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Please help me fix "no amd opencl or nvidia cuda gpus found exit" error

Hi, I'm new to this forum. Wondering if someone can help me resolve this issue.

I'm using Claymore miner and whenever I run the miner I'm getting this error. "no amd opencl or nvidia cuda gpus found, exit".

Using 4 x RX580 on Asrock H10 Pro BTC+ Mobo.

Is your GPU drivers up to date? Because on most forums that I read reported that it is mainly due to driver issues and automatic Windows updates.

I'm using claymore on all my AMD rigs but so far personally I haven't got this error once. So I can't help. Anyways try this suggestion below.

Uninstall the current display drivers using DDU and then install the latest drivers manually. Hopefully it should resolve this error.

Here is the link to AMD blockchain computer drivers:

Thank you. Reinstalling the drivers helped. Also had to disable the automatic Windows updates.

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