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What is the maximum coin supply for Dogecoin?

It will be usually specified in the Coin Market Cap website. But I don't seem to find this information for Dogecoin. Only circulating supply is specified as 119,072,141,814 DOGE. Is it unlimited supply?

Yes, the max supply is unlimited. It is not capped like Bitcoin or other coins. Every year 5 billion new Doge coins are added to the circulation.

Dogecoin is infinite.

Many coins, much rewards.

Block 1 to 99,000: 0 - 1,000,000 Dogecoin Reward
Block 100,000 to 144,999: 0 - 500,000 Dogecoin Reward
Block 145,000 to 199,999: 250,000 Dogecoin Reward
Block 200,000 to 299,999: 125,000 Dogecoin Reward
Block 300,000 to 399,999: 62,500 Dogecoin Reward
Block 400,000 to 499,999: 31,250 Dogecoin Reward
Block 500,000 to 599,999: 15,625 Dogecoin Reward
Block 600,000+: 10,000 Dogecoin Reward

With uncapped supply, what will be the future of Dogecoin? Is it really worth investing in Doge?

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