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Monero CLI wallet Error: refresh failed: unexpected error: ?

Hi, I followed your Monero remote node guide to run wallet without downloading the blockchain locally. I configured everything as it is in the article and the wallet actually connected to the remote node.

It said:

Warning: using an untrusted daemon at, privacy will be lessened
Starting refresh...
Height 1838852 / 1844977

However after the refresh is over I got this error message:

Error: refresh failed: unexpected error: proxy exception in refresh thread. Blocks received: 0

Please tell me how to fix this error.

Thank you.

First of all your coins are not at risk so do not worry. Looks like the wallet files are corrupted.

If it is remote node then probably you might be using old version. Are you sure you are using the latest version?

If it is a local node then chances are that you might have a corrupt blockchain.

Fix for Remote node:

First backup your Monero wallet. Then delete the wallet files and download the latest version from here: Now setup the new wallet and connect to remote nodes as instructed in our article. Hopefully it should work.

Fix for Local node:

Backup your wallet first and make sure your wallet is closed. Then delete all the old data. Head to C:\ProgramData\bitmonero\lmdb and delete data.mdb file. Now download the wallet from and re-sync the blockchain with new daemon.

Let us know if it resolved your issue?

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Philip J

Happy to report that I got it working. I deleted all the previous files and then set up a new wallet. Ran monero-wallet-cli, and connected it to a new port.

Now no more "Error: refresh failed: unexpected error: proxy exception in refresh thread. Blocks received: 0"

It says: Refresh done, blocks received: 58 and it shows my balance.

Thank you.

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