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Trying to edit config file of my masternode but I'm getting this error: "No such file or directory"

Hi, I setup Absolute masternode and it was running fine until recently when it stopped syncing. To solve sync issues I was told to enter node list in absolute.conf file of my masternode. I logged on to VPS and enter this command nano absolute.conf. But for some reason I keep getting this error message: "No such file or directory". Please help!!


Are you sure you are on the right directory? You'll mostly get this error message: "No such file or directory" when you are running command from incorrect directory where there is no such file actually? Use ls -al to list all files and directories then navigate to the wallet folder that is "absolute" using cd command; cd .absoultecore and then enter the command you desire. Let me know if that works.

Also do check this list of commands which should help you further in operating your masternodes.

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Yolo Lodo

Thank you. I figured it out.

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