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Use Referral Code: fMRfzN - Get 10% discount off BitMEX fees


Bitmex Referral Code: fMRfzN

Sign up link:

By signing up using the above referral link you'll get 10% fee discount applied to all your trades for the first 6 months. No KYC necessary.

If you've already registered to Bitmex you can still contact the support and apply this referral code to your existing account.

Good luck, happy trading and thank you for supporting this website!

About Bitmex

Bitmex referral code 10%Bitmex is a one stop leverage trading platform that allows you to trade Bitcoin with up to 100x leverage. Launched in 2013 it is one of the biggest and the most secure crypto derivatives platform.

In Bitmex you are not actually buying or selling Bitcoin using fiat money. Instead you'll be trading their products for profit.

The most traded products are XBT / USD perpetual swap, BTC futures, ETH perpetual swap and ETH futures. Other than that you can also long / short Ripple, Litecoin, Cardano, Bitcoin Cash, Tron and EOS futures.

However do note that Bitmex only accepts Bitcoin deposit and all your profits are only paid out in BTC.


  • Offers up to 100x leverage.
  • Low trading fees (Makers earn rebate).
  • No KYC needed.
  • Largest volume among all cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • Futures, swaps, prediction markets.
  • Excellent customer support.
  • Secure withdrawals. Never hacked.

Exchange fees

Bitmex does not charge you any fees on deposits or withdrawals. However when you withdraw you'll be asked to pay the network fees and it depends on the Bitcoin blockchain load. To learn more check this article on Bitcoin mempool.

Trading fees & referral code bonus

Just like most cryptocurrency exchanges Bitmex has a fee structure for both makers and takers. Refer to the image below.

Bitmex fees chart

Basically you'll pay 0.0750% of your total order value if you are a taker and you'll get a rebate of 0.0250% of your order value if you are a maker. Thus the maker fee is in negative -0.0250%. Yes, Bitmex pays you for making orders.

In addition to that you can reduce the fees by using our referral code fMRfzN. Make sure to grab the discount when registering. It is a great way to save on fees, works instantly and doesn't cost you anything. Plus you are helping support this website. It's a win-win!

However kindly note that this discount is valid only for 6 months. Alright, now here is how to use the referral code and get 10% bonus on fees.

How to join Bitmex?

To claim the 10% fee discount just register using the following link.

You'll see the discount applied automatically with the following message.

"Looks like you found a referral code! You will receive a 10% fee discount for the first six months."

Bitmex referral bonus applied

Now input your details and complete the account registration. Once it is complete deposit Bitcoin to your account and start trading. There is no KYC.

Restricted users

Bitmex is safe and is legal in most countries. However if you are from the United States then you may not trade here. Also they've announced that they will be restricting access to Japanese traders.

Use of VPN access violates their TOS so kindly do your due-diligence before trading on Bitmex.

Note: Leverage trading is a popular way to earn maximum profit, but it is not recommended for everyone. One can make huge profit and on the contrary it also leads to massive losses.

If you do not understand how trading on Bitmex works then you are at the risk of losing your entire account holdings. Trade with caution and never over leverage trades.

If trading is not working out you then try earning up to 20% commission by sharing your Bitmex referral link.

Learn more: Bitmex referral program explained

Check our deals page for more discount and offers.

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