How to use Matic Wallet – Guide to connect MetaMask to Polygon network (L2)

To avoid paying high Ethereum Gas Fees; Large number of DeFi users are migrating to EVM compatible blockchains and Layer-2…

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Adding custom tokens on Solana wallet (SOL) – Add SPL and ERC20 tokens

In this tutorial we’ll be showing how to find and add any custom SPL and ERC20 tokens to your Solana…

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Transaction cannot succeed: INSUFFICIENT_OUTPUT_AMOUNT Token swap | Error fix

Trying to swap BNB to your favorite BEP20 token using Pancake Swap but always getting this following error message upon pressing…

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How to setup and use Solana wallet (SOL) – Sollet SPL Token Wallet guide

The following guide explains how to setup and use Solana wallet ( designed specifically for Solana ecosystem. This wallet allows…

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How to add a Token on Uniswap – List any custom ERC20 tokens (DeFi)

This is a simple guide to listing a token on Uniswap. One of the important aspect of a cryptocurrency is:…

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DeFi security risks – Is it safe to connect wallet to DeFi platforms?

This is a quick topic on the security of the DeFi platforms. You all know that DeFi (Decentralized Finance) is…

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