How to add Fantom Network to Metamask – Fantom Opera (FTM Chain)

The fees on ETH are insane. Due to high transaction fees and slow confirmation times a large number of DeFi…

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Nano wallet beginners guide – How to safely store and use Nano coin

Are you currently fed up using Bitcoin? You are not alone. Well, crypto bull run have started and Bitcoin is…

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Knowledge Base

Mineable vs Non-Mineable coins in cryptocurrency – All you need to know

What’s so revolutionary about cryptocurrency is that the way money is created and the way the transactions are carried out.…

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Staking vs Masternodes: Difference between Masternodes & Proof of Stake

Masternodes and Staking: In cryptocurrency they both are a system that is known to provide passive income. But is that…

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Coin Lists

Blake2b Algorithm – List of Blake (2b) coins, miners and its hashrate

Back then GPU miners used to Dual mine Ethereum (Ethash) and Siacoin (Blake2b) using Claymore miner. It was a better…

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