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How do I use BNB as fees on binance futures?

Hey, all. I recently started using Binance futures and I've noticed that fees are extremely high. Unlike BitMEX and Bybit there are no rebates for maker fee. In this post I read that you can save fees by using BNB as fees on futures platform.

I've activated "using BNB to pay for fees" feature on spot exchange. Does the same apply to futures as well. I don't see fees are getting deducted from my BNB coins. It still uses my USDT balance.

How do I use BNB to minimize trade fees?

Extremely high fees? Probably you are in a long position and paying funding fees every 8 hours.

No, not the funding fee on perpetual swaps. I'm aware of that. I'm referring to trade fee that you pay whenever you get in and get out of the trade. Compared to other exchanges Binance futures seems high.

May be I'm used to maker rebates on bitmex.

I figured it out. You simply have to transfer BNB from spot and hold it on futures exchange. Fees will get automatically paid out from BNB holdings.

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