, The Sandbox is technically a metaverse. In it, you can participate in a thriving digital economy that allows you to create characters, worlds, and build on virtual plots of land.

But most real money comes from creating and selling NFTs. For example, celebrities like Snoop Dogg and Paris Hilton both have setups in The Sandbox where they sell unique NFT collections and, on certain occasions, even interact with users. Unsurprisingly, these NFT drops can command a large sum of SAND, the game’s in-game currency.


As the title hints, Decentraland is more focused on digital property. The game now has a finite number of plots to distribute. Players who find their digital home are able to create stunning worlds that go as far as their imagination. The majority of in-game funds, called MANA, are used to develop and sell virtual real estate.

Though this metaverse also includes plenty of NFT creation and NFT selling power, it’s the land involved that has caught the attention of crypto buffs. The highest price that a virtual plot in Decentraland has brought in was $2.43 million, which is far higher than it’s most impressive NFT sale.

Axie Infinity

In terms of cold hard earnings, it’s hard for any crypto game to top the potential of metaverses like The Sandbox and Decentraland. Still, that doesn’t mean either title is the end-all in terms of entertainment. Enter the world of Axie Infinity, one of the first crypto games to hit mainstream headlines. The game allows players to raise, breed, and sell tiny creatures called Axies.

Once they’ve got a roster of battle-ready Axies, they can earn by taking on others and winning to build up their MMR. This MMR directly correlates to Axie’s power, influencing how much SLP, the in-game currency, they can trade one for. Unlike the titles listed above, Axie Infinity is also available for Android and iOS, making it much more accessible.


Axie Infinity may be one of the most well-known crypto games on the market, but Splinterlands outperforms every other title in terms of how large and active its player base is. The game is a DCCG meaning digital collectible card game, just like hits like Hearthstone and GWENT. As such, the setup is pretty familiar.

Players build up a deck of cards, known as Splinters, then battle it out against other players. As they take on more opponents in tournaments and build up their deck, they’re able to accrue Dark Energy Crystals (DEC), which are the in-game currency. However, players can also earn DEC by selling NFTs on the in-game marketplace—NFTs, in this case, are simply playing cards.

Up-and-Coming: Revv Racing

Lastly, we wanted to mention an up-and-coming game that will appeal to traditional gamers who like simulations especially racing. In this game, players can earn by either taking on others in player-versus-player races or by selling their race cars, which function as NFTs. Though the game still needs a bit of attention before it’s in the big leagues, its straightforward setup hints that it won’t take long to take off, especially considering the game is compatible with Windows or Mac devices.

In case none of the titles on this list pique your interest, here are five more of the best crypto games on the market that let you earn real money.

  1. Illuvium
  2. Gods Unchained
  3. My Neighbor Alice
  4. Alien Worlds
  5. Valhalla

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