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Signs That You Have a Bitcoin Addiction

Bitcoin is undoubtedly a captivating cryptocurrency. It has so many novel things, and the technology behind it has a lot of promises. For this reason, most people that learn about Bitcoin or invest in it can quickly develop an addiction to it.

Bitcoin investors are early adopters of this unprecedented technology, leading a peculiar lifestyle. These individuals and enterprises are part of history because they shape the blossoming crypto industry while learning about new things and the seemingly infinite opportunities this technology creates to fuel them.

Unfortunately, the desire to learn about this virtual currency continuously can easily lead to an obsession. And living with this obsession is an uphill task because it forces individuals to deal with regulatory uncertainty, skeptical family and friends, price volatility, and other bumps that come with this new technology. But how do you know that you have a Bitcoin addiction?

How to Know That You Have a Bitcoin Addiction

If you can’t sleep without checking the Bitcoin price on platforms like Bitcoin Prime, yet you’re not purchasing this virtual currency, you’re probably addicted to it. If you keep a tab for this platform open all the time, you might also have an obsession with this digital currency. Maybe you’re unable to concentrate on conversations other than those around blockchain and cryptocurrency. If so, you probably have a cryptocurrency addiction.

Here are more signs of a Bitcoin addiction:

  • You spend a lot of time on Bitcoin trading activities like constantly thinking about the next trade and checking prices. If these activities affect your other occupations like socializing, work, and exercise, you have a Bitcoin addiction.
  • You have financial problems or debts because of the losses you’ve incurred trading Bitcoin. It only means you’re not spending money in trading Bitcoin wisely.
  • You’re always lying to your family and friends about Bitcoin-related problems or activities. And this can include hiding the amount of money or time you spend trading Bitcoin online.
  • You have tried to control your obsession with Bitcoin trading, but you can’t stop.
  • You have unrealistic views like chasing losses, being lucky, and believing it’s your winning turn.
  • You have anxiety about Bitcoin trading that’s causing physical symptoms like tremors and sweating.
  • You feel depressed, hopeless, and have mood swings when thinking about Bitcoin trading.

Unfortunately, knowing the symptoms of Bitcoin trading addiction may not be enough to help you get back on the right track. In most cases, addicts have a hard time acknowledging their problems and accepting to seek assistance.

A person with a Bitcoin trading addiction might be unaware of the activity’s adverse effects, especially if making profits and trading successfully. But a single mistake could lead to significant consequences like losing self-respect and reputation or even bankruptcy. And this can happen at a devastating speed due to the volatility of digital assets.

Seeking Help with Bitcoin Addiction

Therapists note that everybody is prone to Bitcoin addition, even when trading is a leisure activity. The low entry barrier for traders and lenient regulators are some of the factors exacerbating this problem.

Some people start trading Bitcoin as a part-time or leisure activity. Unfortunately, they end up being hooked on this activity because it has an addictive nature. Unlike stock trading, Bitcoin trading is poorly understood and regulated but exciting due to hefty price fluctuations.

If a person close to you or yourself has a Bitcoin addiction, you can seek professional assistance to deal with unhealthy crypto trading. Several behavioral therapists can help with this problem at a rehab clinic. Thus, having a Bitcoin addiction doesn’t mean you can’t get assistance. Instead, talk to a behavioral therapist, and they will help you.

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