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Where do I store Basic Attention Tokens (BAT)?

Hi, I just bought some BAT tokens from Binance and currently holding them all in my Binance wallet. I'm looking to move it out of the exchange but couldn't find much options. Please suggest a wallet where I can safely store my BAT's?

Thank you.

BAT (Basic Attention Token) is an ERC20 Token based on Ethereum blockchain. So basically you can store BAT on any Ethereum wallet that supports ERC20 Tokens. All you have to do is send BAT to your ETH receiving address. But make sure the wallet supports ERC20 Tokens first. You can use MEW (My Ether Wallet). You can store it in Uphold wallet and also you can use Brave browser wallet which is also managed by Uphold. There are also few web and mobile wallets like Exodus, Jaxx and Coinomi but if you are looking for a more secure option then hardware wallet like Ledger Nano S is your best bet.

If not Hardware wallet then the secondary best option would be My Ether Wallet. It provides full ownership of your private keys.

I'm currently storing my BAT tokens on Trust wallet. It is both secure and convenient.

Use Ledger Nano - It is hands down the best place to store BAT and other ERC20 tokens.

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