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Te-Food Masternode Collateral?

I just came to know that Te-Food features masternodes. But can't seem to find any information regarding the amount needed to operate one. It is not even listed on website.

Does anyone know how many coins are needed to run a Te-Food masternode? Also I see it is a ERC20 token that runs on Ethereum blockchain so how does the masternode work?

Te-Food has a 4 tiered masternode system.

1. IRIDIUM - 20,000 TFD

2. STEEL node - 60000 TFD

3. PLATINUM node - 120,000 TFD

4. TITANIUM - 350,000 TFD

However I read somewhere that Te-Food Masternode is something not everyone can run. Looks like you need to apply for a masternode and wait for the application to be verified.

Well, here is the reddit post about the TFD Masternode registration:

Thank you for the links Alex. Here is another article on masternode conditions.

Also I tried registering here:

It says masternode on boarding has started. But for some reason the website doesn't allow me to sign up for masternode.

The whole process looks so complicated. I think I'll drop this.

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