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What is the total and max supply of Siacoin (SC)?

Again all I find in coin market cap is the circulating supply which is 40,545,933,080 SC. What is the total or max supply of Siacoin? Is it not capped?

Yes, there is no max supply. The total supply is unlimited and there is no cap on the number of Siacoins created. However there is a mechanic called Proof of Burn which will slowly eliminate coins from the circulating supply.

The block reward is fixed to 30,000 SC/ block and is predicted that by July 2020, there will be about 44.55 billion Siacoins available in the market. By March 2021 it will be about 45.6 Billion SC and by March 2026, about 53.6 Billion Siacoins will be created.

You can check the predicted coin supply, inflation rate and the information on coin burn here in this page:

Also check the following links that explains Siacoin's growth, supply and inflation:

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